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  1. I had to look up Peppero, so they're the Korean equivilent of Pocky? Makes sense as you're in Korea - Do they come in the same number of varities as Pocky?
  2. So, we have a "Dinner" and a "Dessert" thread and now one for snacks. What's your favourite? I've gone with an old favourite: Dry cereal, pretzels, almonds & raisins - Simple is good and I tend to go for bowls/bags of small things since they last longer and they're fun.
  3. How about some Apple brownies? Maybe as it's getting towards Winter, you could add some mulled wine type spices, that would be pretty cool.
  4. My dad is a fishmonger, so it seems somewhat ridiculous that I can't stand strong fish, or even mildly fishy fish. I like tuna, I can tolerate salmon but Lord knows I've tried to like all else but I just can't hack it - It's mostly the smell but also the aftertaste of fish. That's my main gripe but I also draw the line at certain offal like heart and intenstine - If it pumps blood for a living, or transports poo, in my view, it shouldn't be eaten. Third and finally, celery - I don't know how celery has remained legal, it tastes like a science experiment to me.
  5. ...Cut vegetables against my thumb "like the mamas do". I always end up cutting myself, these old women you see doing it must have callouses on their thumbs like leather.
  6. GTO

    Cake scrap uses

    I have no idea how it would work but I'm seeing "cake milkshakes" Possibly by grinding leftovers down into something really fine and gradually blending with milk. Failing that, how about cake ice-cream? I mean, brown bread ice cream is quite popular.
  7. Patrick, there's something about those little pumpkins, they're one of the best looking little desserts I've seen in a LONG time - Wow.
  8. Very cool, Swisskaese. Those kinds of desserts, layered tortes etc always give the impression of being powerhouses - The sweet equivilent of a slab of beef. Mightly impressive, like a "Filet Cake".
  9. Am I right in thinking that spicy food doesn't feel quite so spicy if not eaten when piping hot? I've found this to be the case when eating chili, just let it cool slightly and the spiciness seems to settle down.
  10. Couldn't agree more, Parmhero, it was oats for me too this morning - Piping hot with apple, cinnamon and toasted walnuts then a little salt over the top for that little bit extra. I like my porridge or "oatmeal" a little bit loose, finishing the bowl by scooping it out with a thin slice of rye bread.
  11. I love how you can see the little vanilla seeds in there, parmhero. I can just imagine the spoon gliding through all that gorgeous mix.
  12. I notice the bottle in the top left is the same shape as the one that holds Calpico water. I've tried that and enjoyed it - Refreshing, zesty, pure and a little un-nerving.
  13. Oh come on, no one expects anyone to try and emulate what Heston does. I was really looking forward to this tonight and I wasn't dissapointed at all. I used to think his methods and ideas were a complete joke, that was before I took the time to take a look, read up on him and begin to understand his love of flavour. That's what Heston has isn't it? A love of exploring flavour and He's avoided becoming objective about flavours, placing them together for the sake of it and I just thought it was great how he even tried different varieties of syrup for his treacle tart.
  14. That's so cool, comeundone. I particularly like the flaked almond fingernails, very effective.
  15. I've only been able to find lemongrass once, so I wanted the best from it I could get. So second to just sitting at smelling it, I decided to flavour rice with it. Very simple but it was amazing.
  16. I like almost everything I've eaten so far - The only thing I've never been able to hack is strong fish - Salmon too is borderline and finding a bone, particularly those little round spinal ones is the one thing that puts me off. I don't know why, they're just bones and I happily chew meats off of the bone but little fish bones make me queasy.
  17. Yeah, I'm sure they are. I'm seeing them being quite good for topping soups etc, much like croutons..?
  18. ...Wow...I like to keep an open mind but I'm having a hard time getting that one straight in my mind, peony. Eel bones...Are they the Eel's vertebrae, flavoured/spiced?
  19. The top is screaming "Dip your finger in!" Well, it is to me at least, I'd have to eat it alone, digging out the filling with my fingers
  20. My first post since having my membership application accepted - Hoorah! So, since I'm eating them now I thought I'd start with these querky little chocolate pies from Lotte. Seen them around for a long time but hadn't tried them until now. I also got the Dekopon Hi-chu, my favourite is still the plain yoghurt but these are absolutely out of this world fragrant and lively.
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