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  1. I always thought he was too nice to them when they do that.
  2. The Cooking Channel had a show on this morning featuring a young Rocco and a very young Cat Cora. I think it was Melting Pot. I was working so I didn't catch all of it, but I kept looking at thinking, "Who IS that?"
  3. I'll be watching, at least for an episode or two. This has the potential to be worse than Emeril's sitcom.
  4. I do a marinade of: Soy sauce Grated ginger A couple of cloves of garlic A couple of fat tablespoons of Chinese red chile paste Lime juice Sesame oil And some ketchup to thicken a little and add sweetness. Let sit in the fridge for a couple hours before grilling.
  5. Ripened jalapeños, over pecan, until dry.
  6. Zeeman did a side by side comparison of Berkshire vs on sale $1.99 pork butts at the eG Gathering in KC a couple of years ago. There really was no comparison, the Berkshire pork was much darker and richer looking and the flavor was much better. The on sale stuff was almost white. Another benefit was the Berkshire cooked in about half of the time.
  7. Its been a couple years since I bought any casing, but I seem to recall paying about $3.00 for about 20 ft of the stuff.
  8. Owensboro, KY is the center of mutton barbecue. I've been to the Moonlite BBQ there: it's very good. I've recently moved to Lexington KY. The barbecued mutton at Billy's is very good. Sandwich has pickle and red onion on it. If it's better in Owensboro, it's worth the 3 hour drive each way. I've barbecued lamb shanks before. Usually for Easter. Marinate in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, rosemary, white wine, S&P. Smoke over olive branches for a few hours.
  9. Before my toaster oven went elements up, I used to cook brown rice in there. 1 cup brown rice 2 cups water Diced onion and celery Pinch or two of salt Wrap in foil, bake at 350 for about 30 minutes Perfect every time.
  10. You bet me to it, I was going to mention this episode. I'm pretty sure it was pre-Food Network. Great fun to see Julia sucking crawfish heads with Emeril.
  11. I did work with one chef who picked a fight with one of the waiters. That chef was nuts, and didn't last long after that incedent. He was also stupid as the waiter was from the hood in East St Louis and had done very well in the Golden Gloves there. One time a lady sent back her sole saying it was undercooked. She added a comment something like, "tell that kid back there to put this back in the microwave." This was in the early 80's in KC and fish was usually served extra super well done. Today it would have been considered nicely cooked. Anyway, nutso chef gets offended and puts the plate under the broiler for a few minutes. He tells the waiter to use a towel to handle the plate but tells the waiter to "Hand her the plate or I'll fire you." Dude was nuts. But no one went after anyone with a cleaver. That's a whole 'nuther level.
  12. For me? It was chicken. And I cooked it. As a kid I got the flu or something right after I ate some fried chicken. Really bad flu. For me, it was the chicken that made me sick and I refused to eat any from then on. The classic, I'm alergic to chicken. I'd always loved food and cooking and went to work as a cook. But no chicken, I'd cooked plenty of it but never eaten it. Then, while working as a KM in a Mexican restaurant, they decided to close for July 4 and have a barbecue. The GM and I went to the butcher and got a couple of briskets, a ham, and ton of ribs. He insisted on chicken. "OK, I'll cook it but I ain't eatin it". People were lined up getting barbecue, the chicken had been off to the side in a cooler part of the smoker. I pulled it out and carved it up and tried to serve it. No one wanted any, they wanted brisket and ribs. The chicken sat there staring at me. I cut off a little piece of the thigh and ate it. Man, was it good. The best thing I'd eaten in a long time. I started eating the rest of the thigh and one of our waitresses yelled out, "The cook's eating the chicken". And poof, it was gone. Barbecue chicken is still one of my favorite things ever.
  13. One restaurant I used to work at used pre-peeled garlic. It was OK. I think the flavor was a little stronger than the off the clove stuff. I don't mind peeling it either. A good friend of mine tried the pre-chopped variety. His response, "Like kissing your sister".
  14. I thought it was just me who smelled that. My wife thinks I'm crazy for not wanting to eat Subway becuase of the smell of their stores. I will eat a Mr Goodcent's veggie sub on Friday's during Lent, there isn't much cheese though, but the veggies seem fresh and there's no smell in the store. I tried Quizno's once. I ordered somekind of Italian sub. They put the meat and cheese on the break and then hit each side with the triple nozzled goop squirter. Lots of goop on both sides, really sweet goop. I didn't care for it and have not gone back.
  15. Good to know. Thanks. I handle a French knife pretty well but I'm not really good with power tools so maybe sheet pans are the best way to go.
  16. We sold our house in Kansas City and moved to Lexington Ky last summer for a new job. The house we rent is very nice, probably 5 years old or so. The kitchen may actually be too big. Its got the classic triangle workspace. Stove at the end, sinks to the right and fridge on the left. I'm guessing there's about 10 ft from fridge to sink. This makes for lots of cabenet and counter space, but also lots of steps for everything. There is also a pantry at the other end of the kitchen and that's 15 ft or so from the stove end. Sounds weird whining about too much kitchen space, but it is too big. One other complaint is the wire shelves in the pantry. I hate these things as nothing will stand up. I'm tempted to cut some plywood and set on top of the wire to make a real shelf.
  17. The last time we did a competition, the team next to us used a hot smoke technique. They cooked everything at about 400 to 425. Some teams have started to go with this in the last few years. We were mostly talking about brisket, but they said same goes for pork shoulder and ribs. They said, "its a big steak, cook the thing like a steak". They beat us that week, and won Grand Champion the week before. I'm not converted, but it works well for them. And their barbecue sure tasted good to me. BTW, if ribs "fall off the bone" they're overcooked.
  18. Liver. Beef, pork, or chicken. I just can't. I keep trying hoping I'll develop a taste for it but no go. Foie Gras is another story, I love that stuff on the rare occasions I eat it.
  19. I have always thought Scorned Woman was a great name for hot sauces. For flavor I like HDH (Harold's Dangerously Hot) from CaJohn.
  20. I'm coming up on 50 fast, and I like it. I've seen 3 or 4 episodes and laughed all the way through the break up episode. She can cook with real ingredients, so I don't get the Sandra Lee comparisons. She isn't Julia. So what's wrong with having a little fun?
  21. A few friends and I were cooking in a barbecue competition in Kansas City a few years ago. One of them brought along their turkey fryer for fried pickles. Things got a little out of control and everything from twinkies to battered barbecued ribs went into the thing. I don't think I would ever do fried ribs again but the one hit was battered and fried ABT's (Hollowed out jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, and a little smokie, then wrapped in bacon and smoked for about an hour and a half). These were truly addictive.
  22. NPR ran a segmet last week about this. They stated that the phosphates had been removed from Cascade and other detergents due to some states passing laws prohibiting their use. The reason was that phosphates promote algae growth in ponds and lakes. Rather than manufacure two different types, the phosphates were removed form all. This has resulted in cloudy, spotty dishes. They also referenced, but did not provide, a formula for adding TSP to your detergent.
  23. I saw an episode of Yan Can Cook where he broke down a whole chicken and fileted the breasts in 12 seconds. Really impressive.
  24. I just made a big pot of turkey and noodles. Stock from the carcass with onion, celery, and carrots. The turkey was smoked, and my wife hated the T&N, my daughter loved it. So batting .500 with it. Usually its turkey and andouille gumbo, but I thought I'd try something different this year.
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