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  1. try making some raviolis with the chopped truffles,,ricotta and some of the truffle juice. finish it with a little chicken stock and butter and pass them around to your guests on little asian spoons. yumm! happy new year!
  2. iriee

    domestic N.A. truffles

    go with real truffles. the domestic have no flavor.
  3. iriee

    mustard dry vs. wet

    just use the grey poupon. there is a big difference in flavor though. i would use more grey poupon in the recipe than the dry. merry x-mas!
  4. or roast a whole strip,,then let it rest and make the sauce in the roasting pan. you could do this an hour before guests arrive then just rewarm roast in the oven.
  5. were leaving tomorrow morning for vegas1 can't wait1 anyways,,,i was at delmonicos and craftsteak last year and they were both excellant! this time its back to delmonicos though. the dry aged prime rib is ti dieeeeeeee for! i'll let you know how my trip was next week! we also went to hugos cellar )with in-laws) 2 years ago and it was old school but excellant! i had the large ribeye there also and i swear it was 3 pounds! very good though! enjoy!
  6. yes i would stick to the summer shack. i've had one fine mean at tuscany and 3 clunkers.were on our way down in 2 hours and more than likely end up at the shack.
  7. iriee

    Morton's Quick Cure

    there is an article in the new gourmet about a big smoking guy in virginia that just uses salt. its a good read. myself i use selrose,,,pink cure
  8. reservations where???? were in vegas in a week,,,can we meet??
  9. yes check out the porsches and also shun knives
  10. i went to a dairyland party and they had the prosciutto from iowa and it was as good or better than some italian prosciutto. try dairyland usa for info on buying it. enjoy!
  11. also try salting the legs overnight like confit. then rinse,dry and sear off as usual. works great for shanks as long as there whole.
  12. is the trip over?? sounds like a lot of fun. hope you all made it home safe.
  13. iriee

    Kershaw Shun Knives

    i too just purchaced a shun but have not sharpened it yet,,,but in the brochure that came with it it recomended a whetstone at a 16 degree angle,,,thats all it says. good luck
  14. iriee

    Risotto in advance

    just pre cook the risotto but keep it on the undercooked-crunchy side. then grill your steaks and when their resting re-heat your risotto with more broth and finish with butter and cheese. some people will swear me off on this,,but trust me,,you'll never know the difference. have a great time!
  15. shibuya for sure. be careful of too mush sake though!
  16. adolfs is still going strong. great place for many things but im not sure about dry aged beef. why not dry age it yourself in your fridge chris?
  17. iriee

    Fresh fava beans

    no there not local,,its too early. but their nice small favas now,,very tender. try sid weiner in boston
  18. iriee

    Fresh fava beans

    fava beans are available. we have them in our restaurant here in ct.where are you?
  19. iriee

    Stuffed Squid Tubes

    i've quick grilled them then stuffed them with rockshrimp risotto. then bake for about an hour in a light tomato sauce. very good!
  20. i buddy of mine is from buffalo and turned me on to it years ago. it a really great combo between the roll,,beef and horseradish! u also need some of the beef juices to dip. nice sandwich!
  21. molto-- we were at bouchon in october and i had the same boudon blanc and eggs like you and i can say they it was one of the best breakfasts i had in my life. the sausage was nice and mild flavored and the eggs were just nice and creamy and with the beurre noisette just made it soooo rich. also a must have is the sticky buns! our table shared one and loved it. can't wait to go back! maybe in march. great picks also!--thank you!
  22. iriee

    Menu Help

    maybe make a wilted salad with lentils mixed in at the end and garnish with a fried quail egg and the quail. be careful when you crack the quail egg. use a serated knife to saw through shell. lime and basil sorbet is real nice and refreshing . maybe a small scoop before the entree ? have fun!
  23. iriee

    Steamed clam question

    if the clams look real white and clean then they are canadian farmed clams. very bland compared to maine wild steamers which have darker shells.
  24. plus alot of the chains use frozen beef patties. hmmm,,,nice rare frozen burger. eeeeeeeek!
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