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  1. Where's Herfy's going in? Was Pep's the Mexican place up the hill from you (Pagliaccis)?
  2. That's too bad. I only went there once but it was a pretty good "standard diner" breakfast. I noticed that Espresso Roma has a new facade and new name: Cafe on the Ave.
  3. I had thought about saying something about the crust when my server asked how everything was, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings on their second day. I might get a pie this weekend and if it's underdone again I will speak up. Or I might just order it "extra crispy."
  4. Compared to Pagliacci, one of Tutta Bellas is about the size of 2.5 slices, so a single pizza is not too much for one person to eat.
  5. I too went to Tutta Bella (North) last night (and then, coincidently, went home and opened my new XBOX 360). I got to the restaurant right at 5pm so it was mostly empty. The place sure is big. If they take reservations they will be a great place for large groups. The IKEA furniture was a bit of a letdown, but at least the seats aren’t uncomfortable. My table had a napkin under one of the legs to keep it from wobbling. I started with a side Caesar Salad w/ Roasted Chicken. For a side salad, it was big enough to be an entrée. I found the Romaine lettuce a little too diced up for my liking. I had to use my fork as a shovel because the leaves were too tiny to stab. The roasted chicken was excellent and herby and still warm from the oven. I had the Tutta Bella Pizza, which was very tasty, but I agree that the crust seemed to be underdone. I like my crust a little crisper and less chewy. My water could have had more ice and my Coke could have used a little more syrup, but I'll chalk all the above niggling as opening night jitters. As it's less than two blocks from my apartment I suspect I'll become a regular.
  6. The Scarlet Tree caught on fire several months ago. I thought they would reopen sometime.
  7. I have had great burgers at Jitterbug lately. The patties are hand formed and quite big. Great bun too, and the fries are thick home-made, but crispy and not at all greasy. I also had a very good burger at Norm's Eatery in Fremont. Both places cooked the burgers medium rare, as ordered.
  8. RE: Honey Hole What else is at 7th & Pike. I am just trying to picture it in my head. Can someone recommend an above average French Dip in Seattle?
  9. I don't know if they still have it, but the Broadway Grill had a roast chicken, caramelled onions, and brie on a baguette with a turkey au jus that was really great. I miss the grilled chicken sandwich on a poppyseed roll and potato salad at the old AJ's on Madison. I have yet to find the perfect french dip. Restaraunts either don't butter & toast the bread, serve weak flavorless (or worse, extra salty) broth, and the meat is almost alway way over done (or in the case of Sport, brown rubber passed off as beef.
  10. I don't think folks from NYC are going to want to to the burbs of Wallingford or Northgate, so I'd stick with Saito's is the place. You can tell them Ichiro eats thers. (BTW There needs to be sushi bar with an excellent view of the sound.)
  11. They finally have the plastic off the windows but have some more work to do. I am so excited. I won't be able to go opening day but I am headed there straight from work next Tuesday!
  12. I wasn't as happy with Jitterbug's waffle as I was with their excellent hamburger. Part of this was because they sat me at the counter with my back to the door (it was very cold and wet outside and people would come in and hold the door open while they decided if they wanted to stay or go somewhere else). As for the waffle, I felt it was underdone, but the slices of ham was among the best I have had in a restaurant. I'll give their breakfast another chance (if I can sit at a table).
  13. I went to the newly reopened Jitterbug yesterday for lunch and had a great hamburger. The Paddy was hand formed and cooked medium rare to order. The bun was excellent too. I may go back today to try their honey-spice waffle.
  14. The Wallingford Tutta Bella is closer to being open. The sign is up. Work is being done at a more vigourous pace. And there is a sign up looking for employees and advertising a job fair on October 22nd.
  15. Is this the place diectly across the corner from Matador? I thought name was to be Hazlewood, but anyhow very strong political beliefs from the owner Dwayne. There will be no DIRECTV, no BUDWEISER and no BACARDI......NO EXCEPTIONS. ← Why no Bacardi?
  16. I had an excellent breakfast at Firefly on Queen Anne. I had the Denver Omelette with Hashbrowns and Fresh Fruit and regular coffee. It was excellent as was the service. Other places had lines out the door and Firefly was near-empty. I don't know why.
  17. I work 40 hours a week and have dialysis/transport to-from for another 20 hours a week. Sundays are the only days I have the energy to cook and clean up after myself.
  18. Slightly off topic, but where can I get a good cannoli in Seattle?
  19. Top Pots is the best I have in Seattle.
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