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  1. Returned from a 10 day vacation in St. Maarten/St. Martin a couple of weeks ago. Had BBQ baby back ribs and BBQ chicken wings at several restaurants around the island. All seemed to be very similar and all delicious. Very crispy on the outside but moist and meaty on the inside. Would like to try to recreate them. Anyone have any ideas, recipes?
  2. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and my guests) New Year's Eve 2006. Haven't had an event or occasion to make it again.......yet. Found it a wonderful experience. Not an every day kind of dish, however. Looking forward to your photos and comments. Donna
  3. Thanks for the info Mistinguett. Bumping this up to see if there are any other suggestions. I've made a copy of the posts to this point but would love other views. Thanks to all who respond.
  4. eldereno

    Dinner! 2008

    Last night I made a cauliflower puree which was the best I have ever made. My husband started complaining as soon as he realized it was cauliflower but later stated that he really liked the flavor and texture. I used the food processor (instead of mashing) and added heavy cream, butter, lots of S&P. Very smooth! (BTW, we are trying to watch the carbs) Served with slices of pot roast from an Emeril recipe with lots of garlic. May have been too garlicky but the puree stood up to it. Looked good on the plate. Must remember to take pictures of more than the bread I make!!!!!!! (These days I make it but don't eat it )
  5. That truly is useful information. Thanks. I just purchased a new digital kitchen scale. Now I have a real reason to justify my purchase!!! I plan to print out the formula and place it with the scale!
  6. Thanks, Zoe. I think I'll make another 2 loaves this weekend and leave what remains to add to the next batch. I'll be more careful not to handle the dough too much preparing it for the bake. Just so you know, I am currently trying to follow a low carb diet myself but not so for some of my household. I always take a little taste of the bread I make, though. After starting to make the other no knead bread, I have found that I like making the bread, just hate spending 3 dollars or more on a loaf, so want to keep doing it. But it always has to taste good!!!! It's such a satisfying experience. Finding room in my fridge for the container that holds the dough was challenging but I did it!!!!!
  7. In a tappas cookbook I own there is a recipe for crostini topped with a black olive spread (though any olive tampenade would be great) and a thin slice of a nice blue cheese. Wonderful!
  8. P.S. Am anxious to bake another loaf this weekend to check out the flavor after the dough has been refridgerated for the week!!!! The dough in the fridge sure looks airy!!
  9. I made bread using this technique for the first time last weekend. I used a combination of AP, bread, and white whole wheat flours and adjusted for the water content. I have to admit that I have made many recipes of the No Knead Bread that Mark Bittman showcased in the NYT and sort of made the dough to the consistency I was used to in that recipe. The dough handled well out of the fridge after about a day and a half. I had watched the video that Zoe did and that was helpful in getting the size right and the cutting technique. Here are the loaves resting prior to the baking...... I found the bread very flavorful but the loaves smaller than I would have expected. The crumb had less holes than with the other recipe that I had been using, as well. Could have been due to the combo of flours that I used, hydration, I don't know. Good enough to keep on experimenting!!!!! Pretty, huh? Donna
  10. I'm hoping for some responses as well. Going to be staying on the Dutch side, Sint Maarten, for 10 days at the end of this month and first few days of March. Would love some ideas of things to do and places to eat!
  11. It's only me, my DH, my dear MIL, my brother and a couple of friends for the big game but this is my plan for the eats: 1. Last night I cut up country spare ribs into 2 inch cubes, dry marinated them overnight with cumin, s&p, crushed up bay leaves, fresh thyme (a take off of Paula Wolfert's Pork Coddled in OO). Today.....Instead of OO, I slow cooked the meat in lard (adding garlic to the mix). Plan to shred the meat and serve tomorrow with corn and flour tortillas, quacamole, and salsa. 2. I'm originally from the Pittsburgh area. Plan to deep fry some chicken wings, season with good ole' Lawry's seasoned salt!!!!! Have Buffalo sauce on the side and a great recipe I have made hundreds of times with great results. Blue Cheese With Onions and Celery 3. Bagna Cauda with lots of raw and some blanched vegies.......and my first bread from the bread in 5 minutes thread (I have the cookbook). Wish me luck on that since I already made some mild deviations from the original recipe and hope the hydration is correct . 4. Also broiled some chicken wings today (that can be reheated) from a modified recipe (has to be because I did it from memory) for the wing recipe from the powdered ranch dressing packet.......hot sauce, powdered ranch dressing, vinegar. Marinate the wings then broil, turning a few times. I added some "Colon Blow" hot sauce the mix so they have some HEAT!!!! I do not have any major favorites for the game but love any excuse to have a small party and COOK!! edited due to spelling corrections
  12. I'm one of the lurkers that reads the posts,infrequently posts herself, BUT I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed the week reading your foodblog and adventures! Great job!
  13. Thanks so much for that video. I love to SEE something being done rather than reading the directions! Also glad to see the placement of the baking stone in the oven as suggested is different than what is stated in the book. I would have followed the book instructions to a T. This bread is in my near future!
  14. Speaking of blue cheeses (which I happen to love), I bought some St. Agur to serve on a cheese platter for New Year's Eve. Everyone who tried it loved it...even those who do not particularly like blue cheese. I think it is now my favorite!!!!! Just had some spread on a cracker for a light dinner....wonderful!!!! A little too creamy to crumble, might be incredibly delicious as part of a pasta sauce, BUT just "plain" is so incredible that I can't imagine diluting it with another ingredient.
  15. Made the vanilla icecream in my new Cuissinart SS icecream maker (over 2 days, ofcourse). Just fabulous!!!! Served it with Bouchon's chocolate sauce over the top. Very tasty!!!! And very creamy and rich!
  16. I have the book. Have been making the no kneed NYT recipe for quite awhile and am interested in trying this. The last no knead recipe I did was like the CI suggested recipe except I used Guinness instead of a pilsner (I don't know that much about beer). Still turned out great, atleast better and more tasty than the original recipe. Have the two loaves of bread that I just made to eat BUT then plan to make this. Will report on the progress. (tried to post pictures of the last bread I made...last night....but had problems uploading them)
  17. I did get a Cuisinart SS Ice Cream maker. Still have a birthday to come and expect a new toaster (my very old, cheap one is dying). I HATE holiday shopping! I find too many things that I want.....SOOOO....Christmas presents for myself included a marble pastry board, a rectangular pizza stone, an electric kettle, a Hattori chef knife, a knife storage magnet, holiday linens for the dining room, beautiful white 11" plates/shallow bowls and 8.5"bowls from Crate and Barrel, and butter warmers.
  18. I'm afraid that I have no tips for you regarding the grilling of your roast. Just wanted to express my sympathy and understanding of "all of a sudden" having to be without an item that normally you would feel would always be there. I would not want to be in that situation. Looks like you are well prepared, though. Good Luck. And Happy Holidays!
  19. eldereno

