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  1. For Dessert tonight, I made a Peach Frangipane Tart. The first time I've ever made Frangipane. I keep calling it a Peach Bakewell, but traditionalists would lynch me for that.
  2. It's the foul taste of failure and hatred!
  3. You know what pisses me off about Wraps? I'll tell you what pisses me off about them... In the Ads, everyone's having a great old time, wrapping stuff here, there and all over the place. Meat, veggies and condiments all neatly bundled up in a perfectly compacted, shaped Tortilla. The kids love it, the parents, even the grandparents are loving it! No problem! That never happens! Wraps are messy, you can't get anywhere near as much filling in them as the Ads make out. If they're not warm, they snap when you fold them and if you do get everything crammed in there, it just falls out again and you go crawling back to Mr. Fork, who helps you finish what fell out, before you can finally wrap the remains of your Tortilla around a bit of filling. It's not fun, it doesn't bring the family together and on top of that, when you're done with your first, someone asks: "Are you having another?" Yeah, I totally want another one...
  4. GTO

    Mint: Uses & Storage

    You could make Pesto with the Coriander. It's a nice change to Basil. Coriander Pesto: I bunch fresh coriander leaves, washed, including stalks 4 large garlic cloves 60g pinenuts 3 tbsp olive oil salt and black pepper Directions - Same as you make regular Pesto!
  5. If you can find any in the US, your peaches would be great, marinated in Ginger Wine and served with Lemon Curd Ice-cream.
  6. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Nice brownies, Ann. Are those Pecans? I bet they're pecans.
  7. Aaah, Mark. At least my description was fun! It had games and cute things. That's just foul!
  8. You could cut them into thin slices and candy them. That'd be pretty sweet.
  9. Prawncrackers - I agree with everyone else, it looks delicious. Altough, it does look Pizza Pac-Man eating a rabbit.
  10. Wow. How much practice do you need before you can turn out five perfect trays?
  11. GTO

    Rhubarb - cooked

    Whenever I cook with rhubarb in a sweet recipe, I always throw in a good few raspberries, to give it back that vivid red colour. Plus, it adds a nice flavour and it's a pretty safe bet that, if you like rhubarb, you probably like raspberries.
  12. I think your best bet would be, to make a few, keep them warm in the oven to use as/when you need them. Get everything set up and have someone bring in the Souffle and split it immediately, ready for you to photograph. Something like Souffle is not a one-person job.
  13. Tri2Cook - Your name is woefully innaccurate Such a great little dessert and I love the idea of an Almond syrup.
  14. Awesome looking strawberries, Mark. You must have needed great patience to cut them all like that. The brandy snaps were just: Butter, sugar, honey & flour. They were just moulded over an ordinary drinking glass. I used a Galia melon, which are incredibly sweet and delicate. I'm beginning to think there may have been a little too much nutmeg in the cream. The raspberry was purely decorative, it played no integral role.
  15. Brandy Snap baskets with melon cream. This was my first ever attempt at Brandy snaps. Was it worth the time and effort? ...Experience-wise, yes. Taste-wise, yes. The cream had an odd, slightly bitter taste, which was confusing.
  16. GTO


    Spiceblog has a recipe that uses Lamb Backstrap and from what I can gather, the UK equivalent to Backstrap is a simple Saddle/Loin.
  17. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Great looking crisp, Chufi - It's made itself even prettier by applying it's own lipstick in the oven!
  18. Soda stream! My mum took ours away, because my brother and I always over-gassed our drinks, to the point that the Soda stream would make a high-pitched hissing noise. Do you remember Sun Lollies? They came in a little triangular cardboard box, which you froze.
  19. Rick Stein is somewhat of a Seafood God in the UK. I love this particular series. Like all of Rick's shows, it's very uncomplicated in it's layout and message alike. Sadly, Food Heroes has gotten a lot of stick recently, due to UKTV Food's repeated raping. They must have shown it in it's entirity at least a dozen times, passing it off as a special "Rick Stein Weekend." Rick was in the news recently, paying homage to his little dog 'Chalky', who after travelling with Rick for about 17 years I think, sadly died.
  20. I've not tried that, Simon. It's not at all tempting either!
  21. danf - I defy you to find me a British person, who hasn't tried Squash straight, jut to see what it was like.
  22. Chihiran - Flapjacks have always been deceptively healthy looking. Their principal ingredient is Oats, giving them that wholesome look. They're actually Oats, held together with butter, sugar honey and/or golden syrup... So...Yeah, healthy. Great cookies, btw.
  23. Allura - You're absolute spot on, it's a concentrated, mixed fruit drink, which almost every child in the UK has drank at some point. It's the same thing as Cordial (Elderflower etc...), however "Squash" refers to the brightly coloured, usually artificially flavoured one, drank almost exclusively by children, because they don't know any better. As you can tell, it's not my cup of tea and I can see no reason, (other than perhaps at children's parties where large quantities are needed) why you would buy it. Robinson's fruit Squash
  24. You should have said: If i touch it, then you throw it away, can I have it anyway, since you'd be throwing it in any case?
  25. Exactly! That's the logic I applied when I had one for breakfast today. Mark, those chocolate stars are so cool!
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