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  1. I'd say I Love Sushi is okay, but unremarkable, like 90% of sushi restaurants. I agree on the name recognition though.
  2. I passed by the Stone Way location of Tutta Bella. They have more stuff in the window for passerbys, saying what kind of restaurant they will be, but there doesn't appear to be any new construction. Perhaps they are still waiting for the oven to arrive from Naples.
  3. Yawn. My answer would be no, in general. Observations: I thought it was cool that Jone's BBQ, and not Tony Roma's, won. I think Tony Roma's wins a lot because people who don't eat BBQ at least have heard of it and want to fill in all the blanks. Obviously eGulleteers didn't vote for best burger because Red Mill one again (personally I like them a lot, but I voted for Palace Kitchen and I still haven't had their burger). There was no Best Sushi category for the voters. That would have been interesting because unlike the Met, Pagliacci, or Red Mill/Robin, there is no single place that more than 5% of the voters would agree on. BTW, congrats Jason on another win. I'm guessing all the voters went to the Ave.
  4. If you were in Ballard, which would you choose, Lockspot or the Totem House?
  5. Just wondering what places for Fish & Chips people here like. I've been to Spud's by Greenlake, and thought it was pretty OK, by Skipper's standards. I'm not likely to go to Alki or West Seattle anytime soon, but I'm curious as to what the standard barrer is.
  6. I have to say, you might want to go to The Cheesecake Factory. I think the food is good, but not Seattle-centric (ie. a non-Seattle chain). The menu is so big it would be hard to not find something the kids would like. Too bad the food at The Old Spaghetti Factory sucks, because kids love that place. Since you are at the Edgewater, you might try The Waterfront.
  7. I'll remember that! I have to admit I miss WingDome. I've worked for the UW for almost eight years and have lived in Seattle for 15, and I didn't try WD until last summer. They had a pretty good chicken sandwich and, as far as I know, the only place on the Ave for popcorn shrimp. I also loved their hot sauce (I only got up to #7).
  8. Where is the Light Gourmet? It will be 16 days until my next payday (when I can eat out again) and I'd like to give them a try.
  9. I never had a great meal there, but i never had a bad one either. It was a good place to go for a workday lunch or a weekend breakfast. I hope they rebuild. It's the only diner in the neighborhood.
  10. King 5 confirmed it but didn't spend more than 10 seconds on the story. I guess it will be in tomorrows paper.
  11. Someone in the office said The Scarlet Tree burned down, but I haven't found anything in the news. Can someone let me know?
  12. On the Ave, there are two new places for Pho (one next to the new Subway across fron Bull Dog news) and one in the space formerly La Vaca. The teriyaki place that used to be a sushi place next to the Post office is now called "A Burger Place" and though I wouldn't suggest the Burger Buddies swing by, I would say it has the best burgers, fries (3 different kinds) and Onion Rings in the U-District (I know, that doesn't mean much). I though the food was tasty and ordered more food than I could eat. They give you a peice of paper, similiar to a sushi list, where you can pick and choose what toppoing you want. I got a double-paddied char-broiled hamburger (which was very juicy), stir fried mushrooms and onions, pickles, lettuce, & mayo, a side of steak fries and a side of onion rings and a Dr. pepper for $8.50, giving them 10 and telling to keep the change. I sat in the back and ate my lunch while watching CNN on the wide screen plasma hifi TV. Next time I feel like a burger I'll be going back. One complaint, no milkshakes, but I figure if I get the food to go, I can stop off at Tully's or hagen Dazs.
  13. That sounds like an excellent idea. You could do so much with the decor. What kind of church was it? Does it have stained glass or an organ?
  14. If you are really limited to being no closer than five miles from the Blue Onion Bistro on Roosevelt, I am afraid your options are limited to south of Yesler or North of Shoreline. Five miles West looks like it's in Puget Sound (may I suggest a Riverboat).
  15. The last place I went was back in April and it was Sea Garden I thought it was OK but my friend thought it was some of the best Chinese food he'd eaten in Seattle.
  16. Which is why I moved to Wallingford/Fremont. (Stella's closed?) I agree that Montlake could probably use another place, preferably one that's open for lunch. I work at the UW and would like an option other than the Ave or the Hub. Where was your former restaurant? And is it 5 square miles with your former location ground zero, or five miles each direction from ground zero? In this town, five miles is a lot (you might have to look at Shoreline, then again I am a bad judge of distance).
  17. I noticed yesterday a bakery is opening up next door to Curves on Lake City Way. I just mention it because I think it's a hilarious visual (decadent pastries next door to a place where "curvey"women are trying to stay in shape).
  18. Has anyone had any dealings with any of the following caterers?: Seasoned in Seattle Catering The Wedge Catering Flame Catering Besides the usual BBQ joints, these all do BBQ events and have vegetarian options (just for background, I am helping organize a BBQ for returning Chemistry Faculty, Staff, & Grad Students, about 400 people, from all over the world. The last person who organized this forgot that about 20% of our visitors were vegetarian or wouldn't eat certain livestock).
  19. I was under the impression that Luau was turning into a new and improved Luau.
  20. OK, this is going to sound dumb, and I feel dumb for asking it, but this question is from my boss: Does any BBQ place that caters, have entrees for vegetarians? (It sounds like an oxymorn to me).
  21. I confess to taking a swig of red wine vinegar when cooking (once in awhile). Last week a had a Watermelon Martini (mmm tasty!)
  22. elswinger


    I know it's like trumpeting DeGiorno's in a pizza thread, but I have to recommend V8's Pina Colada "Smoothie" is really good. In a blender with ice and rum it's a nice after work treat.
  23. My boss (at the UW) is in charge of setting up the department BBQ next month (I think) and she was soliciting ideas for catering. Can someone point me to some webpages for caterers in Seattle? (Yahoo wasn't much help). She is mainly interested in BBQ, but other cuisines would be OK (they had Mexican last year).
  24. Stone Way could use more places to eat. There are condos and apartments being built here and there with a floor of retail, but so far it's just office space. Tutta Bella is coming soon at 44th & Stone Way, and I see a land use sign at 45th & Stone Way that says it too will be four floors of apartments on top of a floor of retail (and underground parking. The old Safeway at 40th & Stone Way still lay empty (and dirty), but QFC owns it and they have no plans on developing it for 5 or 6 years (according to the manager at the QFC in Wallingford). I think within the next ten years, Stone Way could be the next Ballard or Fremont (with the right development).style).
  25. I think the address is 4411 Stone Way, but I might be a little off. It is a one-story, reddish-brown building that was recently remodelled. It is approximatley a block south of the auto parts store across Stone Way from Beso del Sol.
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