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  1. A friend of mine swears by the tortillas at Trader Joes.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I loved Chambar!
  3. I'll have to give the Dock a try as it's only 8 blocks from my apartment at 42nd & Stone Way.
  4. I was looking for a decent French Dip in Wallingford (the one had the Rusty Pelican is horrid) and I noticed that Murphy's Pub has one. Before spending any money I thought I'd ask if anyone has been to Murphy's to eat.
  5. As an American (I hate that word), I would not object to moving Thanksgiving to October, since we already have another holiday off in November (Veteran's Day). But since I am part Cherokee and Choctaw I would not want it to be held on Columbus Day. In the states, we don't have holidays, with time off, in March, April, August, or October, but have two holidays in January and two in November. I wish Martin Luther King Jr. had been born in March because between the second Friday of November (Veteran's Day) and the 16th of January (MLK Day) we have five holidays. My birthday is at the end of January so when that rolls around, most of my friends are to burned out to do anything.
  6. I went ahead and made reservations at Chambar for Friday night. What do you recommend?
  7. My friends and I have booked rooms in the Sandman Hotel that has Moxie's and The Shark Club. Are either worth eating at?
  8. There will be 2-4 of us. We are leaving Seattle at 5pm and since the border is unpredictable I didn't want to make reservations we might not be able to keep. And like I said, after a long drive and a wedding the next day, we'd like to keep it casual but want the food to be great. I've been to Vancouver a lot to visit my friend in Kerrisdale (sp?) and the only restaurant I know from repeated visits is Sophie's.
  9. I am going up to a friend's wedding in a couple weeks, and am looking for someplace good to eat on a Friday night. I don't want to have to dress up since I will be wearing a suit all of Saturday. I am staying in the neighborhood near BC Place Stadium. What do locals think about Steamworks or Dix?
  10. There's a review of the Sand Point Grill in today's P-I.
  11. I'm sorry I didn't get around to going. I keep forgetting that block is cursed. There isn't enough parking to serve all the buildings in the area. They need to pick a square block to tear down and rebuild over some underground parking.
  12. $2 is an awful lot for a Taco Truck taco. What landmark is nearby and I'll check it out.
  13. I wound up going to the first two trucks on pupcart's list. As usual I ate Carne Asada Tacos. (what can i say, I love them). Tacos El Asadero was pretty good, and the fact that they had Mexican Coke was a definite plus. Service was pretty quick and the inside of the bus had a line going outside. I ordered from the window outside, and as usual when I order from a bus, I wound up with a crick in my neck. Though tasty, I felt the beef was a bit over cooked and I pulled out the overly charred bits. The second place you mentioned (48th in Rainier) was very good, but it wasn't until I got my food that I felt the trip was worth it. I turned my back on my friend, who was ordering, for a second and this fat tweaker woman cut in line and ordered 20 tacos and then asked four times, what the filling was inside the tamales. Apparently she didn't understand the word pollo, let alone chicken. So my friend was done eating by the time I got my tacos. They were right out of the pan and very stove-hot and juicy. Considering how long it takes to get to Rainier or White Center from Wallingford, and how much gas it probably took, I don't think saving a dollar a taco over Guyamas or La carte de Oaxaca is worth the trip except for the novelty. But I will probably grab the #16 bus and try the place on Northgate Way tomorrow or Monday. This time I am going to bring my own hot sauce because I find the red sauces that are served in Seattle seem to be on the mild side.
  14. Thanks. I'm going to the Ranier Valley on Saturday. If you can recommend more taco trucks in that area I'd appreciate it. I'd like to go to 2 or 3.
  15. Washington Wine or a selection of NW Beers not easily available elsewhere.
  16. Yes, but it was so hot yesterday that it was cooler in the tent.
  17. I went to both Taqueria La Fondita #2 and Taqueria El Rincon in White Center today and had Carne Asado Tacos and Coke's at both. I would give the edge to El Rincon because the beef was better (though the salsa was better La Fondita 2) and El Rincon has Mexican Coke (with sugar instead of corn syrup) in tall glass bottles. I don't think either place is worth the trip from Wallingford (where I live) when I can take a bus to Guyamas or La Carte de Oaxaca.
  18. I looked both here and at Mouthfulls and notice there hasn't been an update to either thread for a LONG time. This weekend I am planning on finding a Taco Truck and wondered who the reigning champ is.
  19. Alloro Wine Bar is in Bandon and well worth a visit. Great Italian food from a chef who studie in Firenze.
  20. What is the condiment in the center of the oyster platters? The only condiments I have ever had with ousters have been hot sauce or balsamic vinegar.
  21. I do want to stress that my pizza was not bad and it was reasonably priced. If you live on the west side of Aurora it's worth checking out. If the pictures in the menu are accurate, then it looks nice inside.
  22. I wound up ordering a pizza and it's pretty much indistinguishable from Romio's, except the crust is a little thinner. I would probably order it over Romio's because it's five blocks from my apartment, but I'll probably stick tp Pagliacci's which is 2.5 blocks away, and a lot better. They are definately Eastern Euorpean, their website, which is not up yet, is on a server in Russia.
  23. I eat Pagliacci's 2 or 3 times a week at Fai Jay's place for lunch, I think he'll forgive me for trying something different. Besides, Pagliacci's doesn't delive pasta, sandwhiches, or chocolate cake.
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