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  1. There is now a sign up trumpeting the imminent arrival of Tutta Bella on Stone Way.
  2. According to the Times, Tutta Bella is opening a second front in Wallingford on Stone Way and 44th. That's just two blocks from me!
  3. Well. so far, I've bought some thin-sliced proscuito, provolone, fresh mozzerella, pesto, basil, arugula, and red onion. I am going to make a pesto-mushroom tapenade and roast some chicken. I think I'm set for the 4th. I still have to tell people what to bring. Any ideas for sides?
  4. I'll be checking the thread all the way through to the 4th, so any advice is welcome. The meatball sandwich sounds tasty, but my guests will be standing, mostly, and my carpet is white.
  5. Thanks for the recomendation. It was one of the best lunches I've had in a long time. We started with a glass bottle of Evian, which I haven't had since I was in France 15 years ago, it's so much better than plastic). Then I had the Crostoni della Enoteca Trimani, which was fabulous! Then I ordered the Involtini di Pollo con Prosciutto (Roasted chicken stuffed with herbs and prosciutto; served with cippolini onions, mushrooms, and fava beans; finished with a Madeira pan sauce) and, though it didn't say on the menu, served on something with the consitency of mashed potatoes, but not, and according to my friend, not polenta. I only wish I had the appetite and time for dessert. I will definatly be going back. My only minor quibble. It wasn't very crowded, and it was a weekday lunch, we didn't expect the whole experience to take two hours. I'm thinking rich retired people or people who are "the boss" tend to be the ones who go there for lunch (luckily my friend, is my newly retired boss). Next time I will go for dinner and plan to be there the whole evening.
  6. If you are hanging out in Portland for more than just a pass through, I found with my one weekend in Portland, so many good places to eat. I particularly liked Henry's, which had a huge menu and a lot of variety, and everyone in my party, there were eight of us, got something different and it was all good. i think it's near Powell's Books, which is another "must visit."
  7. I am taking a friends to lunch because she is retiring today and moving to Maine. She wants to have lunch at Serafina and I've never been. Is there anything I MUST try?
  8. If you want to get the kids a burger when you are in Oregon, try Burgerville. They are better than average, especially their shakes. Questions about the Bay Area should be sought in the California forum.
  9. I'm having people over to watch the fireworks on Monday and I thought I would make some Paninis as a snack. I am making Bolo Rolls and roasting chicken breasts, and will be buying some Proscuito, Provolone, and fresh Basil (I am going for a chicken cordon bleu sandwich, or Italian variation there of). Any other recommendations to put on the sandwich? (Some sort of dressing or other vegetables?)
  10. I guess I'll go out on a limb and say if I want a Coke or Pepsi, I'll have a Coke or Pepsi. I have never liked diet soda and if I need somethin with zero calories and zero aftertaste, I'll have a nice cold water. I think Coke and Pepsi need to come out with "Truly Classic Coke" and "Pepsi Old School", "Now with Sugar!!"
  11. I just noticed it today, but it could have been there a long time, there is a gourmet foods store next to the used record store, next to Guadalahara, in Wallingford, on the south side of 45th.
  12. So I now have three bourbons in the cabinet: Woodford Reserve Blantons Kentucky Pride (which I haven't tried but my friend, who went to school at UK, swears by it).
  13. Mark, I'm sorry, I meant that, size-wise, my steak was so tiny.. (How tiny was it?) My steak was so tiny it made a filet mignon look like a Porterhouse. A standard Filet Mignon is about 3" in diameter, a Porterhouse is often about 7" long 5" at it's widest. The steak I got at Brouwer's was a tuff Tri-tip that was about 1.5" wide and 3" long, accompanied by a mountain of undercooked and soggy fries, all for the low price of $15.
  14. They need to raise the temperature on their fryer for better frittes. I got a steak that would make a filet mignon look like a Porterhouse. The coffee was good.
  15. I went last Saturday for a friend's birthday. We got there at 7pm and had no problem getting a table or service. I don't drink (much) but my friends all liked the beers that they had. most everyone liked the food, though I thought my steak was awfully small, for the price, but OK. My main complaint is that it gets so loud that it was hard enough hearing people right next to me, let alone 10 people around a table. I think it's going to be another pretty boy & girl singles hangout, like the Red Door. Just what Fremont needs.
  16. A friend of mine, who's been going to U of Kentucky, is sending me a bottle of "Kentucky Pride", but I can't find any info on the net. Is this a good bourbon or is it rot gut?
  17. I don't think Nancy's review is the equivalent of flipping someone the bird.
  18. Has anyone else seen the add for Rain (the Wallingfor sushi restaurant) that shows the staff giving the bird, and the text commenting on Nancy Leson's review of their restaurant? I've been to Rain twice and her review was right on the mark. I found it to be, in general, better than any other sushi in the neighborhood (except maybe Chinoise on a good day), but very expensive and limited to, I think, whatever fish was on sale that week. The last time I went I was a friend who is deathly allergic to shellfish and of the 20 rolls on the menu, only two was without shrimp, which sucks for him, but I was in shrimp heaven. Restraunts always get at least one bad review (I think the Weekly gave them a good one) but I thought this add was pretty tasteless and think I'm going to send Rain a note saying so, and then take my business down the street.
  19. Willie Nelson's small batch bourbon is "Old Whiskey River." Here is the URL: http://www.oldwhiskeyriver.com/owr.htm
  20. Miller sucks! Is Falls Park still open to the public?
  21. I rue the day that Olympia Beer got too big for its britches and bought Hamms, and then Lone Star. It made it too easy for Pabst, then Heilmann's after, to buy them out and now I believe the Oly brewery lay empty. I used to love going to Falls Park and take the Oly beer tour (a couple times during the day during the summer) and drink free soda next to the gift shop). Someone should start up a microbrew in the old plant. I get a teary eye whenever I see someone drinking an Oly in an old movie of the 1970's.
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