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  1. A terrific salad (click on salads and then look for the watermelon, lime, red onion, and avocado with cilantro one) was tasted at my friend's 4th of July party. Wow! Dianne is a wonderful cook and a great pastry chef....but this salad was out of this world. So looking forward to making it for my family and friends. Couldn't believe where she got the recipe! Donna
  2. Thanks, JTravel, for making me aware of checking out the webpage. Though it is on the card, I would not have thought about going there, registering, and seeing how much it has to offer. Incredible! Donna
  3. A new Wegman's has opened not far from my work. I have taken a brief walk around and it looks fabulous (20 different kinds of fresh mushrooms, including morels and truffles, many different cured hams, the cheese dept. looks great, lots of interesting things in the produce dept. that I cannot usually find elsewhere, and the bread looks terrific). Those who have experience with such a "grocery store" please give me all of the inside information and tips that I need to take as much advantage as I can!!!!!
  4. I agree, Teagal, I like the options of creating a different look with runners or layering table cloths.
  5. Table cloths on the table in my dining room. I have a very old dining room table but very large....which is needed in that space. The wood is getting kind of soft so I want to protect it some. I like how I can change the look of the room by changing the cloths. We have not been eating there a lot these days, though, so I have my most common cloths on that plays well with my kitchen colors. Not able to afford to buy more....but have accrued a nice collection to be able to change things up a bit for holidays and special occasions. I have a covered pavillion sort of struture in my backyard that has 3 very old and different tables set on it (some wood and some plastic). We eat and entertain more there in the good weather. I have good old thick white restaurant style table cloths to use out there, though they are not as pure white as when I bought them (after outside use and abuse). I like the uniform look they give to the space when they are used. Edited to correct grammar
  6. I was commenting on The Secrets of a Restaurant Chef series on the FoodNetwork thread when I realized that what I was commenting on WAS one of the recipes this year that truly rocked my tastebuds!!!!! It was the meatballs by Anne Burrell. They were really good the first time around with her marinara on pasta. BUT, when I defrosted some, heated in the oven and then mixed with the marinara, placed on a toasted club roll with more marinara and fresh mozzarella, broiled to melt the cheese, spinkled with some shredded Parm and chopped fresh basil and italian leaf parsley......well....truly sublime! I will admit to subbing ground chicken for the veal (the store just did not have ground veal that day) but STILL.............
  7. I've been recording all of her shows but have not attempted to make all of the recipes yet. I HAVE made her marinara and meatballs however. The marinara was okay but the meatballs were spectacular.....so light and so tasty (water being the key ingredient?)! They were really good with pasta and the marinara BUT when I defrosted some the other night and made meatball sandwiches (on Club Rolls) with some of the marinara, fresh mozzarella and some chopped fresh basil and italian leaf parsly sprinkled on top........well, I can only say "PURE BLISS." I am anxious to try some of her other creations. The show is so different from many of the other cooking shows on the FoodNetwork, I'm always looking forward to what I will learn from her!
  8. eldereno

    Old Bay seasoning

    A Bloody Caesar is never made in my house without the use of Old Bay!!!!
  9. Another year, another SB!!!! Some of my menu is the same as last year, i.e. the fried wings with hot sauce and blue cheese dressing on the side, crudites. My SIL is making sweet potato fries and bringing something sweet. I have decided to make chili from venison, 2 kinds...one mild and one with HEAT. I've gotten a great "Chili Primer", of sorts, from a fellow egulleteer, Recoil Rob, and plan to use that as a start off point. There will be all the usual garnishes.....shredded cheese, onions, jalapenos, sour cream, avocado, etc. Probably some corn bread, corn chips, and tortillas. BEER!!! Enjoy, everyone! Go Steelers!
  10. eldereno


    Most recipes for the loin suggest preparing it as you said. That's what I'll plan on. Your chili sounds great. I ordered some black beans from Rancho Gordo and plan to use those. I'm usually pretty good at making alterations and/or "winging it" once I have followed a recipe and know how I'd like to change it up. Not so good or confident about making it up as I go. Will probably use your great suggestions, ideas from recipes that I have found, and my own taste to, hopefully, put together a tasty treat. I thought I would start it on Friday night or Saturday morning, refridgerate it and serve Sunday (for Super Bowl) with appropriate garnishes to accompany it. Any help regarding amounts of the ingredients would be very welcomed!!!!!!! Thanks!
  11. eldereno


