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  1. try black pearl for seafood. its right downtown.
  2. we went on a lobster boat tour out of bar harbor 2 years ago and it was amazing! i forget the town it was in but it was about 2-3 miles away from bar harbor. im sure you could google it. have fun!
  3. iriee


    i bought the same thing from dartagnan last year. the shoulder i slow braised in milk,vegys and herbs and it was like pork butter. delicious! the rack-lion i let age in cryovac for a week and rubbed with herbs and salt and pepper and roasted to medium and that also was like pork butter also. very very good. a little pricey but worth it for a tasting or special dinner. let me know how you prepare it. enjoy!
  4. for asian try forbidden city in middeltown. its about a 15 minute drive but well worth it! check them out at forbiddencitybistro.com
  5. for lunch you have to try on 20 in the hartford steam boiler building. $32 prix fix menu. best restaurant in the city. ask for chef noel jones.
  6. iriee

    Culinary Cream

    culinary cream?? huh??
  7. iriee

    uncooked egg whites

    raw egg whites will whip up when freezing which will make your ice cream very airy.
  8. look up gizzard confit. im sure it would work the same way because there both really muscular meats. i would maybe cut it in smaller pieces so it wouldn't take 8 hours but still cook it low heat and a 2-3 hours or until nice and tender.
  9. iriee

    White Truffle Cream

    toss it with some cooked fresh pasta!
  10. granny smith are great for cooking.
  11. i would look up burlington also. brattleboro is a nice little town but burlington is really beautiful and very close to canada. either way vermont is a great place to live. good luck!
  12. iriee

    I'm a fraud

    why not?? but for me i have frank pepe's pizza that just came to town. so i'll stick to their pizza!
  13. i seen a nice ming tsai where he mixed 4 parts balsalmic with 1 part chinese vinegar and reduced,,,then mixed in blender with canole oil to mellow it out. sounded like a nice option.
  14. rice flour seltzer and salt and pepper works great. nice and light tempura
  15. i think the town is grenoble.
  16. babern,,,enjoy vegas! when you get tickets to le reve ask for the waterfront tickets. its really nice being right down close! they say you could get wet but nobody was wet the day we went. its a great show!
  17. let the chicken thaw out in the fridge overnight before you cook it. if you cook it frozen then the outside will really dry out by the time the inside is at a safe temp. i've done it many times.
  18. damn i love it! up here in ct. you could do loops around the place then call a cab!
  19. my family used to make "black eggy". start by melting butter in a saute pan and add ground beef.(about 2-3 ounces for 2 jumbo eggs). stir around and break up beef until almost cooked then add eggs and about 3 -4 tablespoons of milk and scramble until cooked but still a touch runny. then plate and season with salt and a little hot sauce. saracha is very good with these. yumm!
  20. i always have. i can't get the same edge on the global water stone.
  21. we were told that prime beef is now finished with 5 weeks of corn because of cost. normally is would be finished for 10 weeks. as far as choice,,im not sure what there being finished with now.
  22. it also goes bt the name selrose. available at dairyland in nyc.
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