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  1. I'm not saying how bad i did, let's just say I'd insult a few people. I've also been taught that you must eat all of your rice in your dish. It's bad luck if you don't. That one made no sense to me
  2. Ohhhh..Montrachet your're right...that coffee made with the syphon thingy (can't remember the actual name), was so good. How I've missed that. I was going to buy one of those and when his sister took over the business I think she stopped bringing them in from Italy. They were all gone. I remember the evening I had that coffee for the very first time. It was the co-owner (for the life of me I can't remember his name) who made it for me. It was a cool winters' night about 6 years ago now and I think that was my coffee epiphany. I never went back to Starbucks after that. It became a ritual, coffee made with the syphon thingy and his mom's tiramisu. Did that once a month while I lived there.
  3. I was taught to sweeten it with a little bit of a "special" sugar that was kept behind the counter for the regulars only. (I think there were about 10 of us at the time that knew about it). Basically it was a paste made out of brown sugar and espresso. Oh was that good!! But really you can add what you like.
  4. I used to live half a block from BC Gelati and I credit Mike (the owner at that time, I think he handed over the reigns to his sister) for introducing me to espresso. The way it should be. He had spent a few years in Italy working in cafe's and brought that knowledge to us here. I moved away from the neighborhood and one afternoon I was in the area and went in for an espresso, and unfortunately, it just wasn't the same. But 3 years ago, it was the best damned coffee in the city!!
  5. I am really not joking when I say that one of the best liquor stores for selection and clearance products is the Whalley location. Yes folks, the Whalley liquor store. My mom is always bringing out amazing wines for dinner and I'll ask which store she bought it from; Whalley 90% of the time. As for tastings, they are regulated by the government and it's really hard to pour in a public place. There are a lot of hoops to get them set up. They're also not fun to do as you usually end up with some guy who's already pissed coming back and trying to take your entire bottle. I hear lots of stories about the LDB and I certainly wouldn't want to deal with them a regular basis. Another good store for selection and service is Park Royal. The wine specialist is usually always there and knows his stuff.
  6. Do not check egullet, then decide to do some dishes while baking cookies. Then decide to freak out when you see smoke billowing out of your oven and try and grab said cookie sheets with wet hands and a wet dish towel. End result: Charred cookies for eGullet event on Sunday and no more fingerprints
  7. peppyre

    Dinner! 2004

    Ned, that beef is spectactular!!!! I'm also a butcher's daughter and I've never seen anyone cook with a hunk of meat that big! WOW!!!!!! How does one get drool out of a keyboard?
  8. Umm...my favorite locally produced snack for tonight is...well...Gingerbread pudding from HSG. I still have more for tomorrow too!!
  9. Saturday I had lunch at the Singapore stall in Abderdeen Mall in Richmond. Had the Roti Prata with Curry Chicken. It was quite good, but I was hoping for a little more spice. Friday night was an amazing evening at Hamilton Street Grill. Had the Hangar steak special with the Beringer Zin and my date figured that if he was smart he'd order the same. It was fantastic and I could quite easily have that at least once a week. I did get to try the Gingerbread Pudding this time (didn't get a chance to eat mine at the Big Night. Guess I'm too slow) We decided to order two and well, I still have half of mine in the fridge. Actually I'm glad I have some left, I can savour it until I can get to HSG to get more. It was one of the best dinner's out I've had in a long time. And well, I think we all know about my take out experience from last weekend. Oh and then there's lunch at the hospital cafeteria salad bar every day. The joys of working in a hospital. You eat a lot of vegetables.
  10. I know the place well Butter. Now, I've never actually eaten there, but on certain days the rancid oil wafts up the hill to my living room window. I haven't been brave enough to go in though. Go ahead call me a wimp if you must
  11. You know, I'm starting to feel the same way. I have been to Mouse and Bean and Mexico Sabrosa, before I went to San Fran, and I thought they were good. Not great but passable. Having had mediocre Mexican in Mexico that so far above what we have here it's really disheartening. Has anyone tried Charlie's Cafe in Port Moody? My mom's husband loves it and has been going there for years. Feedback please
  12. I am simply blown away by the work (and love) that went into that meal. WOW!!!!! You could almost taste it all. Looking forward to seeing what you do for Christmas! I hope Begerka gets to rest for a few days (months) after that cleanup!
  13. Wow Shelora! Very impressive. I will be searching for those places on the Drive this weekend. Hmmm..eGullet adventure to the Island?
  14. According the last guy I dated who happened to love this place, it just closed and hasn't reopened.
  15. A question posed by the great Keith Talent in the pizza debate thread got me thinking. I really can't think of one good Mexican restaurant in the city. I've been to the one on Davie that people told me was really good and really "authentic". It may have been "authentic" but good seemed to be a bit of a stretch. Now, of course I'm comparing this to some of the Mexican food that I've had in Southern California, particularly San Francisco. Does Vancouver have a Mexican restaurant that is truly good and authentic and spicy and flavourful? Maybe this could be our next challenge. "Go forth and find good Mole!" "Seek and ye shall be rewarded with sweet Tamale"
  16. peppyre

