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  1. Looks like the tuna, pasta, olive recipe is available for free right now on their web site.
  2. Those mushrooms look so great. I'm not sure what the fungal shiver is but I guess I should be glad I don't get that.
  3. Kim and Lucylou.......where would I find this luscious recipe? I checked RecipeGullet to no avail. Looks wonderful. I can almost smell the aroma from here!!!!!
  4. Regarding the chicken and sausage dish. I think adding more onions to the marinade would be a great idea as well. The final baked onions were very good as well and I wish I had had more of them to eat. I guess if one was worried about it making the chicken taste too oniony, one could just nestle in some more onion pieces on the baking sheet.
  5. Wow, that recipe looks great!!!!! It may well be in this weekend's menu plan!
  6. I only marinated the chicken. When the chicken was placed on the baking sheet, I just nestled in the sausages and halved potatoes. Baked everything at 425 degrees, only turning the sausages about half way through the bake.
  7. It is so refreshing to see a "normal house"! I am lucky to have more storage and counter space than you BUT I am far from being as organized as you, so have many piles of recipes I hope someday to file, piles of papers and mail that I have yet to sort, piles of clothes that I have yet to put away (my so called game room is now an extra large closet!!!!!). You are far from being "trashy" but, in fact, clearly making the best of all you have. Great place! My neighbor, slightly to the south, I am so impressed that, in the middle of your blogging, you still find time to comment on other threads (i.e. Dinner). You must be getting no sleep at this time!!!!!!!! I'm with you and enjoying every post!
  8. Sorry I didn't see this question until today It wasn't too greasy at all, in fact the lemon/chicken fat/olive oil, carmelization made for an enjoyable "pan sauce". Just lift everything out of the pan with a slotted spoon and drizzle with as much of the pan drippings as you like (or none if you prefer) ← I agree, Erika, the sauce was not at all oily. I originally thought the sausages would add lots of oilyness to the sauce but noooooo. Also, because you keep the chicken skin side up the entire bake and only turn the sausages to brown them, the skin is so crispy and wonderful.....really my favorite part. And, even though the wings are so small compared to the other pieces, they were cooked beautifully. They were the first thing I ate! I haven't had leftovers yet, but those in my family that have had them just nuked, found the meat still moist.
  9. eldereno

    Dinner! 2008

    I did use Coleman's dry mustard. Most of the sausages were Italian sweet sausages but did throw a couple of hot Italian sausages in. Regarding the potatoes, I only had three of them left in my kitchen (kind of large yukon gold new potatoes) so just cut them in half and nestled them in with the chicken and sausages. The recipe I copied from the Food Network did not include the potatoes but I thought I remembered someone commenting that she included them when she made the recipe on the episode. Anyway, I worried that 1 1/4 hours at 425 degrees would be too much but I was too lazy to do them separately. I did not eat the potatoes but I did not get any complaints from those who did . Really yummy chicken!!!! The sausages are going to be as good as the sausages you get (or make......if you are into charcuterie). I actually made 2 batches at once (just rotated the pans in the oven halfway through when I turned the sausages). What an easy thing to do for a crowd, to have leftovers, whenever lots of food is needed. Hope this helps. You gotta try it.
  10. I wish I kept all the information and stats on all the knives I've bought over the years. I cannot be as precise as many of you. They are a mix of Sabatier, some CS (which sharpen well), some Wustoff classic, several different Japanese knives. My favorite now is the Japanese Gyoto. I probably can go and find the info but.......too tired right now. Anyway....here are some pics. Heck, now I'm worried there may be some stickers still on them . Boy, I didn't think my walls were that dirty. Good thing it is Spring Cleaning Time!!! These are not all of my knives. I do have some in a knife block that I bought over 30 years ago at a "show" at my sorority. They have served me well. I keep them there but rarely use them. Can't even find the manufacturer on the internet. I should post a picture of them someday to see if anyone recognizes them. I also have a Forschner chef knife and a paring knife that I keep to take on vacations . Need sharp knives wherever I am!!!
  11. eldereno

    Dinner! 2008

    Inspired by the Recipes that Rock 2008 thread, I made Nigella's Sage Roasted Chicken and Sausages. Yep...it rocked! edited due to spelling
  12. OMG......made Nigella's Sage Roasted Chicken and Sausages tonight for dinner. Fabulous. Hope you don't mind pictures.............................. After marinating the chicken for 2 days, before baked After baking plated So very good. Crispy skin, tender, moist, and flavorful meat. Thank you, everyone, for the recommendation. Donna
  13. eldereno

