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  1. I agree with this assessment: my argument is that's not such a bad thing. I really enjoy seeing how Bayless takes a traditional Mexican approach, or ingredient, or dish, and twists it around into something "contemporary." As far as I am concerned, Kennedy "wrote the book" on traditional Mexican cuisine. Once you've documented it, there is limited new ground to tread, so I welcome the innovation in OPT. Of course, I'm also waiting impatiently for the English translation of DK's Oaxaca! Ditto. Bayless did a wonderful job with Mexican Kitchen, Authentic Mexican, and Mexico One Plate at a Time do
  2. I am in the process of making this for dinner. I was wondering what veg you used for your enchiladas. I am using a blend of carrots, kohlrabi, eggplant, bell pepper, and white onion. May I suggest an index be made for this thread? I am starting to make recipes from this book and the critiques, comments, and suggestions really come in handy. An index will make it easier to find the info that I am looking for. Dan
  3. One big advantage is the surface does not get hot, except through the absorption of heat from the pot or pan. This is great if you want to instantly kill the heat going into the pan. I have used them in the past for chocolate work and they do wonders. You can safely place a stainless bowl on the induction burner at a low setting for a couple of seconds to nudge the chocolate up a degree or two without worrying about it burning. Dan
  4. I think Top Chef has jumped the shark and nuked the fridge. None of the contestants have impressed me and none of them seem to have a sense of daring in their dishes. And pea puree? Either it's an inside joke, a very bizarre trend! Lets hope that Just Desserts changes this trend.
  5. Thanks for posting all of the great reviews on this book. I just received a copy from Amazon today. With sukkot coming up, I figured this book will come in handy for entertaining. I picked up a bunch of poblanos, potatoes, and bulb onions, at the farmers market on Sunday. I plan on making the potato salad tomorrow night and will try using the heartier greens from the bulb onions to see if that makes a difference. How much leftover mayo did you have from this dish? Which is your favorite guacamole so far? Thanks! Dan
  6. My wife's coworker has asked me to make her a dessert for a Rosh Hashanah dinner next week. Apples are typically served on this holiday. I am looking for some suggestions for a spectacular, drool worthy dessert with apples. There should be no assembly required before serving. Thanks!
  7. I have been going back and forth on whether or not to share this "cookbook". This was given to my mom by my brother's ex-wife as a joke... a bad one at that. It is in poor taste and may violate the TOS, so my apologies if this offends anyone. You have been warned Click to view.. http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/1280957720/gallery_61658_6368_179151.jpg And a sample from the book... http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/1280957720/gallery_61658_6368_661575.jpg
  8. I had a smooth top electric in my last house. The limitations on cookware was at times an issue. The cookware had to be perfectly smooth on the bottom and not extend 2" past the element, IIRC. This prevented me from using cast iron griddles, most tagines, and my wok. For now, I have a Frigidaire 4 coil cooktop that I would like to replace with a propane fired unit (no gas around here).
  9. I make a version of chicken with 40 garlic cloves where I place the chicken on a bed of diced root veg (typically waxy potatoes) and half of the garlic. The veg will soak up most of the juices, fat, and some of the liquid. This keeps the chicken high and dry and the root veg moist and delicious! Dan
  10. I don't know why... but I hear Rachel Ray in the back of my head...
  11. A few impossible ingredients that I want... Bonito - flaked or whole. Champagne and Sherry vinegars Quality aged balsamic vinegar Wide rice noodle Quail and Pheasant
  12. My mother just returned from a visit to her sister in Israel. According to my aunt, eggplant turns black when cut with a steel knife ( I have not seen this, but I will roll with it). In Israel, they sell wood knives that look like cleavers to slice eggplants. This is apparently a fairly popular item. Has anyone heard of this before? Is there any truth to it? Thanks! Dan
  13. Lets say within 25 miles of Gurnee and $25 per person. I am not picky on the genre, as long as they have a vegetarian or fish selection. Dan
  14. My wife and I are visiting my parents in Gurnee, IL. We may live the little one with the grandparents and head out for a date night. Are there any good restaurants in the northern suburbs? Dan
  15. I have a local pick your own farm that offers pick your own squash blossoms at $6 per pound... you get a ton for a pound!! Otherwise, you will find them at the farmer's market. If you are lucky, you will find female flowers with a finger sized sqashed attached. They are the sweetest, tastiest squashes around. Dutch processed cocoa is treated with an alkali to smooth out the flavor and improve colour. Sometimes you will see Dutch process over natural cocoa due to the higher PH. Natural cocoa might react with the baking soda/powder and give you an over leavened mess. Dan
  16. It should be good on burgers or anywhere you would normally use ketchup. I found a recipe for tomatillo lime marmalade with ginger. I have no idea what to do with this one either!
  17. I will be making Sardines in Saor from Mario Batali's new book Molto Gusto for dinner. The technique is quite unusual for this dish. Most of the recipes I have seen for Sardines in Saor have the sardines cooked before marinating for at least one day in the vinegar. Batali's recipe calls for a vinegar mixture to be brought to a boil and then poured raw sardine fillets and shaved fennel. Cool and serve. Has anyone seen this technique before? Any thoughts on it?? On another note, the recipe calls for champagne vinegar and pine nuts. I have never seen kosher champagne vinegar and i am out of whi
  18. Bump... My local PYO farm is now offering squash blossoms at $6 per pound. I am trying to find some creative and new ways to make a meal out of them. I have stuffed them every which way till Sunday, so lets consider that horse flogged. Any thoughts?
  19. DanM

