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  1. I also agree that after DOV is a much better time. Are we going to stick with the original parameters or should we broaden our horizons a bit. Maybe a bison burger here or there, turkey, salmon, etc.....There are only so many burger joints in vancouver.... ****have migraine....typing very bad....not making sense just ignore my weird typos****
  2. I much prefer Kissing Bridge Shiraz. Around the same price but nice and bold flavours. There are some good inexpensive wines coming out of Australia.
  3. My waistline is saying NO>>NO>>>NO! But my taste buds are saying ..HELL YEAH!! I'm going to be doing a lot of hiking this summer to work off this site hanger steak, gingerbread pudding, kolachies, duck fat.....on and on the list goes....
  4. I'm another one who can't stand the Yellowtail. Blech Looking forward to some good reading tonight.
  5. I usually just wrap the entire bulb in tinfoil, without trimming and without adding any oil or salt and pepper, and find that once roasted it tends to just slip off the hard bottom "root" (not sure what you would call that) end. I've tried the snipping method and have found that not doing anything works just as well, and isn't quite as messy.
  6. cm, my dear, it actually i s airing in Canada. That's the reason my neighbor was over the night of the upstairs fire Of course we missed the whole bloody show except for the first 10 minutes. It's on channel 15, Thursday at 8pm. Look for it next week.
  7. I guess I wasn't clear about the irony ... my bad. I meant that it's not normally this cold in Vancouver, and now that it is, we're eating ice cream (sorry, it seemed funnier at the time ) I could eat ice cream/gelato 365 days a year ... nothing better than a milkshake to wash down a couple of crepes with .... right Jeffy Boy? A. ← Arne, I think it was all the wine you guys had that made it funnier. Didn't someone mention something about posting when drinking......
  8. Foodie, we must have just missed eachother. I was there at 6pm. I picked up the Yalumba Grenache and hope to try it this afternoon. I think it will go well with confit prep. I did have the Planeta last night and will be posting about that one on the WOW thread in the other forum. I shall report back later.
  9. I'm going to 39th + Cambie after work to pick up my wines. I'll let you know if they have any.
  10. As I found out on my first date with the new Beau, he's a fan of side by side and PDA's. I have no issues with that, as long as he continues to feed me his chocolate desserts
  11. peppyre

    Confit Duck

    Daddy-A and I are making confit this weekend and prep has already started. The legs are marinating as I type. I'm still having issues with the duck fat. I've ordered 4 lbs of raw fat that I will need to render; will this be enough for 10 legs, and approximately how long does it take to properly render? What colour should we be looking for and is it better to render the fat a day ahead and just have it ready to go?
  12. No, Bellagio has not improved. The last time (the VERY last time) I went in there with a Gelato craving, you could tell which ones had been made days and days ago and the artificial chemical taste was very overpowering. Overpriced, artificial and crap!!!
  13. I ate at La Belle Auberge quite frequently when I was a teenager and even then I found it to be OK. Not great, not bad. Would I go now? Nope!
  14. So, at the LDB tonight I will be purchasing the Planeto Segretto Rosso (joining in last minute to the WOW thread in the Wine forum) and now the Yalumba.
  15. Ummm....better suggestion, bar at every hole! Then dinner at the Bearfoot Bistro
  16. So, Yalumba it is then. Andrew, would you like to start us off with any great words of wisdom about the wine before we begin? Or, there's the one that Keith suggested. Week one Yalumba, week two Keiths?
  17. I agree. So, who's taking the first spot, and when would we like to start?
  18. Ummm...can't swing worth a damn, well, I can swing, but I can it isn't pretty, but I am a veteran golf tourney bartender/grill minder. I may even be able to get my hands on some sausages **edited: apparently Dim Sum reduces your ability to spell
  19. OK, let's try this again. I was talking about WOW with my mom last night and she had a bunch of suggestions of wine that work for something like this. She happens to be very good at finding really tasty wines under $20.
  20. When I lived at that end of the city, it was my morning hangover breakfast place. They have an amazing breakfast that is very well priced and huge. OK, so my restaurant list is getting larger...and larger....
  21. Yes, blow out dinners for wine people can get very pricey. I know, I've had a few, but if you're not into wine, then you're just spending money because you can. I wouldn't be surprised if the bill was a bit of a shock to them.
  22. I'm sorry but.....HOLY SHIT!! That's a lot of money! I hope they had some brilliant wines and champagnes for that. ← Ditto on the HOLY SHIT!! I damn near spit my latte all over the computer screen. ← GASP - that can't be right. It better have included an oil change and tune up. ← And the Bloody Car!
  23. I didn't get around to making pasta the night I wanted to and have determined that for an after work dinner, it may be too much. Especially since I am easily distracted lately. But, after seeing these results and reading the instructions, I think this weekend I may be freezing some pasta.
  24. That is exactly the curry paste I was going to reccomend. I've been using it for several years now, and it's much easier to control the heat with the paste without sacrificing flavour. I've made my own paste before and I find the flavour is more complex when I use the pre-made and then supplement it with more garlic, ginger, chilies, lime leaves, etc. There is absolutely nothing more comforting than a hot thai curry...hmmm...dinner tonight maybe?
  25. I'm sorry but.....HOLY SHIT!! That's a lot of money! I hope they had some brilliant wines and champagnes for that.
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