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    Dinner! 2007

    God, great beef, prawncrackers! I got this gorgeous (naturally) coloured giant Penne the other day and just got around to cooking it tonight. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the finished dish, as I was in a rush (Doctor Who was starting)
  2. Anna, that second one looks like an Army of chocolate brains. (In an entirely good way.) Lovely Hedgehogs too, they look like Porcelain.
  3. Restorer: There's something seemingly odd about that and I don't know what. It seems very unsettling though. Are you wearing hats on your feet and playing Chess on the ceiling too? I just had a banana sandwich in a Pita bread, which promptly fell apart, leaving me with a plate of sliced banana and flaps of bread.
  4. Hahahaha, I almost choked on my own throat with laughter after that. Such great expectations, she might have been working really, REALLY hard! I can imagine you doing the Simpsons thing and drinking a candle before you go, to barrier your insides from your SIL's apparently off cooking.
  5. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Something about the bare feet bit made it worse. I think it's because if you have socks on, at least you can't actually feel the steel, or see the cut. I (very skillfully) cut the corner of my fingernail off tonight. No skin, just nail, and I'll bet I couldn't do it again if I tried! My heart was beating like crazy.
  6. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    I agree, SiseFromm, great looking food. I love the Wine pic. Nice Bagels, Ann.
  7. Wow, two in a row. They are incredible, Joe. I would WEAR those if I could.
  8. Wooow, gfron1. That's how much I like them. They got a Primeval groan of approval.
  9. GTO

    Anatomy of Shrimp

    Well, looking at this very detailed diagram, there doesn't seem to be anything mayjor in that leggish region. So...I wouldn't worry about it. Here, have a look: Anatomy of a Shrimp
  10. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Woah! haunted black bean sauce! Damn fine spring rolls.
  11. Lol, it just got the knuckle end of my index finger, it was relatively forgiving. I'm sure you've all thought this at some point. It seemed to be falling in slow motion and whilst fumbling with it for what seemed like forever, I was thinking "Stop you moron! Let it drop!"
  12. A fresh piece of idiotness, fresh from tonight's dinner. I will never again...Try to catch my brand new, very sharp knife when it falls from the work top, because I don't want it to get chipped. WHat a stupid idea.
  13. GTO


    I'm afraid I can't be of much help, as just looking at them makes me cringe slightly. The thought of having "neck in my neck" is a step too far for me. However, just so I can make this post slightly less pointless - From the looks of them and from the reading I have done on them, they seem to be very delicate and so I would imagine they wouldn't go far wrong, tossed in a little garlic butter..?
  14. Me neither, Dave. When I'm not at Uni, I live in East Yorkshire. Good article, although I've never been wowed by Wensleydale w/ Cranberries. They just seem to get lost. Nice colour though.
  15. I finally got to try something I've wanted to try for ages today. Blue Wensleydale Really, not at all like the plain Wensleydale everyone loves. The blue takes over but leaves that tanginess. It tastes and smells EXACTLY like the smell of wet paint and if, like me, you like that smell, it's absolutely delicious.
  16. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Awww, my internet has been down, but yes! yes, yes, yes, YES! Sticky glazes, garlic, siamese cookies, sauces and even some egg porn! Thanks everyone.
  17. Meredithla - I just thought: "Hmmm...I'm gonna find that awesome rhubarb cake and comment on how mosaic-esque it is" So...You know? What now?
  18. Just another little fact about boiling eggs. Older eggs will peel easier than fresh ones. The reason being, that over time, the membrane below the shell forms a kind of "double glazing" kind of bubble between itself and the shell. Or so I've been led to believe, and it seems to be the case with mine.
  19. Bruce: Your idea of breakfast is...is just bogus. It looks absolutely fantastic but how do you manage? Nice table by the way, Fibilou. Crepe isn't bad either!
  20. GTO

    Pan Reduction Sauces

    If you can get hold of it, you could try reducing some Ginger Wine with some crumbled cashews or walnuts.
  21. One of the downsides I think, of your own cooking, living up to your own expectations, is that you're (or should be) tasting as you go. So know what the end result is like before you plate it up. It ruins the surprise in a way.
  22. Thanks, lexy. Two coconut & passionfruit desserts in a row, takomabaker. Wierd.
  23. Oh, God those buns look good. Glaze! I just finished making these little coconut and passionfruit jellies. The topping was sweetened descicated coconut, so the sugar went all crispy before the sprinkle.
  24. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    I love to try and spot the week's pattern whilst looking through here. It seems like we've got a lot of roasted meats, sauces and caramelised bits this week, very nice. Sei sei - The best tips I can give for photographing your food are simply: Light - Try and light the plate as well as you can. Natural light is best. Nothing makes something look more appealing than good light. Angle - Try and get down low when you photograph. The whole point is to "big up" the food on the plate and you can only do that by making the plate stand tall - "Stomach in, tits out" if you will.
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