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  1. I am from the source. This pic shows the texture of a true NY cheesecake. And here is the closest I have ever come to duplicating the true European style cheesecake, complete with pastry crust, from a great Jewish/central European place, like the famous (down the street from me growing up) Claremont Diner cheesecake. It is well worth your time and effort. Most people today substitute Zwieback crumbs for the pastry, but try it like this just once, if not always.
  2. Here is another tomato tart.
  3. And if you can still buy a "field tomato" anymore instead of something grown in a hothouse, be thankful!
  4. Why don't you do tenderloin on the day; will take 25 min
  5. I use a mini food processor, same diff
  6. With being a good lover the obvious requirement for good cooks of any level :-)
  7. Maybe it's the photo but those pods don't look ready for harvest
  8. Funny, I don't call this hoarding; I call it "inventory." I live alone and could feed a four-course dinner to a large party on short notice. I do hoard my vintage port. But you're supposed to.
  9. I like all lard for tree fruit pies, half butter and lard for others
  10. I kept a final bag of the amazing Gray's coarse stone ground polenta for years after they stopped making it, carrying it across country at one point. I finally thought I'd better use it after a few years- and yes, even with the freezer, it was turning a bit rancid. I threw the rest out. Used to hoard Amarini cherries but easy to come by now
  11. janeer

    Mint Rampage

    I love real peppermint. I use it for a real tabbouleh, but also like this old-fashioned mint jelly (gelatin), which makes a refreshing salad or very pretty and tasty garnish for meat dishes.
  12. I make corn with cream--an early version of "creamed corn," with no thickener but the cream. If you scroll down on this post, you'll see how I make it. It is just about my favorite way to eat corn.
  13. Went to see 100 ft Journey. It's a food movie; what's not to like? The candied beet is gorgeous. It's a love story, on many levels; what's not to like? He ( chef) is gorgeous; what's not to like? Food breaks down biases and leads to mutual respect; what's not to like??
  14. This is totally up my alley. On my list for this winter's opening of a vintage port.
  15. Most of mine are already here, except: canneloni, and for dessert, biscotti di prato with vin santo.
  16. The recipe isn't really clear whether you simply add water to the head (to compensate for any evaporation, which I am guessing is what was meant), or you drain to remove salt and replace with water. It doesn't make sense to me to pressure can something in water. Anyway, you have a pickle. I would freeze rather than can.
  17. I am a traditionalist, and like only cinnamon, or cinnamon with a little cardamom, in my apple pie. Can't abide clove, can tolerate nutmeg. Since there is talk beyond spice to what goes in or on, I like sour-cream apple pies, apply and raspberry pies, apple walnut pies (this is divine, but nuts must be freshly shelled), and apple-crumb pies. Here is a picture of my apple pie with cheddar--in this case, melted, not just alongside.
  18. Pretty good list so far. Ravioli and manicotti if we are counting filled pastas, which it seems we are. Pierogi. Kugel. Plain old PA Durch noodles with butter or gravy. L bolognese. Spaghetti with garlic and oil.
  19. Will see it and decide for myself
  20. I think if you can't tell the difference the bay leaves are probably too old. Most people keep them way too long. Fresh ones are pretty assertive.
  21. As a New Englander (read, lobster expert), I pretty much agree with Heidi. Grill or bake, with mix of butter and olive oil. Citrus and herbs sound good, or you can do something spicy. You could poach, peel, and sautée in butter and herbs if you want to serve on top of the strips rather than alongside. Please do not SV. Whatever you do, cook just until opaque. Four oz tails sounds barely what we would call legal. So err on the short side of time. When poaching I tend to boil water, plunge in lobsters, then turn off the heat.
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