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    menu sounds nice,,,but im getting sick of organic this and that. the truffles organic? rabbits organic?? hmmmmm..eats only organic carrots and spring water?
  2. soba,,, have you ever used saba? its the must of the grape used foe balsalmic. its great as a finisher in a long braising dish like short-ribs or as a sauce. its the bomb mixed with a little hot sauce,,sarachi (spell check!). another addition is a little port to the juice. the sweetness and the richness of the short-ribs goes great together! im getting hungry!
  3. 35 buckos and its a open raw bar?? please tell me your right on this and i might see ya there!
  4. yea,,the restaurants and hotel were added in the last 1-2 years. theres probably 6-7 restaurants im guessing. i heven't really been through the whole casino. its huge now with a really beautiful hotel. the summer shack is really a classic new england restaurant with a really creative edge to it. its really good!
  5. went to the summer shack 2 times and it was great both times. (jasper white) its casual seafood done real well,,modestly priced and very good staff. as far as rain goes hope you hit it big first!,,70-80 balloons for lobster,,,48 for halibut with zucchini!. the chef is from the french laundry if that makes you feel better. seems a little too much for me but if i hit it big i'll let you know how it is! if your into gambling it is much better than foxwoods!
  6. try confiting the legs ,,,they end up being very moist and flavorful,,,then add your seasonings. chopped sage,,mascarpone or cream cheese,swiss chard,,mushrooms,,,. good luck!
  7. iriee

    Cooking with Olive Oil

    at our restaurant we slow cook light fish in evo. lightly warm to around 165 degrees and poach fish about 5-6 minutes per inch. sprinkle with fleur de sel and have a little vegtable risotto. wooo hooo! im getting hungry! p.s.,,,snapper,sea bass,grouper,,cod
  8. iriee

    Cooking goals for 2003

    tips for the potatos are a dry potato,,,after cooking dry in oven a few minutes. then fold in whole butter,,(plugra is best). equal parts butter to potato,,,s&p and enjoy!
  9. iriee

    Creme fraiche

    i agree! make your own! its real easy! cup of buttermilk to a quart of heavy cream. room temp 24-48 hours or until thick! yummmmm!
  10. iriee

    Lobster 101

    cook that baby in about 2 inches of sea salted boiling water. once it comes to a boil simmer it 8 minutes per pound. works every time! just have lots of butter melted,,,nice crust bread and some chilled white wine! damn im getting hungry! haaaaa! enjoy!
  11. try 11 carver st. in p-town,,,we were there for the 4th of july and everything from the food,service and the dining room were first rate! also ross's on commercial is a great choice for local seafood done in a very creative way! ENJOY!
  12. we were at the lobster pot in p-town recently and it was nasty! the service was horrible and the food was disgraceful! the chowder used to be great and now its like clam pudding! aauuughhh! the rest of the meal was worse! must be new owners or something because it was great years ago! TOURIST TRAP!
  13. hi,,, next time your in the area try Caveys restaurant in manchester,,,its about 15--20 minutes from the marriot. its two restaurants in one,,,the ground floor is northern italian celebrating 70 years!). its a more casual restaurant then the more formal french restaurant in the basement. the food service and atmosphere in both is outstanding! voted best overall restaurant in the state many times! its worth the trip!
  14. hey,,,, try the black pearl in downtown newport. it has a formal side and a casual side to the restaurant. both are just excellant! lots of local fish and produce done in a real creative way! enjoy!
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