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  1. Where are you located?? im in ct. and can tell you of a few good fish markets.
  2. d&d market on franklin ave. in hartford has both sizes also plus a ton of other italian goods. try the hot sausage grinder!
  3. hands down best basic grinder in the world is made in a little bakery called iulianos in manchester connecticut. their grinder rolls are sooooooooo good and the grinder is just made of quality genoa,,,provolone and excellant pan roasted peppers. mede in advance,,room temp,,,,mmmmmmmmmmm. took them from ice fishing to flights to europe you can not go wrong! please go out of your way to enjoy one!
  4. iriee


    NO! drive to mohegan and have a great time at tuscany,,,summer shack,,,bubbas,,,michael jordans and have fun!
  5. piggys pub in hartford,,,5-10 buckos and its a fun place right around the corner from aetna. also angellinos in vernon,,the portions are enough for 3 people.on the other end of the spectrum try caveys in manchester,,,6---40 buckos!
  6. i been on a radish,,green pepper and fennel salad binge lately. just slice everything thin in equal parts and drizzle with real good extra virgin olive oil, grey sea salt, and black pepper. mmmmmmmmm
  7. first pressing of the olives are the virgin olive oils. as they re-press the olivesthey are graded accordingly,,,second pressing,,pure,,,pomice,,
  8. send it back to henkels,,,there guarenteed for life,,,im on my third one. call a henkel dealer or look it up on the web to find out where to send it. good luck!
  9. you have to blanch them first in stock or court-bouillion just until firm,,,then press them overnight to get the air and excess blood out. then you can cut them in nice firm medallions and saute. there better sauted more on medium heat then a hot sear,,,that way you get a nice crunchy crust,,,mmmmmm
  10. mmmmmmmmmm,,,,soundssoooo good,,,,were going in 2 weeks and i cant wait!
  11. we went to the lobster pot last year and everything was horrible. hopefully they have improved. a real nice place is rosses grill,,great food and nice wine selection. for a bit more formal try 11 carver st.make sure you have the lobster pasta! have fun!
  12. turtle,,,, can u get back to me after your picasso visit. im also curious,,,going to vegas at the end of the month. i have a reservation at prime now but im hearing mixed reviews lately. any idea what month of the wine spectator had the vegas story?? thanks and have a great time!
  13. try the black pearl downtown or jimmy's right on the water was recently remodeled,,,its about 5 minutes from downtown. yesterdays at washington square is a neat little place also. stop down at salas bar downtown and say hi to all the local fisherman,,,never a dull moment there!
  14. iriee


    undercooked,,,or needs some acid,,,lemon juice,,,,white wine vin.after cooked keep stored in liquid.
  15. was it cosmos on park ave.???hmmmmm
  16. iriee

    Living Large

    damnnnnnn life is great! im dying for some clams now! hmmmmmm,,,daddy's in niantic maybe... great derby too! excellant story on smarty jones and the owner too. what a countryyyyy!
  17. its great if you put one drop in 3 zillion gallons of sauce!
  18. iriee

    Dandelion Greens

    same idea,,,sausage,,,onion,,garlic,,herbs,,anchovy. then puree a bit with mascarpone and make ravioli. mmmmmmmm
  19. in east hartford across the street from latte market on silver lane. i forget the name of it but its a great indian market. kind of set back next to a package store. lotte is a nice asian market also.im going away today or i'd go check the name for u! happy easter!
  20. iriee

    Pantry and motivation

    ditto balm,, not everyone is going crazy cooking elagant meals every night. go looking around through your favorite markets. look for unusual things sometimes. look for something easy another time. sometimes your just not going to have the drive or time to prepare something too elagant every time. enjoy whatever you do. sometimes the cookbooks help but i think its more of what you want to play with that day. enjoy!
  21. raw alcohol will not freeze unless you have a ton of simple syrup. and if you do its going to be sweet as #%@^$$!!! i'd cook it off a bit,,,steep your spices then freeze. you can always drizzle with your flavored vodka as you send it out. good luck!
  22. thanks! ,,,pesce blue siteand menu looks nice! maybe the cantina for a early margarita!
  23. im going to be in portsmouth april 10-11. staying at the sheraton portsmouth,,,,any ideas for a nice night out? casual,,,romantic,,,on or near the water maybe? its our first visit so anything would help. thanks!
  24. sliced thin and wrapped around fruit,,(figs,,mango,etc) and cheese,(gorgonzola,,) then drizzled with olive oil and grilled,,,,,,yummmmmmm!
  25. iriee

    Cooking Extravagantly

    what a joke! why would you ever use bottled water for pasta unless you were without water or camping where there was no water. i guess you would call me frugal!
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