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  1. Luigi's Pizzeria was near the corner of Sleater-Kinney and Martin Way, it went through a few owners until it became La Palma II (Mexican). Is Dirty Dave's still around? I can't remember if I liked the pizza or not.
  2. I moved away from Olympia in 1990 (The Evergreen State College, class of 1990) and haven't been back since a friend of mine who was in a band (Sky Cries Mary) played a bar down there. The only reason to go to the Spar is that Raymond Chandler describes it in his short story Goldfish. Most of the places I would recommend aren't there anymore as far as I know, but The 4th Avenue Tavern used to have the best pizza (at least in the 1980's...if your time machine goes back to the early 1970's I'd say Luigi's in Lacey). Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater were not known for their fine cuisine, but you could get a decent drive-through burger at Eagan's Big Tom, but I concur about Batdorf & Bronson is an excellent place for coffee. There is an Anthony's down there and there might be some good restaurants on either side of Budd Inlet. If it's still there, there was a restaurant with a great view of the Tumwater Falls (across from the old Olympia Brewery). The Mekong used to be the only Thai restaurant in town and they were good. Assuming you are visiting from Seattle, imagine the quality of restaurants something better than Aurora but not as good as 15th North East. (BTW I used to deliver pizza's for Brewery City in Tumwater in the early 80's and back then they were better than any other delivery place).
  3. The Roosevelt store is pretty special! I've only been to that one, the one in Portland near Henry's Brew Pub, which I think is comparable, and the one in Berkeley, which was a BIG dissapointment (imagine a below average QFC with a dirt floor!)
  4. I don't have a BBQ or smoker and don't have room for one on my apartment balcony. What would be a good way to cook salmon in an oven or on the stove (or is that a waste of good salmon)?
  5. You can print a coupon to get $5 off meat (expires end of May).
  6. Besides having some of the best steaks I have ever eaten I also love that the sell fresh sashimi (tuna, whitefish, salmon, etc.) over in the fish department. They are also one of the few places that sells Virgil's Creme Soda and Root Beer (both with unbleached cane sugar and 100% natural ingredients).
  7. I hadn't heard of it until you mentioned it. It is only available in two Washington liquor stores (1 Union Square in Seattle) and Snohomish.
  8. I would kind of be surprised if they picked an ingredient obvious to PNW chefs.
  9. 1 part 151 rum 1 part lemon vodka 1 part absinthe (original recipe) 1 part Jagermeyster 1 part ice cold sparkling water twist of lemon serve in ice cold glass
  10. There's a new Thai place called Thai 65 on the Ave just north of the Himalayan sherpa place. The food and decor is just OK.
  11. I have to go back, way back in time, to remember when Tony's Frozen Pizza's were good (1972). They also made really good salami, bologni, and cheese Poor Boy sandwiches. My Dad used to buy them at the Littlerock (WA) Tavern and bring them home.
  12. I love Tully's shakes, but I'd rather have a Butterfinger shake than an Oreo shake.
  13. I sent an email to Nancy Leson asking her to give Pazzo's a try and she said she would.
  14. I forgot about Rattler's Grill. It seems like a lot of places have come and gone on Eastlake. I liked that big Japanese place, who's name escapes me, and I liked Bridges before it wen't through all the changes. The menu just keeps getting smaller and the food gets blander, but they still have a great view.
  15. Where can I get the best potato salad in Seattle? (I don't want to make it myself.)
  16. The Dairy Queen became Burger King became Noodle Studio. I hadn't heard Hopscotch closed. Is Piccolo's Pizza now the Calzone King? I remember visiting Seattle in 1982 to see The Who at the Kingdome and I remember eating at a pizza place up the road from Peaches Records (now Petco on 45th) that served a pizza called "The White Whale" which was the first time I had shrimp on a pizza. Though not in Seattle, I'd like to add I miss Farrells in the Tacoma Mall (I loved their BBQ Roast Beef sandwiches), The Sweete Shoppe at the South Sound Center in Lacey, Shakey's Pizza in Olympia, and Luigi's Pizza in Lacey (closed about 30 years ago).
  17. I can't believe I've lived in Seattle for 15 years. It doesn't seem like that long. here's a short list of my favorite places places that have folded since I've been here. Abruzzi's Pizza Rocket Pizza Testa Rosa AJ's Deli on First Hill Capon Rotiseree The Green Cat Ezell's in the U-District Dairy Queen on Broadway The Dog House Cafe Paradiso Moe's Sit and Spin RCKCNDY (not for the food but I saw some ggod shows there)
  18. elswinger


    As a non-restaurateur and non-celebrity I guess the question is; why did you open up a restaurant? Are you in it for the money? Did you do it to meet famous people? Or did you do it for your love of food? Except when I was in Los Angeles I've never eaten at a velvet rope establishment (I can't remember the name of the place, it was the near or on Sunset and was the spot-de-jour the winter of 2000. My only bad experience there was the guy manning the rope, who was a dick). My party had made reservations weeks before and confirmed them 48 hours prior to arriving, but according to “the man” our name wasn't on the list. While in line I called the restaurant and the maître d’ said we were on the list and I had him come out and tell the rope guy. Once inside I felt like I was treated like everyone else. The only celebrity inside was Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue) who seemed very nice and was way hotter than she looked on TV. In Seattle I've often seen celebrities at The Metropolitan Grill and other high end joints, but again, as far as I know, I’ve gotten the same service as them, though I am sure the small talk is different. But I accept that a celebrity most likely will spend more money than I will (though I probably tip better than many of them, if bitterwaitress.com is to be believed).
  19. I have the makings for several different alchoholic snow cones (White Russians, Cuba Libres, B52s and Zombies come to mind) but I also have a 3-year old niece and want to make something for her (and I confess I am a sucker for Black Cherry and Wild Cherry Snow Cones too). Do you need a membership for Cash & Carry?
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