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  1. Haha, cool. I'd be constantly playing with it if it were in mine. It's shocking how little colouring icing needs isn't it? I remember doing it once when I was little and at first, nothing happened. Naturally, I insisted we add more but suddenly, it went. I very nearly passed out ... "It's going! Where is it all coming from!?"
  2. Gorgeous blue colour, annaC. Well done!
  3. Up until that point, I didn't think it was possible for a foodstuff to make me angry. I was wrong. Needless to say, given what the "Sticky toffee" cheese looked like, I was reluctant to give it a sniff. Confusing me even further, was the fact that despite it's appearence, it smelled of absolutely nothing at all.
  4. I re-tried the Lincoln Imp again today and it's a million % better. I think it just needed time to mellow, after breaking the wax rind. It's now more like a strong Wensleydale. Don't talk to me bout flavoured cheeses, I've seen the ultimate in God-awful, what the fuck are you doing flavours. Around Christmas time last year, my local Supermarket brought out a range of semi-soft generic "blue style" cheeses in the following varities: Sticky Toffee - Looked like a block of skid marks Cheese and chocolate - Plausable. I've heard of this combination many a time and have tried a very reputable Cheddar with chocolate but this looked like Ganache filling with murky bits of cheese. Perhaps the most baffling horrendous of all; Peppermint chip cheese - A lurid green colour with the most acrid mint oil smell.
  5. GTO


    We had a roast loin of Beef for Dinner last night, which we did with some Lentil mashed potatoes. Just your standard mashed potatoes, mashed with green lentils and Rosemary.
  6. Gariotin - Red Dragon is the exact same cheese. I remember reading that Y-Fenni is also known by this other name. So yeah, exactly the same. I wasn't aware that they did other flavoured ones. So they're somewhat of a novelty kind of thing? Not that that's bad, it's damn good cheese!
  7. I have to say, in all honesty, the Lincoln Imp is not one of my favourites. It's a strong cheddar but to me, tasted kinda "farmy" - It tasted kind of like a farm smells... Y-Fenni (pronounced "er-venny") is a Welsh Cow's milk cheese, named after 'Abergervenny' in Wales. It's firm but soft and is flavoured with sweet mustard seeds and brown ale. Y-Fenni
  8. The Blackstick is fantastic. It lured me in with it's insane colour, lol. Coloured with Annatto I believe, the same thing they use to colour Shropshire Blue. The flavour I love too, a really full & tangy flavour, which definitely matches the smell.
  9. doughgirl - Shiny, shiny delicous cake. Very nice. I was wondering though, what happened to the rest of it? Big family? Does it keep? Or, did you do the ultimate and finish it all?
  10. Some cheese porn! I've been busy today... We have - 'Little Lincoln Imp' - Made right here in Lincoln, practically on my doorstep. Along with; 'Blackstick Blue', 'Y-Fenni', 'Taleggio' & 'Old Amsterdam'. Enjoy...
  11. I never got the one about guys and taking a pee after chopping chilis. I can see where the potential problem lies but I for one, don't go poking "in" and "around" "there" when I'm done.
  12. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Jesus, Marlene! If you don't send someone into shock with your burger first, you'll surely do them an injury with those onion rings, so crispy! They look like fried crystals.
  13. I don't know why I'm watching it, expecting to see something...It aint gonna do anything! Good find though.
  14. onedaylingers - I just thought "Hmmm...I think I'll find that superfoods thread and post bananas, seeing as how they rich with awesomeness."
  15. Chufi - Regarding your breakfast Gouda. Do you have a particular favourite? I loved a medium Gouda with Cumin seeds I hah last week but my favourite is 'Old Amsterdam' - Made almost on your doorstop!
  16. Rehovot - Cutlery is a very personal thing. I have a little fork that brought with me to University from home. It's just a regular, small fork but damn it all, it's my fork! I also insist on eating most desserts with a teaspoon. I say it makes them last longer but that not true, I could just take smaller bits with a regular spoon but wheres the fun in that?
  17. Powdered Pesto..? Lol, how did you sleep at night?
  18. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Oh, God! Where to start? Everything looks good. Rocky - Your soup looks awesome Nishla - I had a good long stare at those mashed potatoes, very nice.
  19. Did you manage to refrain from any "Oh deer" jokes, shellfishfiend? "Oh deer! If I knew you were coming, I'd have showered!" I can't believe how quickly this has taken off. Such unexpected replies too.
  20. Very nice, Suzy. If I were you, I'd so have attempted a novelty Sushi-shaped chocolate contraption of some kind.
  21. I've just been thinking (why, I don't know, perhaps a touch of loneliness ), when you met your partner, what was the first thing you (or they) cooked? Was it something lavish? Simple? Complicated? Did you cook together?
  22. I'd have kicked something over on my way out too...
  23. This is how I and my family have always cooked normal, long-grain rice and it works fine. Boil the rice roughly 2:1 water:rice. Then, as the rice nears doneness, boil a kettle of water, drain the rice into a seive and rinse thoughroughly with fresh boiling water.
  24. GTO

    Savory Oatmeal

    Not now but during the Winter months, I like to ripple Marmite through Oatmeal. Satisfyingly savoury and very simple.
  25. I like licorice, especially Dutch "salty" licorice, but I'm not really fond of licorice or anise flavor in anything else. SB PS: Is "itadakimas" a Japanese version of "Saying Grace"? I could only find one other reference to it on eGullet. ← I'm finding this thread really interesting. We're all made the same but with such individual tastes. I could eat/drink anise or liquorice flavoured things 'til the cows came home. I just got some really nice Greek Mountain honey, which has an incredibly strong anise flavour. So strong infact, it almost kills the honey flavour. My brother hates nuts, even cashews, which baffles me beyond belief. How can anyone dislike cashews? Is there anything more deliciously moreish than 'honey-roasted cashew nuts'?
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