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  1. In New Enland we use cod, raw
  2. janeer

    Steven Shaw

    Here is the NYT obit for Steven Shaw, which I didn't see posted.
  3. Enjoyed this. Those were the days when a dressed broiler was 2 lb. hard to find now
  4. West means Wellesley as well, where oddly there are several good Chinese restaurants, including Blue Ginger. Agree with Patrickamory too
  5. That is great. I feel the same way
  6. I love country ham in small amounts for serving on biscuits, etc. For the main dish, people in general seem to prefer the sweeter smoked ham, and I like the butt end. We all seem to have the same mother: "too salty"!
  7. PS. 4 Seasons has a very nice afternoon tea that my son liked when he was small. Ritz (north side of Public Garden) does as well.
  8. You might want to walk from the Commons to the North End. Take your kids to see the Old North Church (one if by land, two if by sea), Paul Revere House, etc, then cruise Hanover St and environs for amazing Italian, pizza, and cannolis.
  9. And is your local bakery Seven Stars? Or?
  10. I put dried cherries in brownies all the time. I like Mariani brand. Just throw them in.
  11. So, for morning I like fruited, not-too-sweet things. So, definitely no fudge, cookies, or bars. Biscotti a good idea. Here are two apple cakes--one and two--that I often bring to work in the morning. I have another but I will have to type it in tomorrow. Any fruited muffin. Crumbcake, brioche. Blueberry or peach (or both) cornbread. And if the guests are worthy, pie.
  12. I must be the only meeting-goer because I wAnt to know: what time are these meetings? I'd make something different for morning vs afternoon meetings
  13. Surprised no one's mentioned heavy cream. Just heavy cream, salt, and pepper. And if you have the strength to sauté a sliced mushroom or red pepper first, all the better. Parm on top.
  14. Well, RWood, you basically made a birthday cake for me--all my favorites: choc chiffon, caramel, cinnamon, pecan, even my favorite flower. Beautiful.
  15. Here is the Harvest Bread with Poolish. I used pumpernickel instead of whole wheat, but did use wheat germ. Increased hydration a little--just because I do. I think is very good, and a breeze to make. I again dumped one of the loaves onto my iron crepe pan and baked uncovered; this works great and if you are in a hurry, is done in about 30 min; crust gets very dark although not as pretty as in pot.The loaf shown was baked in the dutch oven for 45 min.
  16. Somehow I had missed this thread in the past and I love seeing all these dishes in their natural environment
  17. 3-day private sale: $85 for red Thermopen http://thermoworks.com/products/thermapen/splashproof_thermapen_3day_red_thermapen2014.html?utm_source=Nl-2014Mar7&utm_medium=email&utm_term=RedThermapenSale&utm_content=inbox&utm_campaign=Mar2014-3day-Red-Thermapen-cs
  18. I made amazing cinnamon-infused vodka just with cinnamon sticks.
  19. I freeze bread that I will not eat within 2 days, cut to sizes that when removed will last a few days, in heavy duty foil. I use bread bags for the bread on the counter.
  20. So, finally got around to trying this, started with the Saturday bread, but made it with 680 Sonoran white wheat 00; 110 first clear from KA; and 110 organic Red Mill dark rye, with 80% hydration because it seemed so dry. All was well until I went to put it in the oven and boom, we had a power outage (huge storm here, first rain in months) that lasted about 45 min. I had to refrigerate it. When the power came back on, had to wait for oven to preheat...here it is. All things considered, not bad...a bit overproofed...or...who knows. Flavor pretty good, but I think if just made with all a-p I would be underwhelmed. I had divided the other half of the dough, proofed half of that overnight in fridge, then turned it over into my iron crepe pan and baked it..should have slashed top but forgot. Was fine baking in an open pan. Maybe it was worth it? Ran outside to snap this rainbow.
  21. I can't tell you how much of this I've eaten in Brazil. Love it
  22. Deja vue all over again; I think there is a thread on this
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