    Peanut Flour

    I made a wonderful smoothie this morning using the peanut flour. I used a mix of (by weight) 6oz of frozen berries, 4 oz soy milk, 4 oz OJ, 4 oz yogurt, 3tbsp of peanut flour, and 1 wheatabix biscuit. It have the smoothie a wonderful PB&J flavor. I need to experiment with blending it longer as it is a bit grainy. I was also thinking about profiteroles with chocolate filling and a dusting of peanut flour. Dan
  20. DanM

    Peanut Flour

    I found Peanut Flour at Trader Joes today. This is a totally new and inspiring product for me. It packs a great nutritional punch. Per 1/4c, it has 16g of protein, 25% Niacin, 65% Folate, 60% Phosphorus, and 80% Magnesium RDA, but only 4g of fat. Now the big question... what to do with it! The package states that it is good for pastries, thickener for soups, breading for meats, and for teaching your kids algebra (just kidding on that last one). I was thinking about making PB&J smoothies or milkshakes and add it to peanut butter cookies. Any thoughts on what I can use it in? Dan
  21. I am not an electrician, but my family owned a hardware store for 83 years... here is what I learned from my time there. Is this light flush with the ceiling, or is it mounted to it? A flush mounted light may be a bit of work due to the drywall work needed to fill the hole. A modern three prong outlet has a grounding post to help prevent you from getting shocked in case of a fault in the appliance or if you accidently spill liquid over it. Three pronged outlets also have a larger slot on the left for appliances with a polarized plug. Ideally, you will want to replace these outlets with GFCI
  22. I have recently recreated my shopping and menu routine for the summer and fall. First, I created a basic daily theme based on some easy recipe books we own. Sunday: Best of the Market Monday: Pasta, Salad, or Soup (Mostly taken from Molto Gusto) Tuesday: Barbeque or southern (Lee Bros Simple Fresh Southern) Wednesday: Mexican (Rick Bayles night, mostly Mexican Everyday) Thurs: Leftovers or flex day Friday: Nice Shabbos meal night Sat: Pantry raid/leftovers Second part of this system involves the farmer's market and pick your own farms. I have two markets I visit, on Sunday as a family outing
  23. The first three do not fall into the additive category for me. Baking soda and baking powder are necessary for some pastries as a levener. Gelatin is needed in some recipes, like panna cottas and mousses as a thickener and stabilizer. Artificial colours and flavors are a different story. They are not needed in any recipe. Nothing disgusts me more at a bakery than neon coloured cookies and pastries. It just screams hack work.
  24. Yale promotes a Birkenstock and crunchy granola culture here in New Haven. We get a lot of this spucatum tauri from local restaurants. I mentioned this in another thread, but it is worth repeating. There is a new local, sustainable, blah, blah, blah, restaurant that offers a "½ Pound Burger* from Authentic, Artisan, Sustainable Cattle Topped with Sustainable Bacon, local Abby Cheese, local Arugula. Authentic, Artisan, Sustainable cattle? Are you frakin kidding me? At the other end of the spectrum, we have Miya's sushi which prides itself on only offering certified sustainable fish products and
  25. I could not live without my Lamson Pizza Rocker Knife. It is essentially an oversize single blade mezzaluna, and I use it as such. Regular wheel pizza cutters get gunked up quickly and drag toppings as it goes through the cooked pie. This one is wide enough to cut through it in one slice. It also does a great job doing a rough chop on veg and herbs. 12" with Plastic Handles 14" with Wood Handles I also like my Cuisinart Mini Prep. It does a great job making vinaigrettes, mincing 6+ cloves of garlic, baby food, amongst other simple jobs. Mini Prep Dan
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