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  1. Basquecook where is Yunnan garden located?? sounds and looks great!
  2. Here in Connecticut lobsters are $4.99 a pound. They are soft shell now so 2 each should be nice. Farmstand butter and sugar corn, roasted golden beet and nectarine salad.
  3. Woodys in downtown Hartford. Look them up.
  4. We just got back from a 5 night stay at Palazzo and loved it! As far as Carnavino we had 2 apps,,1 arugula salad and 1 house made pastrami and both were good but nothing great. For the entree we had the ribeye for 2. $70 pp. and we both thought it was good but nothing crazy. for $140 for the steak i wanted beefy buttery ribeye and i was a bit disapointed. the sides were very nice though and the service was very nice. Just my opinion but i thought the beef would have been much better.
  5. omg does that look sweet! how large was it? and please tell us more about the courses!
  6. iriee

    The Egg Sandwich

    egg salad on both sides of toasted kaiser roll with 4 ounces of fried bologna in the middle. please do not knock it until you try it! yummmmmmmmm!
  7. yes you can reheat ganache with no problem. you can on a double boiler or just gently stirring in a low heat sauce pan. it keeps for months anyways.
  8. iriee

    Green Onions

    i have seen pre-peeled garlic turn green from being old but never onions???
  9. iriee


    shaving it over a light salad gives it the flavor like anchovies in a caesar salad.
  10. try the whole bellys at the summer shack in mohegan sun. nice crispy and light.
  11. iriee


    where and what is it??
  12. if its cryovacked i cant see any rush in cooking it. it should be fine.
  13. omg! i cant even print my fav after seeing fat guys! that sounds so good! next thanksgiving were going to have to meet up,,im in ct to. thank you!
  14. look up thomas kellers batter that he uses on salt cod cakes in the bouchon cookbook. its real easy and stays nice and crisp. cake flower,baking powder, corn starch salt and beer.
  15. try pepes basic tomato pie with anchovies,,,its the best!
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