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    Jones Sodas

    Interesting....I think we have to bear in mind that this company orginated in Vancouver, BC. Sounds like munchies in a glass to me.
  2. Mmmmm...Scallops and Black Pudding.....I think I'm in love
  3. Just to let everyone know, as a follow up to Friday evening, Tony Bourdain is on Shaw cable channel 4? right now. Pretty decent interview so far.
  4. Now that I'm somewhat back to normal, I thought it would be a good time to post some more comments about last night. Neil, Brian, Jamie, and Arne, you all did an amazing job planning the evening! I'd have to say it was a success and I was blown away that you had actually found time to put together a recipe book for us. Thank you again!! The food...what more can be said about the food. I can still taste those ribs! The people..what can be said about the people. I never thought I could walk into a room full of virtual strangers, people who really are very diverse but all with one thing in common, an insane love of food and truly feel like I have known everyone for years. Mooshmouse, I'm sorry I didn't have the camera on to capture your infamous kiss. You naughty girl. And not just once either, you kissed him twice!! Ian truly is saint or was in the other room? I'm looking forward to the next event and I really think we need a potluck around Christmas time. Hope everyone is starting to feel somewhat normal again. Enjoy the pictures.
  5. Post away! I showed mine, now you show yours!
  6. Thanks for posting the link to the album Arne. It was very late when I started that and well, one should not be using a computer when one has consumed copious amounts of wine. I have most of them posted, but I'm going to touch up some of the others. I will post descriptions at some point today too. Some actually may need some explaing, others, not really. Enjoy folks! Off to get Tater Tots!
  7. Yes, I do have that photo to be posted but I think I better try in the morning now. Really Brian, you are a bad boy of food! Just go with it.
  8. I'm trying to post photo's, but really, rehydration is way more important. Ask Mooshmouse, she'll agree! Chefs, that was an amazing evening and so far and above the call of duty! Thank you so much! **I will try and get the photos up for tomorrow. I have 3 up on image gullet if any one wants to look there.**
  9. Where can one find Panne from Heaven? Please do tell. I love bread and don't really want to go to Westview for good bread every week.
  10. I've lived with 2 men in my life. One was a very very picky eater and wouldn't touch, smell or look at garlic. I love garlic and it produced a lot of fights. Not only that, but I found my cast iron pan soaking in a sink full of soapy water one day. It wasn't pretty and it took me 2 years to fix it. The other one loved to cook, he wasn't very good, but he was willing to learn and willing to try anything. He grew up in a typical British household and his mother really didn't know how to cook and she certainly didn't know what salt was. So whenever I put salt on something he would get mad at me and tell me that I was insulting whoever had cooked. That used to drive me nuts. And of course, there was the throwing things out on the exact day that they "expired". Why ? Why would anyone do that?
  11. My Grandma used to love the Heinz Macaroni and Cheese from Britain. I think it's what she lived on during the war. It was vile. I can still taste and smell it to this day even though I haven't even seen a can in over 12 years. Yuck! I did eat Spaghetti-O's as kid with white bread, and Heinz beans on toast was my favorite and still is. The ones directly from Britain were the best.
  12. What do you mean I can't wear my diamond encrusted Tiara. Shit, now what am I going to wear?
  13. I just threw out a loaf of Cobs. Not very good, kind of cardboardish....now their cinnamon buns looked pretty damn tasty and gooey, but I was so dissapointed with the bread that I didn't bother.
  14. So, are we going have a secret handshake or something to figure out who everyone is at Opus? Or do we flash our eGullet decoder rings so everyone can see us?
  15. I think we get one appetizer and one drink. At least that's what the ticket says.
  16. OK, so this is a little farther away than all the other suggestions, but it's damn tasty bread. Of course, I've completely blanked out on the name. On the road that runs right into Crescent Beach there is a little tiny plaza on the right hand side, it has an Esquires and something else. In the "basement" level there is a bakery that makes the most amazing bread. I'll get the name for you later today. It's worth hunting for. **I need to go back to bed***
  17. I know the place well Arne and sadly it is now closed. It used to be The Auld Scottish Larder and then it became Traditional Fayre. My mom went by last week and they closed up shop. It was the last place in the city that was on par with the old Inglereids. I am going to try the one in North Van this week. Hopefully he makes his own.
  18. I was talking to my mom yesterday and had mentioned that I huge craving for Black Pudding and she said she wasn't sure where you could actually buy it now since all of the butcher's have closed. The Auld Scottish Larder and it's other incarnation are gone, The Britannia in Surrey is gone, Laidlaw's closed 2 years ago, and don't even mentions Blacks. His Pudding is supplied by Freybe's and it's awful! ( I have told the guys at Freybe's this too, they never listen). So my hunt now begins. Does anyone know of any British Butchershops/Bakeries that are left anywhere in the Lower Mainland? Yes, I am willing to drive anywhere, even if it means driving into Richmondjavascript:emoticon('') I'm also willing to go with a mail order source too. This is part of my heritage and I certainly can't loose it because so many in this city don't know good food when it bites on the assjavascript:emoticon('')
  19. I don't know how creative you want to get or how professional you want it to look, but if you go to Adobe.com you can download 30 day free trials of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop (they also have tutorials). These programs will give you the look and feel of a professional book as they are layout and design tools. InDesign is particularly simply to use for a basic layout. Good luck and I think it is truly the best gift your kids could ever get. I wish my grandma had kept better track of her recipes.
  20. I found eGullet while researching a business project for my mom. I found the first post interesting, thought about checking out the rest of the site and was positively giddy. THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE ME!!!! These people are obsessed about food. I became a member that day and I think I spent about 4 hours straight reading and reading and laughing (It was around the same time that AB's Skullfucked by a Walrus thread was running). I never even thought that there would be so many people in my own city that were just like me, not only in my city, but around the world. eGullet has changed the way I look at food and food writing. It is truly the greatest art. Thank you to everyone for introducing me to LARB! Oh wonderous LARB! I can't wait to meet everyone next week. Thank you eGullet for making me a better person!
  21. A tour of Asian markets and restaurants?!!!! Ooooh, this must be discussed on the 5th. Umm...Arne...The Gopher?
  22. After spending 4 years living just 5 short blocks from Vijs, I am embarassed to say that I never ventured in. I love Indian food too. What was I thinking. Well, today, since I am still really sick and not cooking I went to Rangoli to bring home some food. OH MY GOD!! What a treat. I was drooling over the Naan before it even came out of the bag. Dinner will be fantastic this evening. Hopefully I can eat I have been to La Gavroche, Le Crocodile, Lumiere, not Feenies, but I really wasnèt all that impressed with Lumiere. For the money, I would rather go to Le Crocodile. Now, where exactly will I find Phnom PenhÉ As I said, Ièm not cooking, so it may be an option for later in the week, or even tomorrow.
  23. Sam, I was at Toshi again last night and the entire staff is from Japan. I was asking one of the servers that very question as she was writing down my name in Japanese characters. It's worth trying out if you can.
  24. Define what you mean Sam. From what I understand, it's pretty "traditional". Every time I go, there is at least one person exclaiming that it's exactly like the food they had back in Japan. It's very different from any other place that I've been and I think the fact that his "western" style sushi isn't very good is an indication of that. The more traditional dishes are fantastic.
  25. peppyre

    Lobster Creme Brulee

    If there was a spicy component to the dish, I think sugar would work quite well. It would be a nice contrast in flavours. Then again, I like sugar and savoury together.
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