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  1. Reading that review made me long for the Kosmo Deli - my favorite "Korean Restaurant" in A2. ← LOL!! Well, we won't tell Lauren, she won't know the difference. Seriously, though, Chapin's descriptions of the food were textbook... just not much passion either way about it. ← I just today drove past Royal Korean on Shawnee Mission Parkway just West of Metcalf. There was a Japanese restaurant and a Chinese grocery store in the same strip mall so I plan on heading back soon to check it all out. So there must be two in town. I ate at Choga once, my one and only time for Korean. I was by myself and the service was not very good. I got their version of a bento box with some stir fried beef in one hole, rice and veggies in others. I asked if they could make it extra spicy for me and was told "it's already spicy". Well it wasn't. I asked someone familiar with the cuisine if it is hot. they indicated not all of it. My response was "some if it is. isn't it?" Hey UE likes ice cream and stinky cheese, I like hot. Back to Choga, I got the feeling that the meat was pre-cooked and warmed when ordered. Nothing I had was really very good. I see raves about Korean all the time and would like to try some good, and hot, Korean. Maybe a trip to Royal Korean is in my near future.
  2. Indeed they do. I might even make a run today. I stumbled upon a recipe for sweet & sour octopus that looks too good and they're the only ones I know who routinely stock fresh tentacles. ← Can you re-doux that recipe for me?
  3. I was told by a reliable source on chowhoud it had moved. I could be wrong. And yes, House of Sausage rules.
  4. Bichelmeyer's at KS and Miami for meat. Also McGonigles on Ward PKWY. Fish? Where did the giant Chinese market in the city market move to?
  5. What is "sharp American cheese" and, if it's at all what it sounds like, how do you shred it? ← Freeze some kraft singles and cut at right angles. Try not to cut yourself on the "cheese".
  6. At a restaurant I worked at a couple decades ago, we served lamb chops with japaleno jelly. And I had a whole bunch of jalapenos from the garden, Biker Billy's, really big and super hot. I decide to remember the recipe and and make some. Well, it looks good and tastes good but its kinda syrup-y. Hopefully someone can help rescue this jelly. Here's what I've done. 4 cups apple juice 4 cups sugar Diced green and red jalapeno Diced ancho Diced pasilla Juice of 1 lemon 5 or 6 fresh mint leaves 1 and then 2 packets of pectin (this was old, within a week of exp date) Brougt all to a boil, added pectin. When it didn't set, heated all again and added the second pouch. Are there any jelly makers out there that, unlike me, actually know what their doing who can rescue my jelly? Thanks, Mike
  7. Yep, you're instincts are correct (clickety). It looks kinda like Stix, the Japanese/Sushi chain at The Legends in its upscaliness (if you can use upscale, I can use upscaliness ) and they have a Mission Statement - I hope never to eat in a restaurant with a written mission statement, preferring the more traditional menu. I wonder if their servers have to go to 7 Habits training? ← Wow, truly scary stuff. Run away....
  8. There's a new place that is opening close to us at 119th and Blackbob called Gimme Sum. I'm assuming this is a chain. Looking through the front door, its very nice inside, i might even call it upscale, if I ever used words like that. Anyway, anyone ever heard of it? Any info? Is this a cheesy dim sum chain owned by Cheesecake Factory?
  9. Well, its been a couple days since the 'Cue, thought I would post thoughts and pictures. I really had a great time and I hope everyone else did too. It was great fun seeing Judy again and meeting Joiei. Joiei you had a heck of a weekend, not sure how you pulled that off. And I gotta say that my cousin and Judy hit things off rather well, I have't seen either of 'em since But what happens in the 'Cue stays in the 'Cue... Friday Night Eats: ABT's, Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Beans, Wings and lots of adult beverages. Everything must have been good or folks were really hungry, cuz there was not a lot left. Saturday Turn in: Chicken - I thought this was our best item of the day. Ribs - Another winner (at least by our standards) Pork - Ahhh Pig Candy. Sweet and smokey Brisket - I thought this was our weakest of the day. The flat was overcooked and a little dry. This is from the fattier point. Thanks again to all who showed up, we really had a great time and except for a cold, rainy start to Saturday, some fine weather.
  10. It's on Johnson Drive, about 3 or 4 miles west of I-35
  11. Keep in mind that the People's Choice is a separate competiton and only includes brisket and pork. Still as Jerry points out, it's a good deal to try some competion Q.
