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    Cooking snails

    soak them in a few rinses of a vinegar and water solution removes the slime. then braise them and remove from shell with a small fork or ice pick. after that you remove the black end and braise in a nice court boullion. after that,,,now you can use them any way. its alot of work but its worth it! good luck!
  2. try la reve at the wynn resort! its amazing! ask for the seats in the first two rows. you will love it. the robuchon restaurants are actually two restaurants. one is more formal and prie fix and the other is mostly ala carte and casual. very pricey. check out the mgmgrand website for menus. enjoy the show!
  3. iriee


    use it lightly shaved over a pasta or risotto. just don't make it the focal point or you'll be parched!
  4. jean louis is one of the best and not too stuffy. i haven't been there in a while so,,,if you do go let me know how things are. ty
  5. for a non egg yolk sweet souffle just whip whites,,add sugar and fold into a fruit puree,,,peach,,pear,,berry etc.
  6. and don't freeze it next time. it loses its color and texture big time.the olive oil prep is about the best way for frozen other than cooking it rare.
  7. i just got back yesterday and stayed at the mgm. we loved shibuya! it is only open for dinner but try it out. some real nice sake's and very creative entree's. what day do you arrive? jimmy buffet is there on the 29'th so beware! busyyyyyy! the parrot heads were allover on the 22'nd also. have a great time!
  8. iriee

    Muscovy Duck

    another way of cooking a muscovy duck is to bone it,,braise the leg (or confit it) . make a stock and sauce with the bones then pan roast the breasts med rare and serve it that way. the breasts will be nice and moist as opposed to a whole rosted duck. good luck!
  9. you have to check out this site! iits a riot! thousandbars.blogspot.com enjoy!
  10. i think you might be going to hell for other reasons than making a mixed stock. mario batali makes a mixed stock all the time and calls it brodo. just use it like you would for a chicken or beef stock. no big deal! you'll be ok. have fun!!!!
  11. any idea on the menu? i went to the mgm grandsite but no menu's yet. i'll be at the mgm oct. 18-23 so i'd love to see a menu. i can't wait! thanks
  12. projecy,,,what the hell are u talking about?? he cut his hand!,,,omg!
  13. roast some lamb bones and make a lamb stock. or was it a chicken broth???
  14. try dartagnon.com. you can get wild rabbit from scotland and you will see a big difference.
  15. cavey's in manchester,,(10 min drive) or bricco in west hartford also. let us know how it was!
  16. the picture looks like it might have a little corn starch slurry?? kinda has that sheen. whatever ,,it looks great!
  17. iriee

    Homegrown Smoker

    look up the sausage maker,,,its in buffalo ny. they have all kinds of burners and smoking ideas.
  18. the ex chef opened a restaurant in the area. i think its in saybrook or mystic. his name is jack flaws. his name is the name of the restaurant,,,i think its jacks bistro and wine bar. i heard great things! if you go tell him mike from cavey's says hi. good luck.
  19. iriee

    frenched rack of veal

    i agree,,,cook it between 100 and 115 and after it rests it will be just right. dont go by a 1951 cookbook for temps. back then everything was cooked forever. yuck!
  20. sounds more like a crudo than a gravlax but does sound great!
  21. iriee

    Dandelion Greens

    wilt them for a salad with a little bacon. also very good cooked with pasta or cooked and made into a filling for ravioli. mmmmmm
  22. im giving my two cents to daddys in niantic ct. they are large ,crispy and just great! the size of the order is huge so you can take some home and have them cold later,,yummmmm. i've had them at the summer shack at mohegan sun many times and there also very good. i've been to the thirsty whale but i only had a papst blue ribbon on tap that was delicious. what about chowder?? im a big chowder head. any recomendations??
  23. can i take his place? im willing to move to vegas tomorrow!
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