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  1. My 16 YO daughter now hates him. She turned into a vegetarian a few months ago. His line about weeding out bed-wetters, masterbators, and vegetarians sent her over the edge. I thought it was damn funny. Tony definitely isn't sitting on his laurels. Great episode.
  2. Mine are about as far along as yours. Lots and lots of green tomatoes. Brandywine, Beefsteak, Roma, and Rutgers. Plus a couple volunteers from last year. No idea what those will be. All green.
  3. I have to add: I sprained my knee badly last week playing basketball. While it hurts like hell, its not even in the same league as gout pain.
  4. Really? Apart from the absence of a flamboyant maitre d' I can't tell much difference between the two. ← Are you admitting to eating at a..... chain? The horror.
  5. This reminds me of my first attack. I was at work on a conference call in the VP's office with the Pres and Sales Manager (small company, I wasn't that important). We were going over the spec of our software. It had been sore for a day or two and I was limping around. But it started to hit hard during the meeting. They got me to take my shoe and sock off, and we watched it swell and turn purple during the call. I went to my doc after the meeting. He suspected a clot. He hooked two giant (almost as big as meat injectors) needles up to blood pressure gauges. He said, "You're not going to like this, but I'm going to take blood pressure readings from different areas of your legs. If they're not equal, you have a clot." Well after 3 or 4 really painful sticks, he told me not to move. If I did I could die. He called an ambulance to take me to the ER. The doc there wasn't nearly as freaked out as I was. She hooked up a series of blood pressure cuffs from my groin to my toes, both legs completely mummified by these things. Then she pressurized them all the way down. Weird feeling. She said, "Its gout, that guy's a moron." Take these. Whew.
  6. Sorry to hear that, hopefully you avoided the Arthur Bryant's at the Airport, not the same thing as the original at all.
  7. I feel your pain. Literally. Only I get it in my ankles and once had it in my knee. They swell up, turn purple, and I'm not walking for a while. I get it about once a year. Lasts anywhere from 2 -6 weeks, with the first week being the most painful. I'm alergic to alopurinal (sp) so I can't take that. I've been watching my diet and the last few rounds have been very short, just about a week. But I hear ya and can definitely empathise. Doc says I'm just prone to it.
  8. Not sure if I've posted about this or not. We had a grill at an office I used to work at. The company was moving, and I was told to take that nasty crusty grill down to the car wash and clean it up. OK I threw it in the back of my truck and headed on down the road. I dissasmbled it, loaded the machine with quarters and let fire. It all came right back at me. I was covered in sludge. Nice. Boss wouldn't let me go home to change either.
  9. Not to get too off topic, but mine have set fruit and are going freakin nuts right now. They love the squirelly weather. Chiles too. Edited to fix chilehead's quotes
  10. I like how she got them to taste alligator tail at Bass Pro Shop. There's a restaurant that needed reviewing.
  11. Anyone up for some more Lauren bashing? This time for her article on locally produced sausage. She lists some great places here but forgets the best place in the city for the things, Krizman's (sp) House of Sausage in the 'Dotte. http://www.kansascity.com/living/food/story/657214.html
  12. I've been watching it for a while now and really enjoy it. My 16 year old daughter on the other had hates it, big time. Here's her rant: "Oohhh look at me, I'm Dan-YELL. I'm really cool and you're not. Look at all of my really cool friends that eat with me, and you can't. Cuz you're not cool. Like me, Dan-YELL". Kids
  13. The one that gets me is the "yogurt to keep you regular" commercial. Isn't that what Budweiser is for?
  14. What? No one explained to the kids what puttanesca means?
  15. I had the same rule in my kitchen
  16. Nikki? Is she the tiny woman with the giant sunglasses? She's way out of her league. But she should not have been the one to go. Aussie dude should have went for sucking the tasting spoon and then using it to stir and serve. Didn't someone get booted for doing that exact same thing a couple seasons ago? Should be an automatic disqualifier.
  17. I took my kids to Larryville last Sunday. We had some time and they wanted to go someplace "cool". We walked around Mass St for a while and ended up at Zen Zero. It was excellent. I had: Sauteed eggplant and veggies with spicy broth and rice. Lots of veggies cooked nicely in a flavorful broth. I appreciated the jar of chile/garlic paste at the table. Brianne had: Green apple and fruit salad in spicy dressing. Fruits included mango, pineapple, grapes, it also had some pecans I believe. She loved it Meghan had: Seamed chicken and a side of noodles. She's 8 and very picky. Its hard to get her away from chicken fingers and fries. I didn't think she'd like much there. She absolutely loved it. She discovered soy sauce and chopsicks on the same day. Maybe there's hope for her. Another walk around downtown and we ended up at Sylas and Maddy's for ice cream. A big hit with the kids. RCJHKU!
  18. Someone needed to say, "This is top chef, not top film critic"
  19. Interesting that both Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef had unique applications of white chocolate. Neither sounded good, appearantly this one was.
  20. Not that I can take any of this seriously, but I told my daughter during the break that Bobby should go. I also told her that there's no way because there's too much potentional for drama/stupidity there.
  21. I wonder what kind of moron test you have to pass to be a contestant. Last year's first few shows gave me nightmares about working with them. This year's are beyond any hope whatsoever. And just exactly what was Mr Toepicker smoking? Anyone see him wash his hands?
  22. I got a book called "Day Trips from Kansas City" for Christmas. In that book it calls Pittsburgh, KS the fried chicken capitol of the Midwest. I've not been there but the book highly recommends Barto's Idle Hour,201 S Santa Fe in Fronternac Chicken Annie's, 1143 E 600th Ave Chicken Mary's, 1133 E 600th Ave Gebhardt Chicken Dinners, 124 North 260th St Pinchler's Chicken Annie's, 1271 S 220th St Gotta be closer to you than KC, I may have to take a road trip to the South just to check out the chicken
  23. Thanks, Zeemanb, for the report. Any other details?! I'm particularly interested in the ginger carrot sorbet. ← The sorbet is much lighter/mellower than one would expect seeing "ginger" as an ingredient, but in a way that really compliments the spice in the cake. And the nougatine is reminiscent, in its own unique way, of "mom's" homemade carrot cake cream cheese frosting. A total winner, but I'm just a sucker for carrot cake of any kind. ← The peas man, did you have the peas. Report on the damn peas. Did I mention I like fresh peas?
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