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  1. This is a very interesting and topical thread for me. Until recently, since my husband and I work full time and I used to commute 2-2 1/2 hours a day, my dear MIL (who lives with us) would make dinner during the week. She is a simple cook, making alot of preprepared dishes like...... rotisserie chicken (bought that way) or pot roast (bought that way), twice baked potatoes (bought that way), but fresh sauted or steamed vegies, sometimes mashed cauliflower. Not too many salads during the week. She would go shopping once a week to get the things that she would plan to use during the week. This is the only financial contribution she makes to our household expenses. I am not sure what amount she spends. I, on the other hand, cook on the weekends. I spend some of my free time during the evenings dreaming and then planning what menus I will have over the weekend (a lot of the dreaming and inspiration coming from this site) and shop to accommodate those menus. I will invite family and friends to join us (I love to share the food I get to experiment with and create). So, for just the weekend more extravagent menu plans, I know I can spend up to $200.00 for the produce and other food stuffs needed....and not including the wine, spirits, etc. AND I do have a very well stocked pantry! You see where I am heading....We, together, are spending A LOT of money on food alone. And I haven't mentioned the amount of fresh herbs and produce that spoils and needs to be tossed. That is, however, only the first issue. Things are changing. My MIL has been having some health issues and has less energy. She will soon be unable to do any of the shopping or food preparing. Probably, also, unable to contribute anything financially to the household or towards the grocery consumption. SOOOOO....all of the ideas and sharing on this thread has been helpful since I need to rethink and replan for this new era in our lives. I will need to shop, plan and prepare not only for the more extravagant weekend meals (if that is a possibility) but shop, plan and prepare meals daily. I need these cost cutting ideas, suggestions for stretching preparations to include multiple meal plans, and accomplish all of this while not compromising my love of GOOD FOOD. Luckily, I now live closer to where I work, so my commute is significantly less. Thank you to you all for your great ideas!
  2. I have made creme brulee many times in my home convection oven using a water bath without any troubles. I would be afraid to do it otherwise.
  3. Been watching this thread since joining but have never gotten around to doing a reasonable estimate of my cookbook numbers. Today.....I did. Had some time while doing laundry (not far from the kitchen). Counted 110!!! BUT, thanks to eGullet and all of the assorted recommendations, have 5 more on the way (had a weak Amazon.com moment). Not quite as close to what some of YOUR collections are BUT I do understand how the collections can just grow and grow! Just got a new contract with a huge raise......now where do I spend that money?
  4. Sorry I missed the show the first airing but caught it this afternoon. Good job, Chris. You looked mighty comfortable for it being the first episode! You were very engaging and seemed to be enjoying yourself immensely (though....were you really when you have such long shoots and so much waiting?) What I mean is...even though television shooting is so tedious and hard, you still came across looking like it was totally fun and were having a great time with those your met and the food you ate. Looking forward to future episodes.
  5. I enjoyed your piece very much having been originally from Western PA, graduated from Pitt many, many years ago, and lived in Squirrel Hill (North of Forbes) in a lovely apartment on the bottom floor of a charming house on a cobblestone street. Some of my favorite memories!!! Though I left there in the early 80's, the diversity of the local food establishments was amazing. One of the things I miss now that I no longer live in an urban area. Sure do miss City living. The suburbs do not measure up. Nice when, on a walk, one can come upon so many wonderful diversions, especially involving bread!!!!! Not the same when one has to make plans, climb into a car, drive long distances and make many stops. You have brought back memories of experiences I did not appreciate at the time but certainly do now. Thank you.
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    I remember as a child just loving a fried "baloney" sandwich.....you know, fried until crispy on the edges with ketchup and soft, white bread (like Wonder Bread). I would bet that I,as an adult, have had a craving for these and succumbed atleast every other year or so....and I remember enjoying them still. More recently, have been really having fun with tuna salad sandwiches with things other than mayo, onion, celery, eggs. Adding things like artichokes, black olives, garlic, lemon, and/or capers. Very good. Otherwise, I hate it ......BUT I am trying to stay away from breads ....so less sandwiches for me.
  7. Made my first Larb last night as a Thai dinner that included Phad Thai with shrimp, beef salad, and the Larb made with ground chicken. I love Thai beef salad but must admit that I enjoyed the Chicken Larb most. I was not the most organized and did not have all the ingredients (expecting a shipment of hard to find Thai ingredients that I ordered online) but was still happy with the outcome....good mouth feel and flavors. Will try again incorporating many of the ideas and suggestions offered here. Thanks to you all.
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