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  1. Great Pithivier, Rob - The blueberries are a nice touch of something a bit different. I'm tired today, but not being one to let that stand in the way of kitchen messery, I made Flapjacks (British Flapjacks. I understand that in the US, Flapjacks are more akin to pancakes?)
  2. Holy crap, Mark - Perfect cake innards!
  3. Great looking Turnovers, Becca. I always take forever eating mine, peeling off each layer of pastry, then the filling, then the base.
  4. Apologies, Joe - I only just realised I said "Jow". Oops! Very retro indeed, Kathy.
  5. That's dedication, Lisa and your eggs look perfect. No leakage!
  6. Mark: Rest assured, they were just bought sponges. They were from a Sainsbury's 12 pack of mini cakes that my brother took for his students on Parents evening. Great looking squares, Jow. I love it when cake is gooey enough to smooth it's own sides when you cut into it.
  7. Becca: I love the little fork mark on the crackers, very cool. This afternoon I made store-cupboard Trifles with some mini sponge cakes I found in the freezer and a lone pineapple.
  8. That's hardcore, lexy. Where did you get that from? Is it just set Maple syrup? It looks kinda like fudge.
  9. Jumanngy: That Terrine is stunning. Strokeably smooth, lol. I made chocolate Biscotti today.
  10. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Wendy: You have such great "recepticals" - Tiki men and stripey Martini glasses.
  11. Dear La Choy, Stop making stuff. You're bad people and what you do is wrong.
  12. GTO

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    lexy: How very British.
  13. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Beautiful shrimp, Joe. Look at that griddle mark! You griddled the Hell right out of it. Very neatly done too.
  14. GTO

    Skoda Cake Car

    Damn, here's where I get an email telling me to check my eGullet messages. "We deleted your topic." But good, I'm glad it's been seen!
  15. I just saw this advert for the new 'Skoda Fabia', in which a group of Bakers and Confectioners, fashion a life-sized car in Cake form. It looks like such immense fun! Here's the video: Skoda Fabia Cake
  16. Nishla: Oh, you're making compost!? Did your pot survive all that ink?
  17. Pizza with a knife and fork. What's that all about?
  18. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    I made a nice Broccoli & Ricotta Tart/Quiche earlier. There aren't any pictures of the innards, as we haven't cut it yet! Here's my base at the last stage of blind baking. Here she is applying her make up, in the form of a spicy Broccoli puree and a bit of filling. Half an hour later, she's ready to go!
  19. GTO

    Lime curd

    I've done the same with pink grapefruit before also and that was extremely good.
  20. I'd be slightly afraid of a "Now, promise you won't get mad, but..." moment.
  21. ...Did you eat the crab and then photograph it on it's return journey? I bet your wife was wishing the onions on the side we more than mere paintings!
  22. Ann: I would have sex with that sandwich. That is a sexy sandwich. Wendy: Beautiful poached eggs and gorgeous photos. Is that a chive flower on the top? It's a really nice touch.
  23. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Great Gnocchi, Chufi. They always look so welcoming don't they? They're like little potato hugs.
  24. GTO

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    I had good old fashioned poached eggs on toast today. Toasted Ciabatta, but toast nonetheless.
  25. GTO

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    Judith: I love all things Pesto-d. Yours looks divine, the kind of thing I could happily eat forever and not get tired of.
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