    Prime Rib

    I agree with Tim. I'm a "sear on the stovetop and roast low and slow" kinda gal! I've even done some very thick (4-5 inches) boneless rib eye steaks this way, searing them on the stove and then placing in a 200 degree F oven until reaching 120 degrees or so internal temp. They were mouth wateringly good, pink all the way through!!!! I think you could easily do a 2 bone rib eye roast this way. Once the desired temp is reached (if it is too early to serve), just turn the oven temp down to 150 degrees and it should hold the meat at the temp you want.
  20. Has anyone tried the recipe from the D'Aragnan site? Uses French Ventreche instead of pork rind and/or pork belly.
  21. When I made the Les Halles recipe for New Year's Eve last year (the picture was taken after the first bake) I did line the cassole with the pork skin....but, instead of in one large piece, it was cut into triangle, diamond, and rectangle shapes to fit into the cassole (I did not have a piece large enough to line it whole). In the final dish, the pieces were somewhat incorporated into each serving based on the scoop one took. Like Busboy said, it was a very velvety and smooth and added a lot to the mouth feel of the dish and the flavor but was a little too rich to eat much of. I'm glad I did this as my first cassolet but am looking forward to trying other recipes.
  22. Have you done a GOOGLE search. Just by putting in "brown butter cookies" I came up with a quite a few hits. One looks interesting
  23. I am lucky (???) to have a very large pantry, almost room sized. Granted, much of it is used to store platters, extra tableware, glassware, vases, cookware, bakeware, candlesticks.....just tons of stuff....but there is lots of space for pantry items. I remember when building the house and designing the pantry always wanting a HUGE space just for this. I had this strange fantasy that I could stock it and ALWAYS have ingredients on hand to to whip up a fabulous meal at any given moment. Now I do have some exotic ingredients in there that you have all mentioned, but.........what do you have to say about the quantity of normal things I keep in there, like 10 28oz cans of San Marzano peeled tomatoes, 8 boxes of the chicken stock I don't find objectionable, seafood stock, beef stock, vegetable stock, the many cans of tuna in olive oil, artichoke hearts, the cans of butter beans, cannellini beans, chick peas, black beans (all..just in case), pounds on pounds of all the prior mentioned items in dry form like tarbais beans, split peas, northern beans, garbanzo beans, etc., rice in all forms, pasta in all forms, marinated mushrooms, and on and on. Just a year ago I did a purge/cleaning of the space and found some things I have had for over 10 years, the use by date long gone. I have tried to be more aware of what is in there since then but still find that when I am out shopping and think about whether I have some of what I think are staples...I am unsure ...and buy more. You wouldn't want to see my spice cabinet or cheese drawer!!!! SOOO...is this an addiction? Do I need therapy? There are hoarders of many different varieties. Mine and some of you others may be hoarders BUT of the food variety rather than that of other STUFF. This may be my first step towards recovery.....admitting I may (NO......DO) have a problem! edited for the unsure modicon
  24. This looks quite intriguing. I will certainly be trying this recipe and, if successful, have a new cookbook in my future!!!! I have made many recipes of the NKB since last year, 2 loaves to be baked first thing tomorrow morning. I agree that there should be some way to boost the flavor BUT they are still better (and greater appreciated by all those who share the loaves) than the typical grocery store fare. Never did bake bread before this recipe, though I own MANY books on bread baking. Always wanted to but found it way too intimidating. Give me another way of baking bread with little hands on, not too much advance planning, with good results....and I'm on board!
  25. I've done the Bourdain's recipe. It did take a couple of days but was delicious. Has anyone tested or tried the Mark Bittman recipe in his newest Quick recipe cookbook?
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