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  1. Eggy in the hole around here. At special request, I start the sandwich by making grilled cheese, cut out the center, and then add the egg. Nothing better than a fancy egg and cheese sandwich in the morning! Dan PS, Fat Guy... nice plate!
  2. I am sure I am not the only one that is evaluating finances trying to find ways to save money. I was surprised to see that my wife and I are averaging $400-500 a month in groceries here in CT for the two of us (and a few baked goods for her coworkers). I have no basis for comparison, so I was wondering what others are spending, how many they are feeding, and where they are. Thanks Dan
  3. I'm a lover of molasses. Its great in muffins, cakes, and the occasional batch of beer. Dan
  4. Ugh.. You will need to strap me to a chair and prop my eyes open a la Clockwork Orange to make me watch these people if they get a show... Dan
  5. +1 for using KAF White Whole Wheat. I use it in most of my pastry baking as an alternative to AP flour with no noticeable side affects. I have even used it for croissants with no problem. Dan
  6. Thanks again everyone for the help. We stopped by and munched our way through the place. My absolute favorite was the apple dumpling at the Dutch Eating place followed by the pretzels. I'm sorry, I just prefer the traditional German pretzel over the Penn Dutch version. Dan
  7. Even better! I just received the monthly newsletter from the local home brewing club with the following bit of harassment over a blood orange hefeweisen and a ginger saison that I brought to last month's meeting for peer review. Too funny!
  8. When your home pantry is filled with cambros, delis and portion cups and there are hotel pans of various sizes under the oven. I plead guilty to both. Dan Oh, and as a baker... showing up at my in laws for Thanksgiving with scale in hand.
  9. Writing that your deserts, baked goods, etc... are baked fresh. This is often a cop out for frozen crap trucked in from a factory instead of taking the time to make it yourself. Even worse is when they claim something is made fresh in house when it is CLEARLY came off the back of a freezer truck. Dan
  10. DanM


    I am mildly curious what type of impact this show has on the careers of the contestants. I would not be surprised if some of a people who crashed and burned in the first round or made a really stupid sanitation mistake might lose his or her job over it. Dan
  11. I use cornstarch for my pies. Rose Levy Beranbaum has a wonderful table in the Pie and Pastry Bible that shows how much sugar and cornstarch needed for 4oz of 15 types of fruit as well as a table that shows how much fruit, sugar, and starch is needed for a typical pie. These two pages make the book worth wile all on its own. Dan
  12. I am planning on ordering this book tomorrow. Does the book include formulas for frozen custard? I looked through the index on Amazon, but did not see it mentioned. Thanks! Dan Edit... I have been scanning his blog. This guy is a nutjob and I love it! The pop rocks filled space invaders truffles are just too awesome for words... so is the beer I am consuming, but that is a story for another day. Dan
  13. Hence the reason wifey and I use alcohol swabs from the medicine cabinets on jar lips. I have 4 lbs of fresh strawberries to process. It will be a busy day tomorrow!
  14. DanM

    The Egg Sandwich

    A question for everyone. Should the bread or bun be toasted and buttered, or served fresh? Dan
  15. David. The roasted lobster with coconut red curry just might work. Maybe use naan or other Indian style bread for the crust? Going back to your marguez sausage pizza. How much ground meat did you use? As soon as the rain stops falling around here, I will definitely be grilling pizza for a few days. Dan
  16. Thanks for all of the advice so far. It appears that there is a pickle shop. How are the pickles? Thanks! Dan
  17. I don't want to take over this thread, but it is similarly related. Would it be acceptable for a new team member to work a little slower over the first few days to make sure the work is done correctly? I would personally prefer to get things done right the first time and take my time doing it. Dan
  18. Next week I will be volunteering at the James Beard house as a student chef. I figured that this will be a good opportunity to get in a little practice and learn some new techniques. I was told that the typical work will be prep and maybe some plating. My main concern is that I studied baking and pastry in culinary school. I was not taught knife skills, meat fab, etc... that I might have to do. The volunteer coordinator at the James Beard Foundation assured me that I will be able to be of use. Given that i am paying approx $35 round trip train ticket from New Haven, CT to volunteer, I want to
  19. David, Once again a masterpiece. I am addicted to apricots, so as soon as I find decent ones around here, I will have to give it a try. I will probably slice my apricots after grilling, but that is a personal preference. I also think this would work very well with figs. Dan
  20. I chop up a chipotle and mix it with mayo, lime juice, cilantro, and garlic for a nice dip for french fries. Dan
  21. Good afternoon, I have noticed a new growing trend where fine dining chefs have been opening low cost comfort food restaurants. For example, Bartolotta has opened a burger and custard shop in Milwaukee, the Rathburn brothers have opened Rathburn's Blue Plate in Dallas, and locally Zinc, one of New Haven's finest, has opened a pizzaria. I'm not sure if this trend is due to the economic slow down, or a return to the basics. What do you think of this trend? Dan
  22. My wife and I will be heading down to DC in a few weeks for a short vacation and plan to stop in PA for lunch. Reading Terminal Market looks like a gastronomical wonderland. Besides Fisher's Pretzels, what are the must haves at the market? This includes food to take along and put in the cooler. Thanks! Dan
  23. Wifey and I picked up 8 more pounds of strawberries today. We dipped a few tonight in chocolate. Unfortunately, Image Gullet did not want to work with me tonight. http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll57/da...ng/101_0017.jpg Dan
  24. Good evening, Wifey and I are planning a cheap trip down to DC for a few days. She left me in charge of the food selections. Given that, i would appreciate any help in the following categories Vegetarian Friendly Bakeries Mexican Southwestern Kosher (if there are any) Cheap eats (I know there is a topic, but I did not feel like double posting) Any help would be appreciated! Dan
  25. impressive output, dan!! do you manage to work your way through it all? i've wanted to make the choux strips from friberg's book ever since i first saw them. i'm planning a puff rolling session sometime next week, so i'll hopefully have a go soon. do you like the recipe, dan? ← Thanks! There are a few left. I plan to make a nice pitcher of strawberry daquiries tonight. The recipe is really good. My wife takes 2/3s of what I make to work and these disappeared quicker than most. That image has taken pride of place on my iPhone screensaver, gorgeous dan. ← You are free to put it on yo
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