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  1. OK, I have to ask yet again...And Kedah House would be where exactly? I love Malayasian food, in fact, lunch today may be Banana Leaf, but Kedah House....
  2. So, who's bringing me lunch at work tomorrow? Can I just say that I love goat cheese and I love pesto....mmm..........
  3. I haven't asked my Grandma yet, but I have a feeling it may also be a Ukranian word. I'll get back to everyone on that. On another note, is anyone else shocked and amazed that the Kolachy thread is now 4 pages?
  4. Aww, thanks for sticking up for me Shelora, but unfortunately, I'm stuck in the hospital working I'm not sure which is worse and I have had a Kolachy delivered to me once.
  5. I cooked it the same way I do all sweet potatoes. I really didn't treat it any differently, although I did find that is much drier than most and didn't have that much flavour. It's in abundance at my local market right now, but truthfully, I have no interest. I'd much rather have yam. Let us know what you think of it when you do get around to cooking it.
  6. I have to agree. He is a very very good writer. I read Walk on Water first and just became enamoured with his style. Looking forward to picking up Making of a Chef.
  7. Then Brian, I invite you to lunch with me one day We can have mystery meat with gravy
  8. If I had a dishwasher, you bectcha! As it is right now, my sponges get washed in hot water, and then they get bleached when I bleach the sink. Haven't been sick yet.
  9. I have another 2 more to add. Harold McGee, On Food and Cooking and Michael Ruhlman, Soul of a Chef. Loving both of them.
  10. And once again, I will be stuck in the hospital, with our shitty cafeteria to keep me company. Oh well, maybe one day I can join everyone.
  11. Shanghai Ya Yun would be where on Main? I'm racking my brain trying to figure out exactly where this place is and why I haven't been there yet. Someone please help me correct this. You would think that I know my own neighborhood.
  12. This is why I love eGullet Two great versions in less than half an hour. DaleJ, does it really need to dry that long before cutting? I get home after 5 and I'm hoping to eat around 8pm, do you think this is reasonable for an afterwork dinner? **make that 3 versions, and mine is a hand crank machine as well. I'm just hoping to mix up the dough in the kitchenaid.**
  13. I would like to make use of my Kitchen aid mixer that I got for Christmas and the pasta maker that I bought a year ago. I'm thinking pasta is on the menu for this evenings dinner. Does anyone have a recipe that works everytime. The last time I made fresh pasta I wasn't that impressed with the recipe, although it could have been the technique. All help appreciated.
  14. Lots of water while drinking. I find if I can maintain this, then I usually don't have much of a hangover. Now, if I'm unable to drink as much water as I would like, or I've been consuming my dad's grappa infused cherries (basically cherries that have absorbed an ounce of grappa) like I did on Christmas eve, (I had 3), I was basically to drunk to remember to drink water. When I stumbled in the door, I sat down at my computer and drank about 4 or 5 glasses of water and took 2 gravol and a couple of Advil. Woke up nice and early Christmas morning with only a mild hangover. Went to my mothers and was offered champagne and coffee, followed by a greasy fried breakfast. After an hour long nap, I was feeling fine. Water is the key!! Lot's of water!
  15. The last time I did a cleanse, I found I started getting strange uncontrollable cravings about 5 days into it. I had to have chocolate cake with a thick goey, sugary icing. I never eat that even when I'm eating horribly. It was very strange, but I did feel fantastic by the time I was finished with it. Time to do another now that all of the holiday dinners are over.
  16. Honestly, you can't really taste the rum at all. It just tastes boozy. I'm not sure if Kahlua would work, it may. I would try just making a small batch of the Buttercream with Kahulua to see how it tastes. Good luck.
  17. That Indian place also has a location at City Square. Damn good food. There's also Habibi's which is a great value, one of my favorite restaurants.
  18. peppyre

    Dinner! 2005

    Inspired by Daddy-A (actually it was more like a craving that I couldn't get rid of. A craving he started by telling me what his dinner was) I had the last of my eG pastrami. Warmed in the oven, covered in a grainy cassis mustard on crackers (no bread in the house) It was so tasty, but of course, now I don't have any left That's it for my cooking this week, and that wasn't really cooking.
  19. It's been a very busy eating week for me and it's not stopping until Feb sometime My poor waistline. Anyhow, the past week: Wed: Shitty Hospital Cafeteria Food for lunch but made up for in spades at dinner. Went to the Hamilton Street Grill for dinner with some fellow eGulleters and had an amazing meal. Soft shell crabs, gorgonzola fondue, Hanger steak, followed by a "birthday cake" of gingerbread pudding It was brilliant. Thursday went to Banana Leaf with Daddy-A for lunch; Had spring rolls, roti, and mee goreng. It was good, but not nearly as spicy as when I order it for take-out. Not sure why, but it was still good. Friday, leftover mee goreng and supplemented by heading back down to Banana Leaf for more spring rolls and roti Just before New Year's I headed to the Kolachy shop to have lunch with Daddy-A and J. I had so many that I can't remember what I eventually ate. Aaahhh Kolachies, the perfect meal for a cold day. And the mushroom potato potage, yummy.
  20. I know Neil was trying to be funny, but he's right!
  21. And it seems that you're so excited abou Kolachies that you had to post twice
  22. Never use recipes from in-laws that can't cook. Tried to make a rice-paella-type thing for my ex that his mother used to make all the time. It never cooked. I think it was in the oven for 4 hours and the rice was still crunchy, and the entire "finished" product tasted something like paste. It got tossed and I think we had carrots for dinner. Then there are all the recipe blunders that I have made. I think the absolute worst was not really a cooking oops, but I had a really bad migraine one night and was loopy with painkillers and decided to just throw a steak in the oven. Fast, easy, don't have to think. Sitting on the couch, I could smell something funny. Thought that it was time to flip the steak, that must be what I'm smelling. Since I had a migraine, I thought the odd smell was just something to do with that, it had nothing to do with the food. Took steak out, looked gorgeous, but smelled just foul, oh well, eat it anyway, the steak was sour! I think that is the worse thing that I have ever made. **Side note, My dad is a butcher, normally I can spot bad meat a mile away**
  23. Very true. What ever happened to the Nepalese restaurant that was on Broadway? Just fizzled after a couple of months.
  24. When I was there in November I found that the village is seriously lacking good coffee. Take your Bodum.
  25. Hey, if it doesn't work out...BACK THEY GO! The joys of just being an Aunt and of course, I would be frequenting restaurants in her neighborhood...*ahem*yaletown......
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