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  1. I used to love Chubby's. The last time I was there it was less than great. Well, less than good actually.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on this place. Definately on my goto list. In browsing the breakfast menu I noticed Biscuits and Italian Sausage Gravy. The Italian Sausage part of this strikes me as odd. (Fennel with my starch and pig fat?)Anyone try this? How is it?
  3. I took my oldest daughter to In-a-Tub a few months back. Dang near needed to pack a lunch to get there from South Olathe. She wouldn't touch any of the food. Said the place was "creepy". She didn't like the orange cheese powder much either. I tried to explain that the OCP combines with the greese to form cheese. Alchemy. She still wouldn't go for it. Kids I can't wait to get back.
  4. Zona Rosa does this mean "All things to all people"?. I hear they're going to replicate the Bamboo Hut up there next.
  5. 10 of 11. Missed the fried chicken. Just assumed all Americans are slobs like myself.
  6. Heard an unconfirmed rumor today that they will open Monday 6/5.
  7. That's easy, the secret ingredient is bacon fat. Beans are straight forward bacon onion brown sugar rub molasas ancho chile powder (home grown and smoke dried) your favorite bbq sauce and stuff on the smoker for a while Potatoes with Andouille bacon onion bell pepper celery garlic tomato andouille chicken stock rub thyme Make the trinity. Make the roux. Add the spuds. Tracy and all at the GAB did a great job of putting on the huge event. Vonlunteers could not have been nicer, and all of our needs were anticipated and provided for in a timely and cheerful manner.
  8. Just got back, what a great time. I'll report later. All I can say is, "Please sir, may I have a vegetable?"
  9. I don't think so. They featured the Royal a few times and one in Louisiana that was called The US Championship or something close to that. There was only one year for that competition. They also feature Memphis in May frequently.
  10. Judy, if it will make you feel any better I'll let you join in the next time I trick Mike into thinking his finger bowl is an amuse bouche. ←
  11. Dude, what table were you at? I am SO jealous ← Twelve glasses of wine helped
  12. Well after thinking about this all day... * Oyster (charged w/carbon dioxide), avocado, soy, lotus root, cucumber Most unique dish of the evening. The charged oyster was like a savory, salty, soda pop. Perfectly accompanied by avacado and lotus root, with the soy rounding everything out. Truly a winner. * Burgundy Escargot It may be standard but butter shooters out of snail shells rules. * Foie gras torchon, peanut butter, strawberries w/chopped mint and rhubarb gelee Oh man. A car bumber should have it so good. * Hamachi, laurel, green tea emulsion, chorizo Ok so Jerry gave me crap about saying this tasted just like the ocean. I don't care. It did. Super fresh, a hard sear on the skin side, and the chorizo made this. Very, very good. * Wagyu flatiron, morroccan olive, almond crusted asparagus There's hippies in Lawrence?!?! Who knew. At this point I didn't care. "Jerry, you gonna finish that?" I recall really liking this wine. * Elysian Fields lamb, fava bean puree, veal jus, morel My favorite of the evening. Nice and rare. Colby, thanks for leaving a little fat on this. It really make the dish. And there is nothing better than a butter and garlic soaked morel. I'm not a huge dessert fan but the ice cream sandwich was a great way to end this. Mint ice cream in the Spring mmm. Great food, friendly service, and entertaining dining companions, I can't think of a better way to spend an evening.
  13. Thanks. I'm getting down there tomorrow if I can get the kids out of bed.
  14. This isn't where the Arabia used to be is it. Dang I gotta get down there. Last year at this time there were lots of fresh peas and morells. Thanks for the heads up.
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