    Chicken Wings

    I haven't made them in awhile, but I always have enjoyed the wing recipe that used to be on the Hidden Valley ranch dressing packet. If I remember correctly, you mix a bunch of packets in a lot Frank's hot sauce and a little vinegar. I always cut the wings into the one and two boned pieces (so that I could save and eat all of the two boned ones ) and marinated them separately in the marinade mixture. I admit I usually added some REALLY spicy sauce (like a habanaro sauce) to the two boned marinade because I also like them HOT. You then broil them, turning them from time to time, until they are blackened and done. You could make them ahead, microwave them and they were still very tasty. I've seen recipes that call for marinating the wings in hot sauce, vinegar, melted butter (?) then sprinkling them with the ranch dressing in the packet before baking or broiling......but I never did them that way. I am SOOOOO in the mood for chicken wings. Just have to decide how to prepare. Loads of great ideas so far. Which to try??????????
  14. Muffinzz, Bella SF, and CaliPoutine Thank you all for the recipe. Made it tonight with grilled steaks. Wonderful recipe. A keeper! In the meantime, I have the chicken pieces marinating for the sage roasted chicken and sausages dish to make for dinner tomorrow. Will probably have lots of leftovers to carry me through the week (atleast I hope I will). Now which of all the wonderful suggestions made so far should I next plan on making?
  15. So many awesome looking recipes! Wish I had more time and energy to try them all this weekend! Sure wish I could get the recipe for those Mushrooms and balsamic vinegar. Would love to try them with some steaks I plan to grill. Anyone willing to PM me their rendition?
  16. eldereno

    Chicken Wings

    I am originally from Western PA. From my early childhood I have always recalled having my father bring home crispy fried chicken wings that were VERY garlicy, staples at many local bars. Learned much later that they were simply wings deep fried until crispy then sprinkled with Lawry Seasoned Salt. Still love to do them this way from time to time. Often make a "buffalo sauce" to toss some in or use as a dipping sauce. Always have this blue cheese dip on hand as well as the crudites. Always enjoyed!!!!!!
  17. Made a new recipe, from Ina Garten, Eggplant Gratin. What I liked about the recipe was that it looked like it could be assembled one day and baked the next, which is what I did. I roasted the eggplant instead of frying, that worked well, though next time I will undercook it slightly. Once cooked entirely the first time, made the eggplant a little mushy in the final product......but wow!!! what flavor for something easy and made ahead. My entire family loved it. Keep in mind that, though I love to cook, my work hours and fatigue at the end of the day keep me from cooking during the week. A lot of mediocre take-out is often our meals during the work week. Could be why they loved it?!?!?! But for anyone else with similar need, this might be a great addition to the recipe box! I have ingredients to begin marinating the chicken for Nigella's chicken and sausage bake, recommended from some here. Looking forward to that! Planning to use mostly sweet Italian sausages and just a few hot ones. BTW, can recommend the Tomato and Gorgonzola Sauce with Pasta Shells also suggested on this thread. Made it last night for dinner with a salad. Enjoyed! Love this thread!!!! Keep the discussion going!!!!
  18. I love this thread and expect it to be around for a very long time!!! A wonderful recipe that I made for Easter...a side dish for a leg of lamb was Savory Spinach and Artichoke Bread Pudding, an Emeril recipe. It made a ton so I had loads of leftovers to take to work. Everyone who tried it loved it. Also made Sauteed Asparagus and Sugar Snap Peas, an Ina recipe. This I have made before. A very easy and tasty combo. BTW, the roasted leg of lamb turned out good, too. I find and frequently love many of the recipes I try from the Food Network website, though I also find and frequently love recipes from other sources. Looks like there may be some new cookbooks in my future, though!!!!! Can't wait to try some of the recommendations you all have given. Edited because my first link did not work.
  19. A year ago, when I first spotted this thread, I started 2 batches of vanilla extract. One with vodka, one with brandy. For the first 4 to 5 months I shook it religiously atleast once a week, BUT for the last many months I have hardly thought of it. So.....should I now strain the cut beans out of the very aromatic fluids or just leave it as it is? I do think I need to use some of this stuff!!!!! Will take some time this weekend to read the entire thread to get ideas.
  20. Octaveman, You've had that knife for years and the sticker is still on it?????????
  21. eldereno

    Confit Duck

    I just love it when this thread gets bumped up! It is the thread that brought me to eGullet in the first place and made me join. I think the reason that the worry about spoilage and disease is lessened is because of the salt cure, the thorough cooking and that fact that there is no "air" contact with the duck (completely covered by the duck fat vs. vacuum packed). The reason, I understand, for the confit process originally was to preserve the meat. This was prior to refridgeration and freezing. People would keep the confit completely covered in duck fat in a cool place for MONTHS! I have some in the fridge, covered in duck fat, that I made about 6 months ago. Now am anxious to do something with it! Enjoy. Donna
  22. I must surely remember to take all the stickers off of my knife handles before taking a photo of them (many of which I have bought based on the recommendations here....Octaveman?????). I do have them on my magnetic holder in a position to show all the japanese letters!!!! edited due to hitting the submit button too soon
  23. I've had a round solid block bought from a chinese cookware site, not nearly as smooth and beautiful as yours. It did spit pretty badly. I keep it at my outside grilling location now. Your board looks beautiful. I hope you can do what you need to to keep it that way. Seems like way too much work for me!
  24. Maybe they were just pruchased. He is proud of them!!!! Do you always take the stickers off first thing?
  25. I wish I knew!!!! Some of the best reviewed places that specialized in these were on the French side, though I only ate them on the Dutch side. They were not significantly spicey (though I usually like that). Mostly I noted that they were just so crispy on the outside, almost like they had been deep fried. The insides were very tender and luscious, like slow cooked pork fat. The BBQ baby back ribs seem to be a specialty on the island that I was sure that I could find some kind of reference to recipes with an online search....but didn't. Maybe they do a "low and slow" kind of thing on the ribs and then actually deep fry them briefly????? So...when to add the sauce???????
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