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  1. You'd end up with a very, very sticky, salty partner.
  2. GTO


    Beets would be good yeah. How about Cauliflower or baby leeks?
  3. Thanks, gariotin. Yeah, according to Wikipedia, Yarg is just the oiginal recipe owner Allan Gary's name, spelled backwards. The Cote Hill is made just up the road from where I live. It has a really nice crust and has a similar kind of taste as Stilton, only a touch stronger but a bit less "steely". It doesn't have that really sharp stab that I think Stilton can sometimes have. It's a great cheese. I just need to point out, I'm only just getting into cheese seriously, so please forgive any descriptive faux-pas.
  4. HAH! Friend B is always in a snit - He's an awesome guy, I've known him for years but he's a touch pretentious - Very outspoken. Here's another thing, which was brought up on 'Curb your enthusiasm' a while ago. If your order arrives before that of the other people on your table, is it OK to start? I think it is, if the food will not wait, fo whatever reason but I still try and refrain - arranging the plate, maybe discussing what's there, or even just checking the cutlery.
  5. What I think is worse however, is (This happened to me a few weeks back) - Myself and two friends went out for lunch, on the suggestion of "friend B". We ordered - I had a Beef & Stilton baguette by the way. Friend B ordered baked Penne, picked around the edges and then said "I'm not actually hungry". He then left the entire thing, simply placing his napkin over the top. What the hell is that all about? I was absolutely bemused and couldn't stop thinking about it the rest of the day.
  6. You're your own boss, so if you don't want to eat what's on offer at the time because it's not to your liking, then I don't think anyone should tell you otherwise. The only situation I think, in which you should really "force" yourself to eat something, however awful it may be, is if you're out as a pair. Having only one of the two eating is pretty rude and can often be a bit akward.
  7. GTO

    Office Aromas

    The hallway leading up to my apartment always smells of really bad, school lunch Stew.
  8. Leave it in the cabinet, it's fine there. That's where I keep mine, just out of sunlight. I just got a jar of the new "Guinness Marmite" - £2.49 and no difference whatsoever - What's that all about?
  9. GTO

    Great Balsamic..

    Even better than vanilla ice cream in this case, I think, is chocolate ice cream. Especially the melted bits at the end - A sweet and sharp swirl of choco-balsamic awesomeness.
  10. Oh my, I've been playing at The Cheese Society here in Lincoln and bought three fantastic cheeses. This one, with a cool bell shape, is the Berkswell. Then, wrapped in Wild Garlic, wild garlic Yarg. And finally, a strong blue - Cote Hill Blue.
  11. These kind of tests never work, because you're always going to be drawn towards the choices which will lead to you receiving the result you want, not the actual result.
  12. Those are my thoughts EXACTLY. I think I mentioned it earlier but if you haven't as of yet, you should give Shropshire Blue a try. It's a gorgeous orange colour and tastes like a sharp Stilton. ALmost like a Cheddar-Stilton hybrid.
  13. GTO

    Oscars Party

    I don't know why but ever since it's release, 'Little Miss Sunshine' has reminded me of Lemon-Butterscotch tarts. The yellowness of the lemons is obvious but Butterscotch...
  14. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    I'm home for the weekend, so, since my Dad just bought a brand new, epically wide and fancy TV, I played to his love of fish and made us both Haddock fillets with wholegrain mustard and parsley, wrapped in streaky bacon. It was pretty good and I don't even really like fish. I can only just stomach Haddock and Tuna. The bacon was a Godsend however, as it means it is virtually impossible to end up with dry fish!
  15. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    I was desperate for some eggs on my way home today and could only get to the local shop. I always dread buying things from there, it's just the absolute basics, at epic prices. They used to only sell horrible little caged Hen eggs. After enquiring (apparently fruitlessly) a few weeks ago, about why they don't get some better ones, I went in today to find free range eggs! Coincidence? I don't care, either way, they now sell half decent eggs. Which means Frittata tonight!
  16. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Marlene: You got it!? You have to let me know how it is, asap! If I can find it here in the UK, I'm so getting one.
  17. Wow, Beefcheeks. I think you're the first person I've ever known to eat anything braised in red wine, for breakfast. The morning knows no bounds in your house, eh?
  18. GTO

    Loads of citrus

    Orange Curd would be nice, with a little bit of vanilla or Amaretto.
  19. GTO

    Dinner! 2007

    Very rich looking, Chufi! Is that taken in sunlight? Your white balance looks fine to me, it's perhaps a little bright towards the top but it looks good.
  20. I agree with Motochef. Tell it like it is and let people know what the Chef does. "The Chef has a passion and broad understanding of..."
  21. Congratulations, oneidaone! Yes it was 'Tortilla Soup'. The film itself, was bordering on disaster, suddenly, for no reason "I can taste!" The food however, was stunning.
  22. Ok, how about this... - An explaination of why we clink glasses before drinking. An easy one if you like foodie films.
  23. Christ! It's like open-breakfast surgery!
  24. What are the rules for adding a new movie? Can we just throw one in there? I don't want to mess things up...
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