  12. Yeah, last week I came down with serious case of the gout. Right before BBQ time. Nice. So I can cook it but I can't eat it. No Q, No Beer ARRRG. And my interpretive dance will be falling on the ground writhing in pain. Should be easy to do while listening to that. So come on out and have some fun! Back to enjoying a nice healthy spinach salad.
  13. Thanks for the kind words. She hasn't eaten since. Lots of frozen stuff, but that was only the second stop on the tour.
  14. El Taconazo- 624 Kansas Avenue Like Jerry said, we had set up to meet at Roberto's, but it was no longer there. The obvious place was the purple and yellow building across the street from Art's Mexican Products. We got out of the car and I told Brianne that it was going to be good, the smell of spent beer filled the air. When we walked in I felt a little like the guys who walked into the black bar in "Animal House". It got quiet and everyone was looking at us, but the super frendly waitress smiled and showed us to our seats while all around us the locals watched us over their tables of empty budweisers. Chips were thick and crunchy, only one salsa was offered. A thick green salsa with lots of great green chile flavor and plenty of heat. Great salsa. I had tacos with carne asada, Brianne had al pasor. The small thick corn tortillas were steamy hot and delicious. Oh man. Paleteria Chihuahua- 1103 Kansas Avenue While waiting for our food I said something like, I don't think this will be as good. Well, I was wrong. I got carnitas tacos. Tortillas were the same as El Taconazo, which is to say effing great. Carnitas were shredded and fried crisp. Man they were good. The shredded cabbage was a little different, but I did like the crunchy veggies. Hot sauce was red and thin and while not quite as hot as El Tac it still had noticable heat. I'm not much for sweets at all but the chocolate filled churro ruled. Hot, crunchy cinnamon-y on the out side, soft and steamy on the inside and then all the chocolate oozing out. Casa de Hernandez- 1817 Park Dr. Not faulting Jerry for going here but, eh. This would go over well in JoCo. Our waitress was nice and took very good care of us but the food just wasn't there. Thin crispy chips, host salsa that wasn't. I had pork tamale and chicken flautas. The tamale sauce (served on the side) had a spagettios flavor going on, like it was canned tomato sauce or something that I didn't want to know about. The masa was decent, the pork was way overcooked and dry. Chicken flautas were ok, crisp corn tortillas filled with dry white chicken. Brianne said her fideo tasted like spagetti-o's too. Jerrys Mexican Pork Chile looked tasty. Laura’s Restaurant- 1304 Central Avenue Brianne had the shredded beef taco and proclaimed it best of the trip. I didn't get a taste but I'll have to believe her. I had a lengue (tongue) and an al pastor taco. Lengue was soft and had a beefy flavor with just a hint of ogan undertones. Kudos to Brianne for giving it a shot, although she didn't care for it. Al pastor was as good as anything we'd previous had. I don't know if I was on food burn out or what, but I did not care for the salsa. It had little heat and tasted somehow off. Not bad, just not right. The bakery was great. You walk in, grab a pizza tin and a pair of tongs and go for it. One of the restaurants I used to work at had their own bakery. This was like stepping back in time. Brianne kept complaining about the heat and steam. I was in heaven. We got a couple of giant cookies and a muffin along with a package of corn tortillas that had just come off the press. Oh man those were good. They had bins full of the bread used for tortas, it may be worth heading down there just for that. We got in the car and headed back to JoCo, full and happy.
  15. I didn't mean to imply we got poor service. Our server took very good care of us. She brought everything we needed and she was very friendly. It just seemed odd to watch food looking for a home. And no head cold, and hopefully I can taste. Maybe it was dulce.
  16. Well, its a Friday before a holiday, my bosses are out, and the weather is perfect. So, Zeemanb and I decided to get out for luch. Choices were Spin or Don Chilito's. We ended up saving our insides and went to Spin. Ordering is different but even we managed to get through it. We got there early and there weren't many people there yet. Zeeman got the prosciutto e spinaci and I ordered a salsiccia di pollo & gorgonzola. We sat down, got drinks, and were offered the food of several other tables while we waited for our. We watched while runners wandered the dining room with food looking for their lost owners. I'm guessing that's really entertaining when its busy. But we were there for pizza. Crust was thin and and crisp and the edges were brushed with olive oil. Not too much red sauce on mine. Sausage was sparse but flavorful. I didn't taste any gorgonzola. The pine nuts and carmelized onions were a flavorful touch. I had a piece of Zeeman's pizza, I've never had spinach I didn't like and this was pretty good. Same crisp crust with small burn marks to add flavor. I think he got more meat on his pizza than I did. But I liked mine better. Carmelized onions rule. We were treated to 3 small samples of the gelatto, cappucino, cookies and cream, and roasted pistachio. All were good i like the cappucino the best. Not too sweet with lots of coffee flavor. Zeeman got some pistachio to go so I'm thinking he liked that one best.