    Dinner! 2004

    Dinner last night was Beef Bourguinon from Les Halles. Wow! I must say that it was damn tasty! Served with mashed potatoes and some red wine.
  17. I need to add another one. I forgot about Vancouver Cooks (Sorry Jamie )
  18. I'm fairly accomadating for people with allergies. In fact a former neighbor was serverly lactose intolerant and I learned how to adapt many of my recipes for her enjoyment. But DEAR LORD!!!! That just sounds horrifying!
  19. My grandparents used to hang out there in the 60's and she says it hasn't changed since. My grandpa was the guy you used to see wearing the Plaid polyester pants, the bright shiny polyester shirt, open to the navel with the giant medallion and huge diamond ring. He dressed like that well into his sixties, so whenever I see that place I think of men that look like my grandpa and women with giant beehives and painted on eyebrows (my grandma back in the day. she's very normal now)
  20. peppyre

    Dinner! 2004

    You know Ling, I am very impressed, for a very, very, very tiny girl, you can eat me under the table!!! Sat. very bad Thai experience. Delivery. It was a crime against Larb. Last night, Prime rib broiled with carmelized onions and mushrooms and baked sweet potatoes. All went with a wonderful red wine that I helped press 2 years ago
  21. I have to add another 10 to my collection. The biggest score was the Escoffier Cookbook, first American Edition for about a dollar at a high school booksale this weekend. It's in mint condition and looks like it was never even opened. I audibly gasped trying to hide my shock and glee as I was paying for it. Hehehe. Still very excited.
  22. I had another "No More Chances" incident this weekend. I had ordered Thai food for delivery from a moderately priced restaurant in the city. They told me it would take 45 min-hour. Fine, That would put dinner at 8pm, which was perfect for how i was feeling. My food arrived at 9pm, half an hour after my follow up "Where the hell is my food?" phone call. I will never go back! Ever. I have eaten at this restaurant and their parent company restaurant many many times, and have always enjoyed it and had a decent meal, but in a city like this, I have too many choices and that was outrageous. That and the fact that when I called they offered nothing. For me deciding whether or not I will go back often has to do with what kind of experiences I've had in the past, the attitude of the staff and management, the cost vs. quality and the how well the food was prepared. If they fail 2 or more of those then I won't go back. Which I think is fair. Vancouver is a big city with a lot of choices...unfortunately not everyone has 5 great restaurants a block away from home.
  23. Well Ling, that's normally what I would do. I usually have that kind of food in the house, but I haven't done any true grocery shopping in ages. I was working all weekend and was really tired and thought, let's just do take out, it'll be so much easier and I won't have to do dishes when I get home from the show on Sunday. I did ask how long it would take and they said 45 min to an hour. That was fine, it's a Sat. I phoned them this morning and asked to speak to the manager, who of course wasn't in, but I will be speaking to the General Manager tomorrow. (I guess this could also go on Foodie's thread about last chances.) If this was just some dive around the corner I don't think I would be as ticked off, but it's not like this is a cheap restaurant, it wasn't cheap and it was terrible and ice cold. **OK I really have to stop venting** What have learned from this...Put down the bottle of wine....get in the car....drive to HSG...get Chef Neil to make a hanger steak!!!!! WHEN WILL I LEARN!
  24. They finally showed up somewhere around 9 but I got distracted because a boy phoned How's that for some egullet gossip. The food was terrible and cold, the larb was overly salty and didn't have a lot of other flavours to it. Will not be eating there again. But I still think the delivery time was outrageous. I've never had delivery take that long and it was hard not to start swearing at the delivery guy (I was hungry and had been downing wine) but I was on the phone so I was trying to still be delicate and lady like. Would you really have called and cancelled if you were starving and didn't have anything that you could thaw out?
  25. Food showed up just a few minutes ago (I've finished eating already, I was Fucking starving!) Even though it's a Sat, I expect about an hour. That's normal, I'm still pissed (I had 3 glasses of wine on no food as well) and will not be ordering from them again!!! So...where's the whisky?!
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