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  1. i,ve been up there years ago. it isan amazing place from what i hear now. years ago they had presidential summits up there. it was really beautiful then and from what i hear with the changes lately you won't be disapointed.as far as the food goes,,,im really not sure. enjoy!
  2. iriee

    The Fresh Pasta Topic

    for a nice light pasta for an open ravioli try this:: in a food processer mix 20 ounces all purpose flour,,,5 whole eggs,,,5 yolks,,1/4 cup parmason cheese and 3 oz. melted butter. we call them silk hankerchiefs. roll real thin and cut into 4 by 4 squares.
  3. iriee

    Preserved Truffles

    if your going to buy jarred or canned truffles ,,,also get truffle juice. combine them,,,freeze them in small batches and your all set. use the in sauces for meat or fish and also make vineaigrettes.
  4. iriee

    Boudin noir

    i,ve made it a few times,,,,its pretty easy to make but messy! its a mixture of pigs blood,,,diced sweet fat,,diced onions,,diced apples,,salt pepper and nutmeg. the mixture is warmed and funneled into pork casings and poached. then classically it is sauted and garnished with potatoe puree and carmelized apples. yumm!
  5. with the opening of wynn resort and casino in april does anyone know about the restaurants?? i looked at the website but not much help there.thanks!
  6. iriee

    Confit Duck

    let me share a great sauce for confit warm with a salad and good bread: carmelize a few small onions slowly and put in blender with a touch of sriracha sauce and about a cup of saba,,,blend until smooth and drizzle aroundyour wilted salad and warmed confit. if your not familar with sabe its the unfermented grape juice that they use to make balsalmic vinegar. they cook it down and sell it as saba. it has a sweet,,pruny flavor. enjoy! p.s.,,,hi paula!
  7. iriee

    Demi Glace - The Topic

    it says 4-1 so why not go with that?
  8. iriee

    Foie Gras: The Topic

    the best way to preserve foie other than cooking it in a terrine is to coat it in duck fat and freeze it or it will hold up to 4-6 days wrapped tightly in the duck fat and plastic wrap.
  9. iriee

    Sauteed chicken livers

    you have to try slow cooking in heavy cream until just cooked. its unreal! try sauteing shallots and garlic,,little thyme, cream,salt and pepper. its like cheap foie!
  10. iriee

    Suckling Pig Advice

    yes there will be alot of carryover so cook it to about 145-150 and let rest a half hour before cutting. also when cutting most of the meat is on the legs. also when i cooked them i allways make a few sauces with them. the pork will need it because the pork is really steaming under the skin so the flavor is a bit different than a roast. mustard sauce is great and a fruit sauce is another option. good luck! wish i was there to get some of that crunchy skin! mmmmmmmm!
  11. iriee

    Help me doctor this up

    grind it up and make ravioli?? tomato sauce?? pie? toss over some truffled egg noodles?? hmmmmm
  12. iriee

    Fennel Pollen

    i like to just use it to finish a dish. sprinkle over a light fish dish,,a salad,,,a nice pasta or rice dish. i you cook it you will lose some of its flavor. enjoy!
  13. go with the atlas,,,it lasts forever for what your looking for!
  14. iriee

    Wounded Kitchen Warrior

    dunk it in a bowl of salt,,,ouchhhhhhh,,,but it works!
  15. iriee


    lol,,,is it 2005??? hmmmmmmm
  16. try dartagnan at 1-800-327-0264 or at dartagnan.com. they ship right to your door!
  17. iriee

    BLT canape

    i blanch butter lettuce for one second,,,shock in ice water,,,then dry between towels. put a dab of basil aioli on open lettuce leaf then crispy bacon then oven dried tomatoes and wrap in a tight bundle. pass around and enjoyyyyyy!
  18. roast them slowly around 325 degrees then cover with light oil,canola or grapeseed) and let sit for a few days, strain and enjoy on salads,,,drizzled over fish,chicken,,, mmmmmmmmmm
  19. if you go to the old vegas,,,try hugos celler in the 4 queens. its been there forever and its old school french. everything tableside and is very entertaining. not cheap and not the best food in vegas,,,but its a real blast from the past. enjoy vegas!
  20. iriee


    what part of the state is brandon??
  21. iriee

    Creme Fraiche

    i made a mixture of creme fraiche and red onions for a soup garnish and its soooo good as a dip also! just mix almost equal parts creme and fine diced red onions,,,salt,,touch of mustard and horseradish.. mmmmmmmmmmm,,,bring on the chips!
  22. wish i was going again! anyways,,,,if you have time for a day trip try stonington island. its about and hours drive from ellsworth. its a small fishing village with a couple of little restaurants. i forget the name of the restaurant but theres only a couple in town so either one is nice and its a really beautiful area. enjoy!
  23. iriee

    Fresh Pork

    mmmmmmmm,,,those hocks sound great!
  24. iriee


    makes a great creamed soup,,,just a little leeks and celery stalks and simmer a bit and puree,,,mmmmmmmmmm
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