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  1. Toshi's is a little tiny spot at Main & 16th. It's on the Northwest corner and the storefront is directly on 16th, right next to the alley. If you're feeling adventurous you will definitley enjoy it. The last time I was there, they had butterfish marinated in Miso in the dinner box special. Quite good.
  2. Saturday will mostly be spent "Working" at a spa, but on Sunday apparently we are pouring Ice Wine at that event. I'm not sure which product yet. My mom's company just brought in several new lines which are still foreign to me. Look for the two tall blonde women that look identical. That's us.
  3. Butter, Toshi is fantastic if you sit at the bar and let the chef make food for you otherwise it's OK. I'm repeatedly dissapointed with their Spicy Tuna. It's never spicy enough. Their cooked dishes are also better than any I have had. The Gyoza is very different from anything that you've ever had.
  4. Thanks Jamie (this is not a profound thanks, just the regular kind). I think that I am "working" a couple of events on Sat with my mom, so once I figure out which ones we have to be at, I'll look for some other events to go to. Anyone else going?
  5. I actaully have pounds of fresh chorizio on hand all the time thanks to my dad, so I learned to make all sorts of things with it. My favorite is added to my spaghetti sauce. I remove it from the casing and brown it with the ground beef and turkey, then I drain off most of the fat. Fresh chorizio has an unbelievable amount of fat. But it's soooo good.
  6. I'm going to Cornucopia for the first time this year and want to know what is a must do/see? Of course there is the obvious....drink wine....eat food, but that's a given. So, tips and ideas would be appreciated.
  7. Well Kevin72, I too seem to be on a roll. I burnt myself again last night. This time I missed the potholder completely and it was in my hand. Nothing like having the delicate skin of the web of your thumb sizzle on a pan that's been in the oven at 425 for over an hour. I'm hoping that's it and I won't burn myself again for another 6 months. I'm not holding out much hope though.....
  8. peppyre

    Dinner! 2004

    After many days/months of reading this thread and drooling on my keyboard, it's time to post. (Of course it will be more fun when I get my digital camera.) Last night: Pan fried lamb chops seasoned with salt & peper, a "warm" spice mix (I think it's star anise, clove, cinnamon, and something else) and garlic. Slow roasted acorn squash from the farmers market Oven roasted corn, from the farmer's market. Tonight: Pork tenderloin with apples and fennel. And of course, lots of wine.
  9. I decided it was time to season my cast iron skillet again. Since I was baking potatoes anyway, it was the perfect time to do it. Removed said skillet from oven after about 1/2 hour, placed on top of stove, then proceeded to GRAB THE HANDLE WITH MY BARE HAND!! I'm never going to do that again....... Of course I'll do it the next time I take something out of the oven. I'm surprised I have any fingerprints left.
  10. Funny, I was just thinking about updating this. I heard from him 3 days later, and then nothing. Absolutely nothing!! I am now under the impression that most men, when it comes to dating anyway, are assholes! I'm a little bitter! I think I need to do some shredding tonight with a good bottle of wine. The food was really good though.
  11. What I find disturbing is how they get the chicken into the ring shape. What are they actually doing to the meat? We all know that chicken doesn't come with rings.
  12. I also went on Saturday for my first excursion and I can't say that I was all that impressed. I was expecting stuff that you can't find here or that is difficult to source and the only thing I found were the Polenta chips, which are quite good. I picked up a some of their pre-cooked foods and so far they have been good. The deli is over-priced for what you get. Don't bother with it and I didn't find their meat selection to be that nice. I prefer my local butcher. I don't think I'll be back. Now, the Urban Tea Merchant next door is worth the hassle of Park Royal. I picked up 5 different teas all of which are divine!! I highly reccomend this little shop.
  13. Definitely interested. Your bread looks truly spectacular!
  14. Thank you to everyone for the great tips. Unfortunatley I was too distracted and forgot about the watercress. Ooops! But everything else turned out fabulously and the evening was a success. Looks like we're doing it again this Friday! Thanks.
  15. "You are Ouverture de Cuisine! Published in 1604 by Lancelot de Casteau, you have many interesting and tasty recipes. You might want to check your cholesterol level, though." This was great quiz. Now, where is the number for my Doctor.......
  16. I was only thinking of pictures of the FOOD! The other pictures wouldn't be posted.......Funny, I'm more excited about the food....
  17. WOW!! Fantastic ideas! This is why I love this site. All these brains to pick. I think I'm going to go with a watercress aioli idea. I'm not going to have much time when I get home from work, so it needs to be simple. Thank you all soooo much. If I had a camera I'd post pictures of how it turns out, but..c'est la vie.
  18. Hathor: Dinner is tomorrow night and I'm going to have a cheese course for appies, Sockeye Salmon with some sort of Watercress sauce, various sides, and I don't know what they will be yet and Chocolate pecan pie for dessert. First one I've ever made too. Other than that, I'll let you all know.
  19. I'm cooking a dinner to impress tomorrow night, yes, for a new man, so of course it has to be spectacular and sensual. I'm trying to combine very delicate and sensual flavours for the entire menu and I was planning on having salmon as the main. The salmon is lovely wild Sockeye and won't need a lot to enhance the flavour. It's pretty damn tasty as it, but I also have some watercress in the fridge and I was thinking along the lines of a watercress sauce of some sort to lightly garnish the salmon. I know there are brilliant minds out there that have probably done something similar and I would love some advice. I was thinking watercress, Cilantro or flat leaf parsley, lemon, Thai bird chili for just a little kick, I'm not sure what kind of liquid to use. I could reduce some white wine? I want to try and avoid garlic too, I don't think it would be a good idea
  20. This is a great thread to find just a few days before wooing a new male I'm cooking him dinner on Friday and I now have some brilliant and very sensual ideas. Thank you all. I'm thinking finger food that is runny and gooey and needs to umm...be cleaned off eachother
  21. A few years back I was at bar in Vancouver known mostly for serving beer. When I asked for a Gin & tonic the bartender looked at me like I had just landed from another planet. He made the G&T with Bombay Sapphire, which surprised me, since most of the bars use Gordon's, filled it with Tonic, threw in slice of lemon (which is how I like it) I paid the man and took my well deserved G&T back to our table. I took one sip and nearly spit it out (I would never do that good Gin though). He had made me a Gin and Soada water. Horrifying. I went back to the bar and told him of his error and he made me another drink. This time with Tonic. Or at least what he thought was tonic. No...this time it was flat sweet water. Gin and flat warm tonic is not a suggested drink.
  22. I am searching for a to die for recipe for Chocolate Pecan Pie. I'm planning on cooking dinner for a second date and his favorite dessert is a very rich, gooey chocolate pecan pie from a local dessert shop. I figured this would be a good way to keep him around for a while. I've done a search on RecipeGullet and googled away, but alas, no results. All suggestions appreciated....oh and wish me luch
  23. Simple and delicious: Healthy pour of Creme de Cassis Touch of Soda water to give it a little fizz nice squeeze of fresh lemon. One would be perfect right now.
  24. Computer crashing. Please ignore me
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