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    Rye Pasta

    I'd imagine they'd be similar to Pizzoccheri, you know, the ribbons made with buckwheat flour?
  2. "How to be a better Foodie..." By ' Sudi Pigott. - It's an extremely good book, very useful with tons of information on quality ingredients. Although it's very, very outwardly pretencious and I sincerely hope that she is having a bit of a laugh. For those not familiar with the book, it's basically a guide to the way that a "proper" Foodie eats, entertains, buys gifts and even raises their children.
  3. Could it perhaps of gotten too hot? I remember Heston Blumenthal explaining that, when the blades of the blender hit the food, it creates quite bit of heat. So over 10 minutes, it's going to get pretty warm in there.
  4. cookaburra - I've read many times also, that if you place an apple in the bag with the bananas, they it will speed up the process, since the apple gives off ethylene gas which ripens the bananas faster.
  5. I thought an Heirloom Porterhouse might have been a cut from a cow fed on said tomatoes I'm intrigued by the Heston-esque cheese sorbets, however and the frequent use of dead sea salt.
  6. GTO


    I suppose you could shove the whole thing through a juicer and then try to clarify the result as much as possible, no?
  7. Another very plain suggestion but it would be very nice to sprinkle your salts onto some little mounds of sticky rice. I always love salty rice, or rice with vinegar.
  8. I think it might be referring to when the Pope announced that supermodels these days are far too skinny. That's why I didn't get it, since I tend to laugh at things which are funny. None of these were funny...
  9. Rather than get pissed at me, jayrayner, how about you work on compiling a set of "joke" questions that are actually funny. I'd settle for quirky, anything.
  10. On second thoughts, I think it was just me being an idiot. Although I did still find the whole thing a little...muddled. If it was meant to be funny or ironic, it failed.
  11. I scored 41 but almost gave up half way through, as the questions are an absolute joke.
  12. I love root beer. Yeah, I'm seeing something cakey involved...Something along the lines of a dense gingerbread
  13. GTO

    The Emotions of Cooking

    A beautiful recollection of how most of us feel when we cook, Shaya. It's not often you realise how good it feels to cook for people, especially if, like me, you only cook for yourself at University. I just got home for christmas today and got straight into the kitchen and made cranberry sauce for the very first time. It turned out really well and it currently awaiting christmas day in it's sealed jar. I think today more than most recently, I can relate to your writing, as I felt that excitement and something else very personal, just from a punnet of fresh cranberries, sugar and two clementines.
  14. I'd be impressed if someone bought me some "truffle butter-fed beef".
  15. I see two bananas there, C. Sapidus. I can imagine that omelette sliding down very easily, nice.
  16. Roasted potatoes need seasoning with salt and Black pepper
  17. LindsayAnn - Good choice. I've had them with cabbage but never spinach. I love hard boiled eggs. They're always an important part of the boxing day salad with Pickled beetroot.
  18. I've bought Junior mints over the net before, ludja, just to try this. It was worth it, even outside the theatre. My family always puzzles when I cover cheap, spongy pizza in malt vinegar. It's delicious in a very private way...All of that spongy, vinegary dough. I can't give a decent explaination, it's just deliciously wrong.
  19. I seem to have developed an obbsession for these and they're a nice addition to cous cous... Pickled walnuts
  20. My flatmates are away for the weekend, so I seized the opportunity to make pancakes - Spelt flour pancakes with tomato & cinnamon, pineapple and smoked bacon.
  21. Boodles, the object of the game is to match whatever came before. So something to go with 'natto'... But thanks for getting us going again, we haven't had olive jam yet! So I'll say olive jam over roasted Courgettes (Zucchini)
  22. Pomegrantes I wouldn't mind trying the "Pomegranate glazed goose".
  23. Very cool, Kerry - They look very much like Goetze's Caramel Cremes, which I love.
  24. Something a little different than balsamic & strawberries... Kiwi
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