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  1. Looking forward to what comes next!!!! Have cooked from Paul Prudhomme's book.....the fettuccini alfredo, the barbeque shrimp, the rice dish, probably some others. Have loved them all!!!!
  2. eldereno

    Dried Chilies

    Used some old (maybe 2 years) to make AB's chili powder recipe recently and they worked great. They may have been hotter if they were fresh BUT there was still plenty of flavor there!!!
  3. Your blog has been great so far!!!! Just sat down to read the whole thing this evening. Was out of internet access for the last 10 days. Looking forward to the rest of the week!!!
  4. Thank you for the glimpse into your life, your kithen, and culinary adventures. It was an enjoyable and educational experience. Now rest!!!
  5. Come on...some one must have some information to inspire me for this trip!!!!!!
  6. In just over a week I will be vacationing on St. Marten. Have loved my previous trips there and have some favorite places to eat. Am anxious to know of your favorites and new places to try. All comments and recommendations for fun places to be in St. Marten would be appreciated!
  7. eldereno

    Superbowl 2011

    Spent the day yesterday making 3 kinds of chili....a "lighter" chicken chili with no beans, a cincinnati chile, and a beef and pinto bean chili. I had made my own chili powder (AB's recipe). Today I will make some corn bread mini muffins to serve with honey butter, chicken wings to serve with a blue cheese dip and hot sauce, cut vegies for dipping into the blue cheese dip, make blender salsa to serve with chips, and assemble the assorted garnishes for the chili (sour cream, shredded cheese, chopped onions, chopped hot peppers, etc.). Someone is bringing dessert and appetizer. There is way too much chili for the 10 of us but I will freeze whatever is left over for quick dinners later. Need to clean my kitchen in order to get started!!!!! It was late when I finished the chilis last night! Enjoy the game and the commercials everyone!
  8. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your kitchen and your life. It was a great blog!!
  9. I've gotten no kitchen appropriate gifts but have gotten a $50.00 gift certificate from Amazon.com. What should I buy????
  10. Haven't posted here in quite awhile but made a nice breakfast/brunch today for my family that I would like to share. Made Dorie Greenspan's wonderful Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Flan from her new cookbook today. Served with sliced tomatoes and sliced cantelope from the local farmer's market, bacon, and 7 grain toast. Lovely meal.
  11. Made the Pumpkin and Blue Cheese Flan as part of brunch for myself and family this morning. Loved that it was easy, pretty low in carbs and very much appreciated by all those who ate it. My first, but not last, recipe from this beautiful cookbook! edited to add how easy this recipe is!
  12. I received the cookbook last week and had a wonderful evening perusing it. Glad to see the photos of those cooking from it and recommendations of what is truly worth trying first (though looks like most recipes are worth trying)! Thank you, Chris! I, personally, have been cooking less because I have been eating less (have lost 32 lbs in the last 4 months) and I have in the past usually thrilled my family with foods I loved. Poor family must now just scrounge on their own with store bought stuff. Now that I have my eating demons in check, I may be able to start cooking more again. I think I have learned that I just need to eat less? Looking forward to cooking from this cookbook. I certainly have loved cooking from other of Dorie's cookbooks!
  13. Can say that this is a good listen on an audible device. Bourdain as narrator is great. Very entertaining.
  14. I like making blender salsa. The recipe I use is similar to this one.
  15. Loved seeing and reading about your adventure!
  16. Made a recipe that I have had in my file for quite awhile but had not made it until last night. Pretty easy and wildly good. My husband, who eats to fill his stomach, commented repeatedly on how good this was. My link I also thought it was yummy! BTW, I did not make the sauce or Romesco. Served with a Caesar Salad. edited to add stuff
  17. So glad you resurrected this!!! One of my favorite threads in the last year! Now to find some fabulous things to make that I have never made before!
  18. I was reviewing and checking out recipes on another food and recipe site. Was looking at recipe for baked ravioli. What inspiration! I have been trying to cook out of my freezer and have made a dent. When I saw this recipe, I thought I had tons of frozen ravioli in there. However, I did not. I DID find three different kinds of tortellini and some frozen meat sauce I had made awhile ago. I thawed out the meat sauce, supplemented it with a quickly made marinara, and followed the directions, but with the tortellini and the meat sauce instead. It is baking as I type and I am really looking forward to it. I do think it will be quite interesting....the tortellini are a mushroom one, a prosciutto and gouda one and a cheese one. Should be an interesting mix!
  19. I agree! Looks like something I might have eaten at my Grandmother's house that I have memories of. I can also remember "pot pie" as what it was called. Different than what we currently think of as pot pie. I would love the recipe!
  20. eldereno


    Just recently bought the olive oil and pepper flavored triscuits......sooooo good. Not a really strong OO taste but the pepper stands out! Amazing!
  21. Glad I found this thread. I do not cook every night (been on strike about this for a long time!!!!! Living with 3 other adults, my working the most and making the most......but I am still the one to cook the most!) but cook on weekends. I have been spending tons of money at the grocery store, especially since Thanksgiving, since I do all of the Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year's Eve cooking for my current household and extended family. So, for the last 2 weekends, I have made only food out of my freezer and pantry (maybe with a few items from the store). 2 weekends ago, I roasted 2 chickens (don't want to hear on the length of time that it is safe to eat frozen chicken....it was a really long time!!!!) on a bed of assorted vegies (the normal onions, celery and carrots...then potatoes all around). This past weekend I made pasta puttanesco and roasted some shrimp with just OO, salt and pepper, frozen french dinner rolls. I have some marrow bones vacuum packed, chicken breasts and thighs vacuum packed, tons of different kind of store bought ravioli, pierogi's, some vacuum packed very thick pork chops, assorted frozen vegies (lots of corn!!!!!), some bread dough, some fish bones....and I will need to go do more inventory to state the rest. My goal is to empty the darn thing and then start from scratch. Wish me luck! BTW, the chicken was moist and tasty and I do not think I will do anything but roast shrimp from now on! edited for spelling and to add some stuff!!!!
  22. I have been thinking about making ricotta. What a great tip!!!! Thanks. I will have to not rip into them, as I usually do, and open them from the top...properly! The black, fairly thick plastic bags that are used at the Liquor Stores in VA fit perfectly in the trash basket by my desk. I save those. I, too, save the cloth bags from Crown Royal. My husband uses the large ones as shoe bags when we travel. Use others for coins. All plastic containers. I've gotten tired of buying tons of storage containers and suddenly having nothing to put my leftovers in....they all disappear!!!! Having the sour cream, marscapone, olive (from the self serve) containers disappear is not so frustrating.
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