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  1. if you have never boined shad then i'd say let the fish monger take care of it. it an art to see someone bone those babies! thats why there soooo cheap if there not boned. the smoked roe sounds great and i'd like to make some myself. can you tell me more about them. were they hot smoked? or were they cold smoked and a little undercooked and creamy in the center? which ever way they do sound good!
  2. he's out but the restaurant is still opening??? with his name? hmmmmmmm
  3. iriee


    really great mixed with saba for a sauce for confit of duck or chicken. if not familiar with saba its the reduced grape juice that makes balsalmiv vinegar. try it!
  4. iriee

    chicken wings

    roast in oven until crisp and coat with real oyster sauce,,,thats it!
  5. the wynn site is finally up and running. the place looks beautiful! we ended up reserving mgm for october but i would love to tour the wynn while were there and return next year. chech out wynnlasvegas.com
  6. iriee

    Barilla blues

    woops!,,,i mis understood my supplier. i thought it was bought out but i was wrong.
  7. iriee

    Barilla blues

    my supplier's told me this ,,,let me check with them. i'll get back to you.
  8. you can cure your salami's in humid conditions just to start the process but it will have to go into a drier area to finish or it will just not cure safely and end up rotting out on you.
  9. iriee

    Barilla blues

    i heard that barilla isn't even made in italy anymore. that it was sold to an american company and isn't even sold in italy.
  10. yes more pics! i can't wait,,this is really nice! by the way john we live in connecticut. if you have some spare time my kitchen needs a few things!
  11. hermitage inn in west dover. they have new owners now but i've been there a few years ago and it was great!
  12. sounds great the way your preparing them! im on my way! haaaaa!
  13. in buffalo there is a company that sells all kinds of smokehouse plans and burners. i think the name is sausage man,,,or sausage works. im sure if you google it you can find it. good luck!
  14. iriee

    Cooking sweetbreads

    i agree with chef. the membrane on sweetbreads purchaced from a good soarce usually has very little membrane to remove. one thing i want to add is to season with salt and pepper and just lightly flour them. if you bread them your going to lose the delicate flavor. another tip is to saute in hot oil and butter,,,reduce heat and cook real low on each side to get a nice crunchy crust. yumm
  15. iriee

    Caul Fat

    caul fat does have a little oder before cooking due to where it comes from. but after its cooked and crisped up it should be a neautral flavor as dan says.
  16. iriee

    Pork Confit

    very similar to pork rillette. instead if curing overnight you just dice pork butt,,,season with salt,pepper thyme,bay leaf. add a bit of water,,cover and cook real slow for 2-3 hours. then its shredded up a bit and seasoned and packed in small crocks. great with bread,mustard,,cornichons. mmmmmmm
  17. render it with salt like everyone says. then crush it over pasta,,,rissoto or a good chicken and dumpling. i use it pureed into a ravioli filling ,,,but maybe a crush it into a meatball filling or spring roll. hmmmmmm the ideas are there,,,just think intense chicken flavor.enjoy!
  18. i used henkels for years but recently changed to global. alot lighter,,,i was getting carpel tunnel from the weight of the helkels.
  19. there was an article in the usa. today that talks about steve wynn and the restaurants. all of the chefs will be in the kitchen of their restaurant which is great. danial boulud will be the only chef not there.
  20. im either staying at mandelay bay or luxor,,,but i was thinking or wynn. last year we stayed at luxor but i just think wynn is going to be a great resort. little ms,,please keep me in touch with your buddies ok. i will reward ya! any idea when its opening??
  21. damn reporter! i want your job! were not going until october so i have plenty of times to check back with you and foodie. last time and our first time in las vegas we had great times at georgios in the mandelay bay shops (valentinos sister restaurant) and delmonicos wasalso a great time. great food,,very comfortable and nice wines. we were with the in-laws and they wanted to try old las vegas and we went to hugos cellar in the 4 queens and it was quite the blast from the past! alot of classic french tableside and alot of fun. the food was suprisingly pretty good! anyways,,,love to hear more
  22. confit the gizzardand heart also,,,great sliced up in a salad!
  23. iriee

    raw crab meat

    make a normal mousse of a basic white fish like sole and fold some nice cooked crab meat into it to flavor it. u didn't say what you were going to do with the finished mousse???
  24. if you trim a 1/4 inch off then after roasting all you have to do is squish the root end and all the garlic comes right out. it just makes it easier!
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