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  1. This is the Statler chicken breast, sometimes just called a "hotel" breast
  2. Gee, thanks a lot. You just made be buy a couple more: Fruits and Sauces. Not that I need another cake book, but how is that one?
  3. Seriously, there's such a thing as Negroni Week?? Probably should not have told me...
  4. I will certainly miss them. One of my favorite places.
  5. Plain guacamole is the answer: avocado, lime, salt, cilantro, nothing else. Trust me on this. Sorry, Russian dressing a huge mistake.
  6. Malzola corn oil for American and Chinese food, lard for Mexican and some old NewEngland things, olive oil for everything else. Not counting what I cook in butter.
  7. Hard to fathom what this team will produce, but will certainly be interesting to see
  8. Definitely the freezer. My son calls me the Freezer Queen. And my mini food processor. Yay more use than my big one.
  9. In addition to the Herme, I like Maida Heatter's chocolate dessert book, which contains many excellent cakes
  10. janeer

    Mint Pesto Ideas

    I think mint pesto might be best on cold, not hot, pasta, for a pasta salad, with some feta and tomato, sort of a like a Greek pasta salad
  11. Great! I will send you some johnnycake meal when I get back to RiI in June. The bread is easy. Enjoy the beans. It is too hot here to even think about baked beans.
  12. I think this is a great idea! Love the thought of being able to fresh-bake one cookie (even I, who buy almost no prepared foods, would buy these). Since you mention parchment, you are obviously thinking of stacking them, rather than freezing them hard and throwing them all into suitable bag (like, e.g. frozen biscuits)? I would think about whether this would work--a smallish bag for a baker's dozen--for most cookies, or whether you want to find a bag that has been specifically developed to hold little cylinders and stand upright (it is not food grade, but the reclosable little bags of round cotton swabs comes to mind. Like this, a little. Then you could sell filled cookies with more confidence.
  13. Yes, because of the large French Candadian emigration; you will also notice a number of Scottish dishes (e.g., Finnan Haddie), for similar reasons: extensive emigration of Scots via Prince Edward Isle and Nova Scotia in particular ( including my Buchanan relatives).
  14. There is a good thread on hand- pulled noodles on this site. Good luck!
  15. After sitting watching the Twin Tours fall on 9/11 (I was in Philadelphia at the time), I walked into my kitchen and made bread
  16. Simple and classic (and local)? Cold whole poached salmon, parslied lemon sauce of some sort (lemony mayo ok), rice and pea salad (or potatoes vinagrette, or both), deviled eggs, Parker house rolls with strawberry butter, berry shortcake for dessert. Cocktail: Sidecar This menu would appear on any New England table for a special but not too fussy occasion.
  17. Looks like it doesn't piffling up either. Would you're be willing to share?
  18. That's what I thought of. Like this? http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/almond-custard-tart
  19. Some people like it very cold and firm. You do need to chill it, but not that long.
  20. janeer

    Crab Cakes

    You can buy fresh, unpasteurized lump crab from Maryland from several purveyors. Very expensive. I only make crab cakes, or frankly most seafood, when I am on the East Coast. Spoiled.
  21. Yes, hand chopped for sure. There were no food processors back in the day!
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