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  1. I had a couple bottles (7 ounce) of Coke from Holland for Christmas. The main thing I noticed was that there was no "burn" to the tongue that I associate with Cola. It wasn't flat because I did get foam when I poured it over ice, but it didn't have a carbonated taste.
  2. elswinger

    Happy Holidays!

    Take out from China First.
  3. A friend has been very kind to me over the years and I want to celebrate our friendship by taking him out to an exceptional Seatle restaurant for a memorable good lunch. It will be just the two of us so I'd like to keep it under $300. I'm also hoping to someplac I have never eaten at.
  4. My favorite soda is now Virgil's Micro Brewed Cream Soda!
  5. I've always had mayo (or 1000 Island) on my burgers and I was born in California and raised in Washington State. Which is why I don't like cheeseburgers because mayo and cheese don't belong together.
  6. I was really lookig forward to giving this place a try but the canned mushrooms really discourages me (the same reason I dislike Madame K's in Ballard).
  7. I was wondering what part of Seattle or Portland "the Michigan" is.
  8. I had an excellent breakfast at The Rusty Pelican on 45th in Wallingford on Saturday. I had the Steak and Eggs, which came with country potatoes and a fluffy home-made biscuit.
  9. Well, I will never eat Kangaroo or Guinea Pig, or anything else I might have as a pet. My list of things I still have to try (excuse the misspellings): Foi gras, truffles, Dom Perignon, Baluga caviar, very old and expensive Balsamic vinegar, fugu, Cuban cigar, and absinthe.
  10. elswinger

    Breakfast Ideas

    I like making Biscuits & Gravy ala Chicken pot pie. I put two or three boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a 2qt. covered Dutch oven and bake until done. Remove the chicken and set aside, make a gravy out of the broth with flour, milk, and seasoning, add sliced mushrooms, peas, and onions, (I don’t like carrots) chop up the chicken into bit sized pieces and mix in gravy. Serve over hot biscuits.
  11. I like Nancy Leson's review, even if I disagree with them, and whenever I've emailed her a question, she has promptly written me back with useful information. I also think it's valid for them to review Cayenne. I've never been but I thought about it. it looks like a nice space. Maybe a Latin-themed restaurant is the wrong kind of place to put in a traveler's hotel.
  12. I wound up going to Daly's yesterday and I thought the burger was way better than Dick's, and I didn't even have to ask to hold the cheese because they had a two patty burger w/o cheese anyways.
  13. I appreciate what your saying too. I go to the PK so rarely that there are too many things on the menu I want to try first before finally getting the burger. Right now my favorite burger is the Captain Neon at the Six Arms, but I wind up eating at Red Robin (U-District) more often than not because that's where my friend with the expense account likes to go.
  14. Obviously i don't make as much money as most of the people on the board so when I go to Palace Kitchen (or the like) it's a special occasionand not for "a bite." I'd bet the Canlis makes a pretty good burger too.
  15. Like Joey said on Friends, "If you’re going to do something wrong do it right!" If you are going to fall completely off the vegetarian wagon, why settle for a burger when you could have steak or Prime Rib?
  16. I'm sure it's probably good, but who goes to the Palace Kitchen for a hamburger? It would be like going to Disneyland for the Tea Cups: sure it's a good ride, but if you are only going on one ride, don't you want to ride the Matterhorn?
  17. The only reason I want to go to Ototo for is the Lobster Roll.
  18. I like the biscuits and gravy (though not as much as I liked it at Cafe Septieme's),and their breakfast burrito, and their huge hot sauce collection (but the main reason I like them is I can get a good hamburger or French Dip for breakfast, since by the time my friends are awake and ready for breakfast, I've been up for four hours and am ready for lunch. For breakfast food I would rather go to Glo's and either get NY Steak & Hash Browns, or Pork Chops and Hash Browns (hold the eggs). The thing both Dish and Glo's have in common is you can stand around outside and drink free coffee.
  19. I am leary of recommending my favorite breakfast place as there is already a long line to get in, but The Dish, 4358 Leary Wy NW in Ballard is my current fave. I used to go to Glo's when I lived on Capitol Hill, but it's not a good place to go if you have to park a car. (Of course neither of these places are on the East Side).
  20. If you haven't tried it Anita, I would recommend Saito's in Belltown. It hink it has the edge against Chiso's. I still want to try Toyoda, Ototo, Mashiko, Ohana, Kisaku, Rain, Nijo, Shiki, Hiroshi, Dragonfish, and the Chinoise on Madison (not to mention any new places that open up) in the next year (I think I've been everywhere else North of Uwajimaya and south of Northgate in Seattle.
  21. I hadn't been on 15th on Capitol Hill for a long time (except to go to Kidd Valley) si I never noticed Palermo's before. Has anyone been?
  22. Ok, idrink.com's Bull Shot recipe is: 1.0 pinch Salt 1.0 dash Tabasco 1.5 oz. Vodka 3.0 oz. chilled Beef Bouillion 1.0 pinch Pepper Shake all ingredients with cracked ice, strain into an old-fashioned glass, and serve. The website I got the previous version was drinksmixer.com. But you are right, it is a Bloody Mary with beef broth instead of tomato juice.
  23. Thank you for such a quick and honest answer. Since I am not a big licorice or Pernod fan, I guess I'll pass on the Absinthe since the only attraction was the potential for hallucinations. I will save my money and buy an expensive vodka (like Ultimat) or a very old rum, and if I want to hallucinate there is always shrooms.
  24. There has got to be a better way than the way eGullet has a post figures.
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