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  1. It also sounds like you might be scoring the dough far too deeply and/or, leaving it to proof for too long after slashing.
  2. Mark has chocolate sauce on tap if anyone is in short supply.
  3. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Shelby - I'd expect that the filling (minus the cumin & black pepper), would work inside a sweet pancake. The filling is a mixture of Cannellini, kidney & haricot beans, flaked coconut, cumin & pepper, all pureed into a sort of, refried bean looking chunky mix. Not the most attractive filling, hence it's camera-shyness, but it had a sweet, delicate coconut flavour. Pille - I love your pie, it looks so cool.
  4. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Some really cool stuff being made, stuff I've never seen before. I made these three bean & coconut Filo parcels tonight. They were really good, really crisp.
  5. I agree! Those are beautiful dystopiandreamgirl! Teriffic stuffing/garnishing skills too.
  6. Exactly that. There's always ice cream or a pineapple sat on top of the magazines. If ever I help my mother with the shopping, I always go mad when she says: "Ok, just leave it there" "No, for the love of God, I'll take it back, it will take 30 seconds!" Edit: Also, think of the people working there, the floor staff. Their jobs are bad enough, boring enough as it is, without having to cart unwanted groceries back to their rightful places every 5 minutes.
  7. GTO

    Too many pretzels

    Bread pudding, or rather Pretzel pudding. I can imagine it being interesting with that litle bit of saltiness.
  8. Mark - KA-BOOM! Can you you imagine? haha, bananas are done. Some really beautiful desserts going on, everyone is doing something different which is great. Fantastic looking cake dystopiandreamgirl. Using the unbelievably simple recipe from Tartlette, I made these 'white chocolate Brownies', I just used cranberries instead of raspberries.
  9. In my house, it becomes fair game for the bin when someone asks "Are you still saving this?" - That's confirmation that no-one is going to eat it.
  10. Speaking of chopping boards. When I moved into my flat during the first year of University, I was interested to see what kind of kitchenware we had. A glass chopping board. A GLASS CHOPPING BOARD. The most impractical, uncomfortable, dangerous, hideously unmanagable peice of crap I have ever seen.
  11. That's what I thought, Mark. I'll cook them for longer next time. Jesus with that chocolate sauce aswell! How long have you had it!? Great looking buns. Looks like you had to move quickly to get a picture while it was still flowing.
  12. Beautiful, Tri2cook. I'm thinking of buying a Pierre Herme book. This was my first ever attempt at Choux pastry and Eclairs. They rose beautifully in the oven, then deflated rather dramtically. Sill tasted awesome. We had no cream in, so the filling was made with Mango and Ricotta and topped with 'Green & Black's' Dark Mint chocolate. Very good.
  13. Mark - They don't sell frozen bananas here no. They don't sell many things banana flavoured for that matter. The few things I can think of off the top of my head are Banana Crusha Banana Angel Delight and Foam bananas - None of which have ever seen a banana in their lives. With regards to the Clafouti. Looks good btw, what you said about the liquid was probably the reason why the Clafoutis at La Tartine Gourmande contains whole cherries. Thanks for clearing that up! Wow, lot of links there.
  14. Mark - That's something a bit different, very cool.
  15. I think if you make your own bread, you can pretty much eat a lemon sandwich and still feel self-satisfaction.
  16. Come on, Simon. You're telling me, you've never had a processed cheese slice, folded inside a piece of sliced white bread and thought "That is bloody fabulous!" You sir, are a liar.
  17. Chop some garlic and spring onions too and have yourself some lickin'ly good fingers!
  18. GTO

    Grown-Up Soda (GUS)

    Speaking of grown up Sodas, my outright favourite is Fentimans - They use a lot of Ginger in their recipes, giving their drinks a really firey kick. Their 'Curiosity Cola' is particularly good, if you've ever had those miniature Cola bottle gummies - It tastes exactly like those.
  19. We often add a spoonful of good Pesto to our mashed potatoes, or grated Parmesan to roasted vegetables, like carrots.
  20. Doddie - I love the texture inside your bread, looks great. Joe - Absolutely top notch, as always! emily - Stone fruits are so good now here too. I've been using them a lot. I wanted to make sure dessert would work tonight, so I made that most old-fashioned of cakes; Madeira.
  21. I'm surprised Gnocchi haven't been mentioned yet. A great celebration of potatoes - Treat them well, or you'll get a bad result.
  22. GTO

    Isn't egg salad great?

    I'm too sure about the South (Because they're stupid heads ) but the classic classic Northern "Egg Mayonaisse" is made with diced hard boiled eggs, salt, pepper and Heinz Salad Cream. Genius!
  23. I have to admit Mark, the first time I saw a Gallette I thought "What the Hell is that? I've never seen such a mess in all my life!" But I started to appreciate it's ruggedness after a while. I'm still not quite there, but yours does look great, a real classic. I didn't photograph the cake, nor did we even eat it. I must have used too much baking powder, as it smelled incredibly off, almost fishy.
  24. Thanks Emily. I'd been wanting to redeem myself with a classic, after possibly the World's worst chocolate cake ever yesterday. Everyone in my house loves Frangipane, and we had some peaches left over from last week...You get the idea Recipe-wise, I knew I'd just be wanting a basic Frangipane, so Epicurious.com it was. Did anyone else think that the scant amount of ground almonds in the filling the first time they made it seemed odd? It looked a bit wet to me and actually, it was.
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