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  1. I recieved a menu from Roma Trattoria (47th & Roosevelt) the other day. It looks like it has a slightly better selection of food than Romio's and the pictures of the interior for dine in look quite a bit fancier. I've thought about placing an order, rather than call Pagliacci's, but was hoping some one has already given them a try.
  2. There was no evidence that she actually went to either Dick's or Beth's. All the other places depicted she was shown there or actually interviewed the chefs.
  3. I must confess I have never had Gelato (I'm simple guy). It was hard not putting Taco Bell in there somewhere. The alternative would be: Breakfast: 7-11 Quarter Pound Big Bite Hot Dog and Starbucks Vanilla Frapachino $4 Lunch: Pint Small Curd Cottage Cheese and a Cream Soda $4 Dinner Red Fin Sushi Assorted sushi & coke $26 Dessert Tullys 20oz. Chocolate Shake $6
  4. My $40 a day (not including tip) Breakfast: TOP POT - 2 Chocolate covered yellow cake donuts and a large drip coffee w/ lots of cream & sugar. $6 Lunch: JITTERBUG - Jitterburger with shoestring potatoes and a Coke. $10 Dinner: PAZZOS - Small Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Sausage, Salami, Mushrooms, & Pineapple Pizza and Root Beer $20 Dessert: DAIRY QUEEN - Large Dipped Ice Cream Cone $4
  5. Regarding Dick's, it's for those of us, on occasion, have nostalgia for the hamburgers they used to serve in the high school cafateia. I doubt Rachel went there, nor to Beth's. They used footage from a previous show (Top 10 American Houses of Gluttony...or something like that). Beth's was number six. I think the hamburger pictured was actually one from the LC Kitchen.
  6. Anyone else watch it? For the most part I agreed with her choices (Top Pot, Dahlia Lounge, The Crocodile, Crush, Beth’s (for a cheap late night eat), and a wine bar that I was unfamiliar with. But Ivar’s Salmon House? The building and view might be nice but the food is bland and there are so many better seafood restaurants in Seattle. My main gripe was Dick’s. Not that the food is bad, but when Rachel talked about the place (I don’t think she really went, they cut to a picture of a thick-pattied burger an a whole grain roll served with palm frittes.
  7. I saw a sign on 45th in Wallingford, across from Guadalajara, for a place called "Chocolati."
  8. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/food/270522_salmon17.html
  9. Good to know. I've been too lazy to walk down the hill for breakfast but I'd crawl through broken glass for good BBQ.
  10. Time to go to West Seattle: Eats ← Thanks! That sounds like a good place. Has anyone been?
  11. It is pretty endless isn't it. I like Café, very minimalist. Getting of the C words (and how about C-Word for a cutting edge restaurant?) it has been my longing desire to dine at a place called Eats.
  12. Reading the Weekly's dining guide I pondered what the next hip restaurant opening in Seattle will start with the letters Cr. Crustacean, Crack, Crust, and Crevice are my ideas. What's yours?
  13. I went to Red Fin Sushi (6th & Stewart) Saturday and it was great. I got the Barbie Roll (A Shrimp Tempura roll with an outer skin of seared salmon), the Lobster Tempura Roll, King Crab nigiri, Snow Crab nigiri, some Otoro (Fatty Tuna) and a couple of fried shrimp heads (and a pepsi). It came to $40 plus tip. The presentation was impecible and quite arty. The service was very good, but we got there at 6pm so the servers outnumbered us 5-1. The place isn't very big and the lighting is low. I would say it is probably a romantic place to go (especially if you make reservations in the adjoining Hotel Max).
  14. Let us know. I am not a beer drinker so I would only go back if the food is better.
  15. I might have to cross the Canlis off my list of places to go before I die. A room charge of a hundred dollars, OK that I don't mind for the view and the experience, but and automatic 20% service charge when the service was less than stellar really is off putting.
  16. Same owners, different location. How is the food at the Uwajimaya location (specifically the burgers and fries)? BTW This was in the Everett Herald Published: Monday, March 13, 2006 Herfy's is back, but in name only In one of your recent editions there was an insert ad that showed a menu and the statement that "Herfy's is back in Everett." We started Herfy's in 1963 and a few short years ago closed the last Herfy's and retired. Someone has taken the logo and name, but not the product. There were sauces, such as the Hefty sauce, that could not be duplicated. They have expanded the menu to include many ethnic products that the original Herfy's never produced. Herfy's may be back again, but let's make one thing very clear, it's in name only! BILL and ANNA LUCAS Everett FRED and PEGGY SCHMIDT Lake Stevens
  17. I was going to try Herfy's on the Ave last night just for the heck of it, but it seems like all the crack dealers from north of 47th have moved down to where the food is cheaper.
  18. My friend and I went on Saturday and we were very disappointed. I guess just because someone comes from the south doesn't mean they're good at Southern cooking. The ribs were cooked fine, but the sauce was sickly sweet and yet bland. The fries were battered and bland, and the boneless, skinless chicken was dry. My friend's brisket suffered from the same sweet sauce. His red beans were OK but the rice was a soggy mess. He did say the cornbread was good. The service was so-so. Besided my friend and I there was a table of four boysterous folk who were having a good time and they seemed to like the food. The "chef" came out and talked to them at length while our waiter ignored our request for hot sauce. I don't need to go back.
  19. To bad about the gizzards. I haven't has any in a long time.
  20. Since Ezell's closed it's U-District branch long ago there doesn't seem to be any good alternatives within the city. I work in the U-District and bus home to Wallingford, so obviously Garfield High School and Lynwood are a bit farther than I want to go. KFC in Ballard is really poor quality, and the chicken at QFC and Safeway seems to sit around all day and dry out. Are there any good places between downtown and Crown Hill, East of University Village, that serves good, moist fried chicken and sides?
  21. No Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater (or Shoreline for that matter). Is there a list of previous chef's?
  22. The BBQ & Bourbon place looks intriguing. The menu is a bit sparse, but I would assume they have nightly specials. Too bad they aren't open for lunch.
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