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  1. My youngest daughter attended a birthday party at Incredibowl this afternoon, so Brianne and I hit One Bite for lunch after dropping her off. We both had teriyaki, her chicken, me pork. Served with two pot stickers, salad, veggies, and we upgraded from rice to udon noodles. Pretty good stuff, a little expensive for lunch, but everything was tasty.
  2. Taste is subjective, its what tastes good to you. That's why 6 different judges taste every entry. For ribs, we were taught that falling off the bone is overcooked. That the meat should tug cleanly off the bone.
  3. Nice pictures. There are generally four catagories for KCBS events: Chicken, ribs(pork spares or baby backs), pork butt, and brisket. Sometimes they have sausage. I've never seen steak, as it isn't really barbecue. Looks good though. Each judge is given a placemat and scorecard for each catagory. The placemat has 6 separate squares on it. Each team provides a box of at least 6 separate servings of each meat. There are 6 judges to a table, plus one table captain. Chicken is first meat to be judged. The table captain opens each box and shows the judges. The judges then write the score on the scorecard. Once all boxes have been scored for appearnce, they are passed around, and a piece is placed on the teams corresponding square on the placemat. Judges taste each piece and score for tenderness/texture and taste. All the scorecards are gathered and the results are tabulated. There is a weighting system. I don't have the formulas with me, but taste is approximately double weighted.
  4. Depends on the sanctioning body. I'm a certifed judge for KCBS and have judged several of their competitions. There are three criteria Appearance (does it look like something you would want to eat, should not be confused with presentation) Texture/tenderness Taste The judge give each a score between 2 and 9, 9 being the highest. 1 is reserved for disqualifed. 6 is average.
  5. As in Elmer? Sorry, couldn't help myself. No, I don't know anything about it.
  6. Good call, Mike. I love barbecue, but questions remain... does it have sauce??? And what, exactly, is barbecue sauce? Pork or beef? What kind of wood? Is there "one true barbecue" to rule them all? One thing is for sure though---you are right about that, Mike---barbecue means smoke. I could definitely be a barbecue purist. Yum. ← I'm in KC, and have barbecued beef, pork, elk, and lamb. I have cooked chicken on my smoker but I believe that the temperatures are too high to be considered barbecue. Sauce is up to you. There are a lot of variables. Regional quirks if you will. Some people like to put cole slaw on their barbecue, its still barbecue but I don't care for it. As long as its cooked over coals and or wood, long and slow, I'll consider it barbecue.
  7. Three pages and no one has mentioned barbecue? Ok, I'll have at it. Barbecue does not come out of a microwave, stock pot, oven, or crock pot. It especially doesn't come out of a plastic tub in your grocer's meat case. It comes out of a smoker after a long time over coals and or wood. One does not barbecue hamburgers or steaks or potato chips. Barbecue is spelled barbecue. I feel better now.
  8. I wrap mine in foil and reheat in a 300F oven. Its not on a large scale by any means though. Just be careful to not overcook on the reheat.
  9. UE, I should have added this yesterday. Check out Chosun Korean at 127th and Metcalf. Nice folks, good food. I like the steak bibembap (sp) served in a hot stone bowl with rice, beef, and veggies. Really good on a cold day. Zeemanb gave it a quick review in another thread.
  10. Yes, sugar not HFCS. I don't drink soda pop, but my kids do. They say its less sweet than the US stuff. BTW, get to Mariscos Veracruz. Its really good.
  11. Coke made in Mexico of course. No corn syrup.
  12. If you get to Olathe.... I have been going to Mariscos Veracruz just South of the JoCo Jail on Kansas Ave. Lots of seafood, tacos, tortas, stews. The tacos are very similar to Taconazzo in that they are served on two soft corn tortillas. I don't have a menu, but they have cabeza, carnitas, chicken, beef (shredded), and fish. They serve Mexican coke. Although their hours are stated as open until 9, I have been there on a couple of early Monday evenings to find them closed. I highly recommend this place.
