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  1. Computer crashing. Please ignore me
  2. Ahhh! The joys of being single! I only have my friends looking at me like I'm insane, but at least I can lock them out of my house.
  3. Keith, The outlet mall in WA is pretty much deserted now. The kitchenware store closed well over a year ago now. Ling, if you can get down to the States, you can find some really good deals at the Bon/Macy's in Bellis Fair. I have a full set of Circulon that I got 7 years ago and have thrown out one pan and have another on the way out. The non-stick coating does eventually flake off, and if you burn something, it's virtually impossible to get all of it off because of the ridges. I'm not that impressed with it. I did pick up a couple of Belgique pans at the Bon when they were on sale; anywhere from 7.99-19.99USD. They are stainless, really heavy, conduct heat better than some of my really expensive french pans, and have stay cool stainless handles. They seem to always have them on sale, plus their high-end lines are always quite a bit less than they are here. With the dollar as good as it is, it's definitely a savings.
  4. Julia Child Speaks Her Mind. Some classic quotes.
  5. I don't know what to say. I am deeply saddened by this. Like most, I thought she would live forever. May she have peace in the Great Kitchen in the Sky.
  6. I'm the daughter of a butcher so I to yearn for good meat. My Dad closed up shop over 20 years ago and I have been on the hunt for a good butcher. So far the best that I have found is Windsor Meats on Main Street. The guy who owns it is fantastic and if he knows you know meat, he'll pull it from the back cooler. (That's were the blue stuff is hidden) There is also another one on Granville and 13th, can't remember the name, but I think it may have closed. There were issues with leases a couple of years ago. It's been in the same family for 70 years though if it is still there.
  7. I'm planning on buying my tickets for Opus on Friday, so hopefully they aren't sold out yet. Of course, the egullet event is sounding better than anything else going on. What does everyone think about possibly moving this thread to one of the other boards to generate more interest? I wouldn't be surprised if people from say WA or OR want to join us. Especially if Chef Fowke is doing Pastrami Also, if you want voluteers to help organize, I'm in. I organize for a living!
  8. Thank you Jamie!!! That's exactly what happened last month.
  9. As I said at the begining, I am there. It's just sounding better and better!! Is someone going to set up a time for this dinner/soiree?
  10. I'm in! But I think we'll need the classic egullet T-shirts.
  11. One that didn't happen to me but my Grandma: A very lare family gathering at Christmas, after dinner, mom, grandma and I were in the kitchen doing dishes, while everyone else was enjoying the large platters of sweets. The usual suspects, cherry squares, date squares, shortbread, Nanaimo Bars etc. My mom and I start hearing all this loud crunching. Not just someone crunching on say peanuts, but very loud, teeth breaking crunching. Thought it was odd, but went back to doing the dishes. At the end of the evening mom noticed that most of the nanaimo bars were still left on the platter, which NEVER happened. My grandma truly did make the best Nanaimo Bars. So, mom takes a bite and promptly spits it out. Turns out Grandma had mistaken the Minute Rice for Coconut. Still not sure how she did it. I will never again: Use my very large French pan in the oven and forget that the handle is steel, very long, and is at just the right angle to lay perfectly flat against the soft skin of my inner arm. Didn't burn my hand though, I did remember the potholder.
  12. Don't most of these combinations come about when "not completely Sober".
  13. Ukraine: Perogies (or if you're in Manitoba it's a staple). Scotland: Mincemeat pies, Black Pudding, Fried Tomato, Tatie Scones, Streaky Bacon...Fat, Fat, and more FAT! Now I want breakfast.
  14. Pineapple, Cilantro and Thai Chilies
  15. I credit the Frugal Gourmet for my interest in food. At a very young age, before I started elementary school, I would watch his show, fascinated with what I saw. It was my first foodie experience and I thank him, wherever he may be, for what he taught me.
  16. OPJK - Please, Please tell me where you found this ridiculously inexpensive sea salt in Vancouver. I just spent $8 on a teeny tiny bag of mediocre Fleur de sel.
  17. I need some help trying to solve a family dispute. While cooking dinner, my sister posed the question "What olives do they make olive oil from?" So, of course, an argument ensued. We've got green and black as answers. This is what happens when a family of foodies get together for dinner! What I'd like to know is at what stage are olives used for pressing and are their different types or varietals of olives?
  18. Having a brother that has been with Earls for over 15 years, I know many present chefs and many past kitchen staff members. These are people that work very very hard, and yes they play hard too. They also know when to stop. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to this new venture from the Fuller's and will try and get some inside info for everyone as to when we will get to enjoy it here in Vancouver.
  19. I've got 48 that I can find. I think my mother has taken about 20 home with her. Then of course there are 4 boxes of magazines in my storage room. I just have no room for them all.
  20. I have to say Thank You to everyone here. Not having cable and being in a city that doesn't seem to appreciate this kind of brilliant, smarmy entertainment, I've missed all episodes except the first. Which made me cringe with delight. It was so awful. This thread has updated me on all the happenings and more. Wonderful! I am so thrilled that I found this site!
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