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    Truffle Oil

    try da rosario in nyc. they are the largest inporters of truffle products in the country. 1-718-784-4122 try the black truffle butter also!!!!!
  2. i heard it was excellant! a friend of mine from france went and said it was insane! try caveys french in manchester also!
  3. looks great! our family has a bagns caulda feast every year in the fall when the root vegys are harvested. big glass of red wine and good crusty bread is all you need! i have a picture of our feast but im not sure how to post it??
  4. iriee

    Quail Eggs

    we use quail eggs in our restaurant . i find an easy way to open them is with a small serated paring knife. a great canape with quail eggs is a tiny potato cake with creme fraiche,,smoked salmon,,,quail egg saute and chives. yummmmmmm! im going to the asian market now!
  5. thank you all for the replies! we found yesterdays and it was a fun place! just had a few beers from their 35 on tap and ended up going to a place in middletown called kj's pub. little jem with a really nice dining room upstairs. nothing too fancy on the menu but it was fun!, black pearl was closed so we couldnt go there. we also went by the prickly pear but there wasnt even a sign for the hotel or restaurant???? is it where the old cliffwalk hotel was?? oh well,,,thank you again,,,had a great time! wish we were still there!
  6. where is yesterdays located fat cat??? downtown?? hmmmm... i also love the black pearl,,but i figured i'd give somewhere new a try if i just knew where. yesterdays sounds great ,,,i'll look it up when we arrive in the morning. thank you!
  7. were on our way to newport for a extended winter weekend in early february. and new and exciting restaurants?? seafood,,upscale,,casual?? anything to recommend?? thank you!
  8. iriee

    Wild Boar

    good luck joseph B,,,we deal with them every year and there very knowledgeable about all there products. right now were using the antalope. very goood!
  9. iriee

    Wild Boar

    try broken arrow ranch in texas,,,they have a website and will ship to you overnight. ask for bo,,,tell him mike from caveys sent you! enjoy!
  10. iriee

    Foie Gras: The Topic

    a favorite of mine is a combo of seared foie gras on top of a big seared diver scallop with a crispy potato cake on the bottom. a good drizzle of saba or a bitter sauce made of arugula or watercress is also nice! remember that foie is so high in fat that it freezes real well. so instead of making a pate or terrine with whats left you can just freeze them in ready to thaw and sear pieces. yummmmmmm!
  11. did you let the pasta dough rest after you mixed it? how did the dough look and feel after mixing it? i've made dough with older flour with no problem so i wouldnt think it was the flour. a recipe i use and allways works is: 5 whole eggs,,5 yolks,,and 18-20 ounces of all purpose flour. try it out! good luck next time!,,,by the way what was in your filling that cost $45??? beluga??
  12. iriee


    two ways that i like to use them are cooked in red wine vinager and strained out,,,whisk in some good olive oil and dress a nice bitter salad of endive, radichio and arugula. another way is cook in red wine,,,puree and use as a sauce for foie gras or just sauted chicken livers, yummmm!
  13. i really love a traditional roasted bird,,,its thanksgiving! if you roast it in advance,,,make your favorite sauce or gravy the day before then you have room in oven to do your sides. plus,, do all your sides need oven space? frying a turkey is great,,,but its thanksgiving! grilled??? why? just my opinion,,,im a big traditional thanksgiving turkey fan! go ahead and call me a turkey!
  14. hey i just found your thread too! haaaaa! you probably wish you were there now huh! sounds like a great week! sorry i misseed it last year too! i was just there in october and trying to hook something up for thanksgiving weekend. any good recommendations??
  15. iriee


    confit the legs,,,make a port sauce with the carcass,sear the breast off real quick and let cool. blanch a nice piece of savoy cabbage and wrap squab breast with one ounce seasoned foie gras. roast in 450 degree oven 5-7 minutes. serve with port glaze and confit leg and small salad! little fleur over the split breast,,,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  16. iriee

    Fleur de Sel

    sliced meats,,poached fish,carpaccio,,eggs,,anything thats ready to serve and needs that extra mmmmmmm!
  17. never heard of it. where in springfield??? hey chef ,,,where ya from in ct?
  18. iriee

    Potato varieties

    try organic yukon golds! yummmmmmm! nice and sweet and earthy! its one vegy that you can really see a big difference in flavor!
  19. jenny,,try cavey's,,,its right on the way to storrs from hartford. im not sure if your looking for lunch or dinner though?? im the chef in the french restaurant downstairs so ask for me if you come! on the ground floor in the original restaurant,,(northern italian). the # 643-2751 if interested. ask for mike ok.
  20. score the skin side with a sharp knife first. (making x's). this helps to render the fat when you cook the breast. the best way to cook it is skin side down in the saute pan on low-medium heat. this enables all the fat to cook out and develop a nice crisp skin.about 8 minutes,,,then flip and cook 2-3 more on flesh side. let rest for 5 minutes before slicing. in the mean time you can make a quick sauce in the pan with a spash of port or red wine with shallots and a chunk of butter. MMMMMMMMMMM!
  21. iriee

    Chuck: Grill it or ?

    mmmm sounds good! whens the next cookout??? are we all invited??
  22. hmmmmm,,,anyone know the credentials of the big guys you all have been mentioning??keller,,jj,,trotter??? they go to culinary school?? i dont think its needed if u start early in life. in the biz 25 yhyears,,chef 15 yrs. (school of hard knocks))
  23. iriee


    same problem here ,,,stuff it in a champagne vinegar bottle and give to your best buddies for the holiday. it makes a great bearnaise in place of tarragon vinegar.yummmmmmm
  24. 25 years in the biz and im with global knives,,,had the henkels forever till the carpel tunnel. the lighter the knife for everyday is the way to go!
  25. looking for info on the bar harbor reastaurant scene,,,more on the casual side. also seafood restaurant suggestions. any lounge entertainment also??
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