    OK....I have been given a bunch of venison, some loin roasts and other roasts (not sure of the kind). Have found some recipes for loin medalions and wild mushrooms, which sound good. However, I would like to make a great chili with cut up or ground venison. I haven't found a specific thread on venison chili so thought I could post my question here. Any recipes for a really delicious chili made with venison????? The Super Bowl is coming up, you know!!!!
  12. Looks beautiful, Chris. I've only made cassolet once so have not had yet the experience of experimenting. Seems like the changes you have made were successful. Good job!
  13. Forgot to add the 1/2 spiral cooked ham and 6 bottles of wine from my boss. And, for my birthday (coming up), an electric turkey fryer/steamer that I opened early to steam the crab legs for Christmas Eve dinner. It held a lot of legs and did a good job (in between tripping the breaker). Oh...Oh.....Oh, and a collection of different kind of finishing salts! (edited because I thought of more)
  14. I got an electric mandoline that my SIL saw on QVC. Have not yet taken it out of the box or used it. Anyone have any experience with one like it or advice? Also a rechargable battery operated wine bottle opener. My husband liked using it. I have not tried it yet.
  15. Too bad you don't live closer to Virginia. I have both Tarbais beans and RG flageolets in my pantry. Do you have any friends nearby that you might stop by on with a borrowing container in hand?
  16. Did the Les Halles recipe for cassoulet for New Year's Eve. A great success. Added some extra sausage, 2 more duck confit legs, otherwise followed the recipe pretty much exactly. Had only 4 1/2 cups of Tarbais beans so supplemented the additional 1/2 cup with Great Northern beans. Check out the difference in size, presoak. From the cassoulet I made a couple of years ago. The great northerns held up okay.....tasted good!
  17. Donna - It is salty - we never need salt on our eggs when I serve them with Benton's . I don't think that it would hurt a bit to blanch it. You do that with country ham and the bacon is very close to that in flavor, I think. Try it with one or two pieces and then see what you think. We gave it to our dads for Father's day and they both thought that it was too salty and Mr. Kim's dad said that they prefer supermarket bacon ... ... I can see finding it too salty - but can you imagine preferring the taste (or lack thereof ) of supermarket bacon now that you've tasted Benton's? We don't even buy Neuske's anymore, which we used to love. ← I finally got around to making a second pound of Benton's Bacon yesterday and blanched half of it prior to cooking. It was a short blanch...actually I placed the sliced in cold water and just brought it to boiling and removed the slices to cook. It did remove some of the saltiness and the smokiness was still evident (though maybe taken down a notch)!!!!! When eating the bacon as a side with eggs and toast, I will do this. BUT, when using it to make BLT's or adding to a salad with tomatoes or an acidic dressing, I will keep it as originally made. You are right about not being interested much in supermarket bacon now!
  18. Since I last posted here, I have gotten atleast 15 new cookbooks......3 of them signed by the authors (thanks to a wonderful friend in Boston who goes to book signings).
  19. Kim, After all of your great photos and the recommendations of many here, I have purchased and received my first order of Benton's Bacon. Yesterday I made bacon, fried eggs, toast and sliced grape tomatoes for my MIL, brother and myself AND a BLT for my husband (the only way he appreciates bacon....can you believe it?????). The bacon was very thick and smokey but I found it a bit salty. It was greatly enjoyed but there are situations that I would appreciate less saltiness. Do you think that it may have been just that batch? Would blanching it first remove some of that saltiness?? Thanks, Donna
  20. A friend of mine, who has little storage space, swears by an old pillow case (well washed, ofcourse) that she places the washed greens in, takes it outside, and swings over her head in a circular motion!
  21. eldereno

    Black Hummus Idea

    Found site to buy squid ink. here
  22. eldereno

    Dinner! 2008

    HEY....I made this once a year or so ago for my MIL and myself from a recipe on the Food Network Site. Wasn't that poblano hollandaise sauce great? Great flavor!
  23. I've made ratatouille twice this summer so far. The first time was for a party over the 4th of July weekend. I wanted to take a side dish that would not have to be served hot or cold but would be tasty at room temperature. It was not as beautiful as the confit byaldi but it sure did taste great. I did not follow one recipe, but sort of combined a couple that I had found on the net. I salted and let sit the large dice of eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash. After rinsing and drying, I sauteed all of the vegies separately (eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, red, yellow and orange peppers). If I remember correctly, I sweated small diced onions and garlic. I did simmer all the ingredients together, adding pureed tomatoes and fresh grape tomatoes, and basil........vinegar at the end. Though there was some jamminess to the base, the zucchini, squash and peppers remained fairly intact with still some bite. At the suggestion of one of Tyler Florence's recipes, I sauteed some garlic, crushed red peppers and toasted pine nuts and mixed that with some crumbled feta to sprinkle on top of each serving. The dish was well received. My brother, who normally does not like eggplant OR zuchini, loved it. The second time, I was using up some items in the fridge and just winged it. Still tasty. So what are experiences here with freezing their ratatouille? Would you make it without the basil and freeze or just freeze the finished dish? Am interested in someday doing the Thomas Keller version but will probably wait until I really need to impress someone!!!!!
  24. Wish I had taken pictures.......made some fried green tomatoes (just milk and tabasco as first dunk, then S &P AP flour, egg, then S&P flour again....like them better than with a corn meal as last dunk) and topped them with poached eggs, hollandaise, minced parsley and a small shake of cayenne pepper. Just toasted Toscano bread to dunk into all of the goodness!!!!! My MIL loves fried green tomatoes and I wanted to serve them differently than just as a side dish. A great breakfast!
  25. What about The French Laundry Cookbook or Bouchon Cookbook? edit: these are restaurant cookbooks, sorry.........forgot about the "resort"
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