  17. Never give me crap about Joe's Crab Shack again, ever. Not that I've been there more than once. I did go to our local PS, again once. My youngest liked their Chocolate Pudding Pizza. I didn't try that, and would hate to even try to describe it. Bluestem it ain't. As many here know, my wife is a fan of the chains. She grew up in small town Kansas where Dairy Queen was about the only restaurant choice. Applebee's would have been considered fine dining worthy of a major anniversary. We've discussed the chain thing ad nauseam. She just does not want to take a chance on a bad meal. She wants safety, a fried chicken salad with honey mustard dressing (on the side to make sure its good). I try and push the envelope here at home and then get her to try new things. We dated almost a year before I could get her to venture into a Chinese Restaurant. But she really enjoyed Tatsu's, so there's hope. She's just wired differetly and when she spends money on food it has to be safe.
  18. Hey, it's one thing asking me to use the back door. . . and maybe even Mike, but I don't think his wife is going to tolerate that kind of treatment. It'll be another year before he gets her north of 119th again. ← 3:47 am and still snarky. Yes, I am working on getting her out of JoCo more often. Tatsu's experience really helped. Applebees just doesn't make sauce that good. And we'll definately stick our head in the back door at Bluestem next time down.
  19. I got my wife out of JoCo on Friday and we headed down to Westport for lunch. Ended up at Tatsu's. They offer entrée and dessert with soft drink for 11.95. Not bad at all. Katrina had chicken with herbs served with rice, carrots and broccoli. Chicken was perfectly done, tender and juicy. The sauce was tart with lemon and wine, with a healthy amount of thyme in it. Absolutely delicious. For $1 more I had shrimp in pastry. Also served with carrots and broccoli. A generous portion of large shrimp in a course ground dijon mustard sauce. Another great dish, the man knows how to make a great sauce. For dessert she had chocolate mousse with fresh berries, I didn't get any of that but there wasn't any left so i assume she liked it. I had the tiramisu. It was light and fluffy and not too sweet. No lady fingers. We were there about 1:30 or so, and there were only 2 or 3 other tables occupied. Our server was friendly and professional, we never wanted for anything. Katrina really enjoyed it and I'm sure we'll be back. We stopped by Bluestem on the way out of Westport but it appeared closed. Probably doing something totally unimportant like prepping for Friday night.
  20. I have an alarm clock, and it works. I also have 2 daughters that sleep through anything. Mustard habanero!?!?!? Never heard of that one, chocolate yes, lemon yes, but not Mustard. May have to get down there for that one. While I'm posting, the corn was great, grilled and basted with a mixture of butter, lime juice, chipotle powder, and smoked ancho powder.
  21. Wow summer produce in full swing and this thread is on page 3?!?!?! Took my youngest daughter (6) to a couple of farmers' markets this morning. Parkville and the River Market downtown. Arrived at Parkville about 10, appeared to be too late, no corn, no peaches. I did pick up a giant canalope though and it smells great. Lots of tomatoes here. Some crazy lookin heirloom mater's. Lots of interesting looking chiles too. My garden is full of both so I didn't need to get any more. On to the River Market. First thing I notice is the old jalapenos and drying out corn in front of the Vietnamese restaurant. Fortunately, this was the only sub-par produce we saw all day here. Even more heirloom tomatoes. I asked one of the ladies selling these crazy ribbed tomatoes what kind they were. She said she didn't know, she just planted the seeds and that's what came up. She shrugged her shoulders as she showed me some other oddly shapped maters. We parted ways and Meghan and I headed off to the corn, $.25/ear not bad. Peaches are insane good and perfectly ripe. Lots of eggplant varieties including white ones that really do look like eggs, some very small purple, and more. Again, lots of chiles. This time the small super hot Thai chiles were amoung the offerings. And ripe jalapenos. No cayenne, whats up. My cayenne came up as something else, oh well hope they're hot. Enough rambling, the veggies and fruit are out there.
  22. Brisket and Pork Butt... Went on @ 4:30 am this morning. During a hell of a thunderstorm here in KC. I can't think of a better way to spend a real early morning than firing up the smoker and dodgin lightning bolts. All clear now, just hot and humid. Lookin to pull about 5 this afternoon. Happy 4th everyone!
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