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  1. This looks a lot like the recipe my friend made for my wedding cake. I have made it many times and it is great. edited because I cannot spell friend
  2. I have a lovely covered area outside that we call a pavillion. Can seat 12 or more people for dinner. Love the idea of eating there and do it often BUT it is twice as much work as eating inside. Great for some of the menu items being grilled BUT so many of the condiments, side dishes, plates, serveware, etc. needs schlepped both to the outside and then back to the inside AND THAT IS A LOT OF WORK!!!!!
  3. eldereno

    Grilling peaches

    Thanks. I have not refridgerated them. Will see how they feel and smell tomorrow. May just try to grill a couple of them anyway (with your suggestions) just to experiment. Will add them to the salad IF they taste like they would add to it in a favorable way. If not.....then I will have learned something.
  4. eldereno

    Grilling peaches

    Bought some peaches today at the local (Saturdays only) farmers market. Not the most ripe and juicy looking peaches I've ever bought. But I thought one didn't need the ripest peaches to grill them. Am I wrong? Did find some beautiful black rasberries, strawberries, red rasberries and blueberries. Hoping to grill the "not so soft peaches" and hope they will soften some AND make a grilled peaches and mixed berry salad for part of dinner tomorrow. Should I try to ripen the peaches for a few days and just do a berry salad?
  5. Preordered my copy from Amazon.com and received it today!!! Great book, Chad. Look forward to all that I am sure I will learn from it!
  6. I have been keeping up with both this and the elder group dinners. What a feat you have accomplished!!!!! Great job! Can't even imagine doing all that you have done AND SO WELL!
  7. Tried these Saturday night. I thought they were OK but my family and friends really loved them. Will probably do them again at the end of summer when there is really good, sweet local corn.
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    I usually will make sangria atleast once in the summer. Love it! The recipe I use is not at all precise. I once was in Spain (16 years ago or so) and my wonderful hostess made it using a Spanish licquor called Ponche Caballero. She sliced apples, oranges, lemons, limes (?I think) and soaked them in the licquor overnight with addition of sugar. Then added the red wine and either club soda or tonic water (I don't remember. I have used both successfully). I never did look to find this licquor in the states but she said that Southern Comfort could be used instead and so I have used Southern Comfort. I use the very large Sangria pitcher I bought while there! To answer Rona's question..... I am usually the only one drinking this and find that it will last almost a week before starting to taste a bit "fermented." I think that it would last longer if I strained the fruit out of it after a day or two and then just added newly sliced fruit as a garnish to the drink. I haven't tried that, though. May do so with this summer's batch . edited for spelling
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    Found it!!!!!! Enjoy!
  10. eldereno


    An interesting suggestion here. I love doing a recipe that, I think, I got from Food and Wine many years ago. It is spagetti with anchovies and fried capers, lots of garlic, some lemon juice and zest, and parsley. I haven't found it at their site but will keep looking. CI has a recipe for a similar dish but without all the lemon. Love it. Another pasta dish I love is this one. Great for in the summer. Just some suggestions.
  11. Not a bad video for no budget! It also explained "the claw" better than I have ever seen or heard it. I don't think my knife skills are that bad BUT my left hand never felt comfortable. Now I understand that, if I push down towards the food, that the angle will change to allow the flat of the fingers between the first and second knuckle to guide the knife. I don't think I ever really pushed down enough to get that. No wonder I never felt entirely comfortable! I can't wait to go chop something! I have also preorder that book and look forward to its arrival! Thanks. Donna
  12. Got 9 out of 20. Thought I was doing great at the beginning but had a whole lot of wrong answers after the first 5. Often my second choice was the correct....but guessing only!
  13. Had the opportunity to make this tonight for dinner. Had all that I needed in the fridge and/or pantry except the asparagus so sent my brother to the store for that. You are so right! Wonderful dish. Even my "bacon and asparagus hating husband" ate his LARGE portion! Thank you for your initial recommendation and then for the link!
  14. I hadn't made it for a long time....so I hope this still counts....since I rediscovered it this year. Friday night I made the Swordfish, Olive, Pasta dish from James Beard on Pasta cookbook. What a great recipe! Because I love them, I usually add additional olives and capers and, usually, some pepper flavored olive oil for some of the regular olive oil. Sooooo good! edited to add some stuff.
  15. I've not been a YouTube viewer so was not aware of all the food related videos there. Since reading your post SEVERAL HOURS ago, I have checked out some of those that you mentioned and more. Looks like there is even more excuses for me to sitting at my computer and not cleaning my house!!!!!! Some incredible talent out there. Think I may get more from YouTube than FoodTV!!!!! I do like seeing something made. I can read recipes but sometimes they seem too daunting. There's something about seeing it done that simplifies it somehow.
  16. I have been making this chocolate mousse pie recipe for years. It is fabulous, loved by all who have tried it. Can be made ahead and frozen (I've done that) up to the putting the whipped cream on top. I've even had folks ask me to make it for them to have (my only experience in the realm of people buying my food )! I got the recipe from a group of 4 or 5 small cookbooks in a set that were a kind of "best of Bon Appetite". Probably from the early 90's or before. I have often just spread the whipped cream mixture on top of the pie and then shaved chocolate on top. edited due to spelling errors and clarifications
  17. All I can say is "WOW!!!!!!!!"
  18. First time posting to the Breakfast thread BUT sure do love lurking there!!!!! Here is my contribution....... From The New York Times, Duck Confit Hash with eggs fried in duck fat, sliced tomato and toast.
  19. Thanks for the link. I have some duck confit in the fridge that I have been meaning to do something with. That hash recipe looks great. At the new grocery down the street, I can regularly get duck legs. Looks like the Crisp Braised Duck Legs are also in my future!!!!!!
  20. I know exactly what you mean. 30 miles or so north we have been getting the same thing. No power surge things happening, thank goodness. Did see my first hummingbird today though so I am feeling happy in spite of the rain. BTW, made the recipe for your "ET" Bacon Crescent Rolls (from your website) this morning. My husband and brother loved them....as did I. Thanks again.
  21. That strudel looks incredible. Did a google search and it looks like someone posted the recipe on REcipZaar. Will definitely be making that in my future! What great ideas you are giving all the rest of us, Kim. Thank you.
  22. Oh, and BTW, spent some time at your website and have copied many of the recipes to my computer cookbook! So much to cook and so little time!!!!!!!
  23. Enjoying all of your posts and looking forward to more. Most of all...looking forward to how you plan to use all of that luscious bacon!!! Been checking out some older Dinner posts looking for a particular one and came across your beautiful Easter spread. So cool to see some of your beautiful pieces used to accent the look of your incredible food. This is an wonderful blog. Anxious to keep hearing from you!!!!!
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