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  1. Here's a link to what's cooking this summer at The Art of the Table. I'm intrigued as to an August meal "Soup, salad, & a Sandwich." Since each meal is $48, I hope the sandwich is a Kobe French Dip.
  2. I'm wondering if I should start a thread "Guess where they didn't put a restaurant". The corner of 45th & Stone Way, across the street from the former Beso de Sol, where even a Tully's would be welcome, they are opening a tanning salon.
  3. I do and I tell my friend to try their first, but he insists on pulling his big ol' Taurus half way down the hill, before having to back up the hill. I like the view at the U Red Robin and though I know it's not as good as the Palace Kitchen (I still haven't tried their burger) sometimes I just want a step up from Burger King.
  4. Don't flame me for my choice in restaurant, but my vote for worst parking is the University Red Robin (and that was before the sinkhole that opened up yesterday). The parking lot has a few spaces but is at a 60 degree angle. You almost need mountain climbing equipment to get from the parking lot to street level.
  5. I see something is finally opening in the Wallingford Center in the NW corner (across from Wonderbar (future Babalu). Unfortunately it is some sort of "natural" pharmacy. I was really hoping it would be someplace to eat. Something we don't already have on 45th like a Red Mill.
  6. If anyone is rich, or is a caterer, and is reading this, I have often seen taco trucks for sale on Ebay. That said, lemony, I am wondering how many guest you will have/had at your birthday party. By their very nature, taco trucks are a bit slow. I have often waited for 15 minutes or more for a couple of tacos when there has been a few people ahead of me.
  7. 1) Went to Rancho Bravo the other night for a couple Carne Asada Tacos. Pretty good, maybe a smidge less as good as some of the trucks and buses in the south, but since I don't have a car and it's on my way home from work, I will become a regular. The server was nice. Be patient because despite its claim of fast service, this truck is half the size of most other trucks, so there will be a little bit of a wait if anyone ordered before you. All I had were 2 tacos ($3 including tax) and din't order a beverage, so I don't know if they sell Mexican Coke in glass bottles. that is always an extra star from me. 2) I overheard that the Wonder Bar is becoming "Babalu" (sp?) a "Cuban Jazz bar. That sounds promising. I hope they will also serve food.
  8. Besides Baskin & Robbins near U-Village, is there anyplace I can order an ice cream cake for Saturday? I will be traveling from Ballard over to Kenmore, so somewhere along the way would be best.
  9. Turns out someone else is bringing it so I have to think up something else.
  10. I was asked to bring bread to a St. Patrick's Day potluck this weekend and was wondering if anyone new of a bakery that sells it (even QFC would be OK). Thanks.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. I miss Brazier's then. Is the DQ ice cream place still open in North Gate.
  12. Though I loved their hand dipped cones, I didn't consider the Westleake DQ a "real" DQ because I couldn't get a hamburger and onion rings. On long driving trips to and from California I always make sure to stop off at a real DQ, an A&W, Burgerville, and an IN&Out Burger.
  13. Has anyone been to Bottle Rocket yet? I have only seen one person there drinking coffee in the past few weeks. I have no idea what kind of food they serve.
  14. A new cupcake place is opening up in the Wallingford Center. Trophy Cupcakes.
  15. Just checking to see if there are any Salvadoran or Guatemalan restaurants in Seattle.
  16. I ate there once and thought the meal was pretty good. When I used to have dialysis at 145th & Lake City I would often have to wait at the bus stop in front of Baker's, but they were never open on a weeknight/afternoon. If they had been, I would have eaten there more often.
  17. I myself am celebrating my 43rd birthday this weekend at the Jolly Roger. There won't be more than a half dozen of us, and since my friends are flaky, I didn't want to have the stress of making a reservation and have them show up late.
  18. I'm so mad I missed this. I can't believe the Travel Channel doesn't repeat the episodes throughout the week. Hopefully it should sho up On Demand.
  19. I wouldn't recommend any Thai places on the Ave, including Thai Thom. They are OK, but not the best in Seattle, let alone Washington State. They pre cook their meat then freeze it, making it way too overdone and dry for my taste. I prefer going to Racah or Siam on Broadway. I haven't been to May yet, but it's on my list. If Vietnamese is close enough, I just went to The Tamarind Tree and I thought it was excellent.
  20. It's also Seattle's monsoon season. I would recommend cabbing it.
  21. Check with the hotel you are staying at. I have yet to stay in a hotel that didn't allow outside food. The last place I stayed in (Vancouver, BC) even had a couple dozen menus in the room binder.
  22. The space that housed th old Asteroid Cafe on 45th is opening as the Bottle Rocket Cafe. They were painting the sign today.
  23. I noticed that this place, Jimmy John's opened in the U-District (41st & the Ave), and was wondering if anyone has ate there or had food delivered. I think there is also one in Redmond.
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