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  1. I'm still trying to convince my sister that it's a good idea for her to start taking her baby to restaurants almost as soon as she's born. Get her used to them from an early age and nothing will ever be a problem...I hope. I'm planning on being "fun Aunty Tricia" that teaches the kids all sorts of bad habits, but also takes them out to restaurants and introduces them to different food, and I want to do this when they are very young. Now, if her children end up being unruly, precocious brats, then there isn't a hope in hell of me taking them to any restaurant. including child friendly ones
  2. That seems about right. The Bon Ton version has more layers and I think the buttercream frosting that they use has more butter. It is very very very rich. As I said, it's butter sugar and pastry. That's about it. Let us know how your version turns out.
  3. Glad you finally outed yourself as an addict. That is why we warn everyone now in their official welcome. As for W 4th restaurants, there used to be a great tapas place on 4th and fir, which closed and became something else, anyone know what that is and is it any good? (I probably know what it is, but my brain is frozen and can't think of it. )
  4. I can save some for you Thanks Brian
  5. OK FINE!!! Just completely forget about the birthday girl, sitting in her office, unable to leave because of students that need training. Fine.....I'll remember this...really, I will. Stuck eating shitty hospital cafeteria food while everyone else gets Kolachies.....*mumbling rant over. back to work....K, I'm better now. Hope everyone has a good lunch
  6. Basically a layer of puff pastry, layer of butter cream (taste like equal parts butter to sugar) another layer of puff pastry, layer of booze soaked cake, layer of butter, puff pastry, butter, boozey cake, butter, puff pastry, butter,..etc. Iced liberally with more butter. mmmmmm......I think that's dinner tonight.
  7. Ran into this same problem myself for my dad's birthday. As Moosh says, Trafalgars Sweet Obsession is a very very good replacement. I'm a die hard Bon Ton fan from way back and never thought that anything could come close, but it is very good. Another suggestion, something that is done for my birthday (I went years without a BonTon cake because falls right in the middle of their closures), purchase cake the last day they are open and freeze it. They freeze very well, in fact, I have half a cake from my dinner on Sunday that needs go in the freezer tonight.
  8. Not Christmas, birthday, but still close enough that I think it counts With gift certificates, I picked up On Food and Cooking and Soul of a Chef. I think my sister is getting me Bouchon.
  9. I actually looked at the book on Sunday while I was cashing in my Birthday present, flipped through and decided against it. That's how I eat each and every day. In fact, I've gotten better (worse, depending on how you look at it) in the last few months and have actually continued to lose weight. There is something to be said for smaller portions and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.
  10. Just a thought, does anyone have a DVD player that records? This way, those of us without cable could get a chance to see it too I'd be more than happy to buy a stack of DVDR's for said person too.
  11. Welcome Uranus1! Hamilton Street Grill for steak! Especially Hanger if it's on the menu. I think it still may be the only place in the city to get hanger or onglet, if you're french. Then try some of the gingerbread pudding. You'll be addicted, just like the rest of us.
  12. Never! Ever! Clean oil offm of very sharp scissors with paper towel!!! I'm typing with my thumnb bandaged. How deep before you need stitches?
  13. I found out this morning that one of the missing Vancouver couples were my mother's former employer. In fact, they were at her wedding in '87 and introduced her to her ex-husband. It was strange hearing this, because everytime I saw their picture on the news I kept thinking "I know them" but couldn't place it. This is a horrifying tragedy and I think this one that is affecting people all over the world. I hope all of our members in the areas affected are safe and well.
  14. peppyre

    Dinner! 2004

    Dinner last night was prepared by the new beau. FIrst it was Ceasar salad with Avacados and bacon and homemade croutons (he's adding as I'm typing). After the bacon was cooked he Drizzled the Bacon Fat on the salad!! Then marinated steaks done on the BBQ. Not really sure what was in the marinade but....White vinegar, balsamic EVOO, crushed garlic, worscestshire, black peppercorns, ketchup, HP, Rye Whiskey...It was soo good. Also did an assortment of stir fried veggies and some rice.
  15. OMG!!! Talk about the most amazing eGullet event! Just think of the things we could come up with. Hey Brian, what happened to the butchering class?
  16. peppyre

    Dinner! 2004

    Christmas dinner this year consisted of Prime Rib and well....Prime Rib. Started off butchering the beast (sorry Neil, I had to) Then moved on to the Yorkshire puddings and the gravy, which was just some really good demi. This was my first attempt at Yorkshires, and this is the end result (ignore the cray woman pointing at the dish ) The Prime Rib out of the oven It was covered in a rub of english dry mustard, salt and brown sugar. And of course, every Christmas dinner needs an assortment of veggies, with lots and lots of booze. All in all it was a very good dinner. Happy Holidays to ALL!!
  17. I got a Kitchenaid Mixer!!!! My Grandma is a wonderful wonderfull woman! Hmmmm...I wonder if anyone would notice if I stayed home and made bread?
  18. Merry Christmas Marlene and the egulleters around today! Everything looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the dinner post!
  19. Yes, tired enough to consider chowing down on fish testicles, although, it is definitely something I would try even when not tired. What can I say.....
  20. You guys did us proud!!!!! and where can get this oddity? **edited: so tired....so very very tired.**
  21. Moosh, was Ian at all a little concerned that you're now eating testicles with gusto? and Jeffy Boy....Well, I bow to both of you.
  22. These are exactly the recipes I thought and was hoping I would find. My grandma used to just make them but of course, she never wrote anything down for my mom and I to keep after she was gone, so all we could remember: Mashed tatties and flour. I could just see us on Christmas morning trying to get the right proportions and consistency. I don't think it would be pretty. Thank you all. Oh and I guess it would be something like a farl. They are thin and fried on a griddle with lots of butter. Scottish Health Food.
  23. My mom and I are unable to buy potato scones this year as all of the British bakers in Vancouver have retired. Since these are part of our traditional Christmas Breakfast, we're going to make them. Does anyone have an old family recipe they would like to share? Help me save Christmas morning.
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