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  1. meredithla - That drip is killing me. You're a genius.
  2. Yeah, it was really all my doing. If it weren't for me, nothing Mark did would ever make it to the screen. I'm joking, I'm not that big of a Douchebag.
  3. I love the idea of Passionfruit, perhaps with some Ginger? With regards to your Cherry soup, A quick search for Danish Cherry Soup yielded >this< - Danish Cherry Soup or "Kirsebaersuppe".
  4. Moomin cookies. That's just...It's just a wonderful thing.
  5. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Kim - As a Yorkshireman, I would like to present you with a formal membership. Those are some killer Yorkies. Better than most you see here, for sure.
  6. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    MiFi - Looks great. Mouthwatering dusting of Parmesan over the top is brilliant. A rare post for me on the Dinner thread. I made the effort to do Spare Ribs.
  7. Rob - Love the decoration on the Torte, and I doubt I'd need any Martinis to declare anything with Chestnuts a favourite.
  8. Agreed. It's gonna be great with some really hard, aged cheese.
  9. Thanks, Lior. Much appreciated. It's not so much "delicous" as it is "cleansing". Recipe is on my Blog
  10. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I made Gingered Goat's Milk Jelly. It's so simple, but just a little different.
  11. Not a substitution I think anyone is going to complain about!
  12. Custard it up, lexy! Custard! I made a 'Banana Cottage Cheesecake' today. Lighter than the traditional version, but just as good, I thought.
  13. I did a short review of some chocolates a couple of weeks ago, including the 99% from Michel Cluizel. Blood Sugar - Chocolate review I was massively surprised by it actually. 99%, you expect it to be unbearably bitter, almost inedible, but infact the finish and flavour is so pure and "chocolately".
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