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  1. The Christmas Ham was fantastic. Thanks again. It sucks working in the hospital.
  2. Kin's is no longer a small scale store. They seem to have a location in every region of the Lower Mainland now and they seem to be doing a booming business at every location. The pricing is different at each one and I haven't quite figured out why that is. You could go to 3 different Kin's on the same afternoon and find wildly different pricing. Anyone know why that is?
  3. I think to certain extent there are historical businesses. Think of what a loss to Canada it was when we lost Eatons, think about how much worse it may be it the Bay. The company that founded Canada. The Only is an institution and is of great historical significance for this city. I definitely think that these institutions and buildings should be saved. Maybe not in the same incarnation as they are now, but restored back to their original glory. The Aristrocrat did try and continue on in another location. They moved a block off Cambie on where the Cactus Club now stands. There was a devastating fire in the building about 5 years ago that leveled the block and they never reopened. So, Sean, I am completely with you and think that there are certain institutions in Vancouver that do need to be saved and I for one would love to see it happen.
  4. Yes, we have a habit straying off topic, but we always come back to it.
  5. Keyes...You're in big trouble my man!!! Very big trouble. Wecome!!!!!
  6. You can use oil, but it's a much better idea to render some fat, more flavour. Last year for my birthday dinner my mom made the best yorkshire's she's ever made. She just poured the batter into the roasting pan right after she took the meat out. I have to say, that this was the first time we had ever done this. We had always gone the traditional route of using muffin tins. When it came out of the oven it was the most beautiful specimen! We had to get the camera and take several shots of it. So, I say, go with whatever is easiest. They both work and chances are that it will collapse if it sits for awhile, but not much. Good luck!
  7. Book well in advance or order a limo. My friend and I stood on Georgia street for over an hour last year at about 3am. Ok, standing may be pushing it, but we were kind of vertical.
  8. Welcome Megs! You will now be as unproductive at work as the rest of us Way to take one for the team Arne! Wendy's has the worst fries I have ever sampled, but after watching Supersize Me, I have a hard time even considering fast food joint fries. The bloody things don't break down!!! They're supposed to be potato, what the hell is up with that!! **scary, this was my 300th post must...turn...off...computer....
  9. I've the jingle in my head since this thread began. The sign of a good copywriter!
  10. OMG!!! THE JELLO!! Moosh, just your mention of it brought back the flavour. Not quite real cream, not quite sure what that stuff was. But oh it was so good. Especially on an afternoon shopping with my grandma. "Dollar forty nine day..."
  11. To this day I still find this one a little strange. My mom's ex-husband had a super bowl party and invited all the boys. A football player and undercover narcotics cop, a marathon runner, generall "real BURLY men". I went over to spend the day with my mom and as soon as I walked in the door, I was asked to make scones. So, while watching the football game, in between bites of KFC, the boys were eating fresh warm scones, with clotted cream and blackcurrant jam It was very strange.
  12. I found one from the Cona Company in Britain. It's almost identical to the one that Bcgelati used to carry, but just a tad pricier. 179 pounds I didn't even bother looking at the shipping cost.
  13. After having once live less than half a block away from BC Gelati, when they had very different hours than what have now, yes, it is a very, very expensive habit!! That's before I count the trays of gelati that I used to bring home.
  14. The only place I can think of is Moderne, but then, you don't go there for the fries. Good luck Sam. I don't know if there is one.
  15. Arne, just a suggestion, but you don't have any kids, you're staying at a nice hotel, you don't have any thing to do other than Christmas shopping, why don't you surprise J with breakfast in bed before you guys leave the hotel. Have something ordered that will be delivered at a reasonable time tomorrow morning. Just a thought for you guys to make the most of this
  16. I'm having issues with poultry at the moment. No turkey for me this Chirstmas.
  17. Yeah, I noticed that. It's been a while. Oops
  18. And you're located where exactly? I've got to get off this thing, supposed to be doing schedules for the students and instead I'm buying coffeepots. Someone help me please!!
  19. Les Amis Du Fromage on 10th; Forresters in Kerrisdale used to be pretty good. It's on 41st and West Boulevard. Oyama on Granville Island has been my regular spot lately just because it's easy for me to get to after work. Oh and Whole Foods has a pretty decent cheese counter. **I'll ask my mom about the outer burbs. She's pretty good at finding out of the way shops.
  20. I did see those. Definitely not even close to the ones that BC Gelati used to carry. 3 years ago they were $150ish and very well made. I know, I tried to break a few. From what I can find online, they're hard to find but I'm going to ask over on the Coffee Board to see if I can find one.
  21. I would be so happy to see a JJ Bean go into that location on 14th. There was a rumour that it was going to be some organic coffee joint, but with Cobs next door and a *& (I like the shorthand too) 4 storefronts away, I won't get excited until I actually see the signs. I wonder if I could start a neighborhood petition for it?
  22. Congratulations John!!! On the baby, not the burger, although I'm sure the burger was good.
  23. For burns, I'm again going to say try Rose Hip oil. I burned myself quite badly last week while baking cookies and I had read somewhere that it was supposed to be good for burns, they were gone the next day. I was amazed. And of course, have an aloe plant on hand too. I have one beside the stove.
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