  13. I don't recall there being a lot of cheese on anything we had. Some mayo stuff, no cheese.
  14. Zeemanb and I went there about 2 weeks ago. I really like the food. I doubt its traditional anything though. Its like some concoctions I make at 3 am after serious drinking. In a good way,of course.
  15. They were soft, a few crispy bits. But mostly soft. ← Thank goodness. I really hate it when they fry the heck out of brains. It just defeats the whole textural goodness of the product. ← Its head UE, cesos is brains. This was definately not brains. In fact, I did't see them on the menu.
  16. I've done that. I only used a couple of chunks of hickory becase the thing already had a smoke flavor. Didn't seem to add much (cuz it was only a couple chunks) but it did free up oven space and people did like to see it taken off the smoker.
  17. Ok, I'm bringing this back from page 7. I took my daughters to Mariscos Veracruz on Sunday. Its on Kansas Ave in Olathe, about a block South of the JoCo Adult Detention Center (We all know where that is, right?) We were in search of a place to eat after church. We drove past a lot of the Olathe chains that had people hanging out the doors. It was actually Brianne's suggestion that we go here to see if they were even open at 10:30 on a Sunday morning. The window advertises breakfast, but we didn't see anything on the menu that looked like breakfast. Maybe they have a separate menu. The menu is heavy on the seafood, with fish and shrimp tacos, ceviche tostadas, fried fish, and a caldo featuring shrimp and octopus. Server was very friendly and brought us chips with 2 salsas, an average tomato version that both girls liked, and a spicier tomatillo salsa which was excellent. Drink selections include Mexican Coca Cola and Inca Kola plus all the usual stuff. Meghan, my 7 YO wanted chicken nuggets and fries. (The only "American" choice on the menu) She liked it. Brianne had chicken tacos, each taco is two grilled soft corn tortillas, topped with shredded white and dark meat, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. I ordered tacos de cabeza. Our waiter asked me if I knew what it was and if I was sure. I said yes to both, he said he liked the lengue better but that the cabeza was good. A few minutes later we heard the sound of cleaver hitting wood. I told the girls, "Those are my tacos" which got an immediate "Eeewww". My tacos were the same two tortillas, topped with chopped cabeza, diced onion and cilantro. Lime wedges on the side. The meat was slightly fatty and had plenty of gelatin. I can't recommend them highly enough. I'm definately going to check out the seafood, the tortas, and the caldos.
  18. Great topic. I have two. I've been roasting my own coffee and brewing in a French press. When the hot water hits the freshly ground coffee in the morning and those grounds go crazy and the aroma is released, ahhh now I can go to work. The other is adding hot liquid into roux, then whisking and waiting for that moment when the magic happens.
  19. Not sure about the curing salt but I've gotten hog casings from Bychelmeyer's.
  20. KC Star reported that Stroud's will reopen in Fairway. Good news for chicken lovers. http://www.kansascity.com/business/story/323695.html
  21. Do you happen to remember what other cuts they had of the Piedmontese beef? I'm thinking a nice rib roast would go perfectly with a bottle of Barolo for Christmas Eve dinner. Thanks, Frog ← Most of their stuff was pre-cut and cryovac'd. They did have a wagyu brisket that looked very tempting. I'm sure they would order one for you. I'd call anyway, because, well living in Olathe, they're practically in Iowa.
  22. I think D&D has duck fat. Mcgonigles or Bichlemeyer's may be your best bet for veal bones. I'd definately call first.
  23. Reviving this one. I have a friend looking for good sushi in KC. Is Kaiyo still in biz? If so, can someone tell me where its at? Any other recomendations? Thanks, Mike
  24. Bichelmeyer's at 7th and Cherokee in KCK is the place to go for pork and beef needs. Lot's of Mexican stuff there too (Carnitas and tamales) For fish, the Chinese Market just North and East of the City Market downtown has fresh (live) fish and shell fish. Lots of veggies, canned goods, and Mexican stuff there too.
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